Chance the Bait Dog

Chance's Pet Pardons photo
A few days ago, a dog from the Mobile, Alabama animal shelter was posted on Pet Pardons

This wasn't just any shelter dog... this was a severely injured bait dog.

Most people aren't aware that bait dogs even exist. So, I'll provide a brief explanation... for those of you asking: "What is a bait dog?" 

Bait dogs are the most heartbreaking casualty of dog fighting. Basically, the name says it all... these dogs are used as bait... in order to train the fighter dogs how to fight... and kill. 

In the early stages of fight training, bait dogs become the prey. With every defense mechanism stripped away, they're rendered completely helpless. Their mouths are taped shut, their legs are bound, and their bodies are restrained. Then, they're thrown into a ring with another dog... who has been trained to kill them

Chance at the vet
What most people don't realize is that the "fighter dogs" are only fighting... because their lives depend on it. If they refuse to fight, or if they lose a fight, there will be consequences. They may be beaten. They may be killed. Or they may... become the bait. 

Many bait dogs are former fighters, who resisted training or lost in battle. Resistance isn't tolerated. Losers are disposable. And so... the fighters fight... to live another day.  

Chance's head

While the bait dogs... can only hope to die today... 

Many bait dogs die in the ring. And those are the lucky ones. Because for as long as a bait dog is able to survive the attacks... they'll be subjected to the same mind-numbing torture, over and over and over again

Often, their limbs hang from their bodies. Their ears are torn off. Their entire snouts are ripped from their faces. Do they receive vet care? No. Are they given pain meds? No. What about compassion? No.

So, if they survive the attack, the pain still isn't over. Survivors are often dumped... to later end up on death row at the animal shelter. For the others, their bleeding bodies will be thrown into a tiny cage, or a small dog kennel, or onto a short chain. They're never fed... because they aren't valued. They're attacked, mutilated... and then starved and neglected. It's the saddest existence I can imagine. 

The most heartbreaking part about their reality is this: these precious, tortured souls would gladly endure the unimaginable physical agony... if they could just hear "I love you," when it was over.  

But bait dogs will never hear "I love you." They will never experience compassion. They will never know a life without agonizing pain, immense hunger, and complete and total despair. 

Unless... we save them.
I thought the Vet's name was ironic

Meet Chance.

Chance has lived his entire life as a bait dog... live bait. He's known more pain in his short time here on Earth... than we could ever imagine in our worst nightmares. And honestly, he shouldn't even be alive today. 

His existence has been confined to a chain, within a tiny dog kennel-- a cage of torture. Each day, he was taken from that cage, thrown into a ring of horrors, and viciously mauled. Then... he was thrown back on the chain... and left to bleed to death. They wanted him dead.

But Chance didn't die. He continued to survive...
Only... to end up on death row at the animal shelter. 

Chance & I
That's when Chance was posted on Pet Pardons. Shortly thereafter, I got a call from my friend and fellow Pet Pardons Co-Founder, Chris. He said, "I sent you a link. Severely injured bait dog. Death row. Urgent. He needs you." 

As I opened my mouth to say, "Chris, of course I want to help, but I just don't have room. Maybe we can find someone else to take him..." Chris said, "Just open the link and call me back." Then, he hung up. 

I clicked the link... knowing that my heart was about to break... but I wasn't quite prepared for what I was about to see. Because when the page loaded... I saw Riley. My Riley. My own dog, who was also saved from a dog fighting ring. Of course, it wasn't really Riley, but the dog in the picture could be his twin. Chris had obviously realized that... in sending this particular link to me. 

I stared at my screen... and tears filled my eyes. Right in front of me, was the sad reality... that so easily could've been my Riley's... if he hadn't been saved. I saw what Riley could've been... without me.  

I began to sob, knowing that this dog had survived a lifetime of torture... only to die in an animal shelter. Almost no one would be willing to take a dog in that condition... a former bait dog. No one... but me.

I quickly made a call to an amazing animal rescue friend in the Mobile area, SouthBARK... and with their wonderful help, Chance became a Lucky Dog. Today, he was transported from Alabama to me in Mississippi... to join the ranks of the Lucky. Today... Chance got a second chance.

I won't lie to you. It won't be an easy road for Chance. The pain of his past is written all over his face, with an unbelievable number of old scars and fresh wounds covering his entire body. He has 2 drainage tubes coming from his head, to reduce the swelling; he's severely emaciated, and he's in constant physical agony.

But I'm more concerned with his heart... with replacing the betrayal and despair with trust and hope. That process started today... and his joy upon arrival was nothing short of incredible.

Because today... for the first time, Chance heard the words, "I love you." And today... for the first time in his life... he got to say, "I love you back."

*Chance will need a lot of vet care on his road to recovery. Please click the link below to help Chance heal.

Chance was saved BECAUSE OF PET PARDONS! We saved another one, y'all!


  1. I am in tears..... I do not have money to donate but soon as I do I will Your are the best Ashley and it will be shared on my page and my animal abuse page thank you

  2. Now can you find the owner so he can be thrown in a chipper/shredder machine?

  3. me too Angie. i can't physically save because i rent my house. my landlords made an exception for my 2 furbabies!! i've been here for over 2 years now. God Bless all. i advocate for alot. Ms Ashley is one of the best! YEA CHANCE:)))

  4. trying to donate, but not getting through on PayPal. Any other way to donate?

  5. I just tried to donate but paypal wasn't linking up. Is there an address to mail a check? - Rachel & Lucy in Boston.

  6. My heart breaks with stories such as these. I can't even imagine this type of cruelity.......Thank you for your compassion.

  7. i'm so happy that she has wonderful people 2 help her, ty all !! tell her i love her & get better!!

  8. omg who ever did this should be a human bait person have done to them what was done to this poor dog he is beautiful poor baby get better and stronger now that you know your safe your an awesome person ashley and chris for saving these dogs i too am at my limit for dogs we are allowed three and i have three i am a animal lover have been all my life detest any kind of animal abuse and would like to see jail time connected to abuse cases not just a slap on the hands long jail time like a year for every abuse charge!

  9. Wow, i'm really in tears. What is wrong with people these days. I'm ashamed to live on earth with these monsters. I'm glad some people still have a heart.

    Thanks Ashley.

  10. Shared on FB! I get paid later this week, I'll help out then.

  11. Ashley--link isn't working. Please put up fixed link and I'll donate the little I can and post on Twitter. -Alicia (L.A.)

  12. here is the link to donate... I think I fixed it in the post as well: http://luckydogrescueblog.blogspot.com/p/donate.html

  13. I could barely read this............a year ago I would have not been able to. Now I can, through lots of tears. You are a gift to us all, Ashley. Through your efforts, you have educated and inspired so many. Thank you for everything you do.

  14. what a wonderful person you are..if i could take every dog that needs a loving home i would..I LOVE DOGS!!..im in an apartment & already have a dog..bless you..God has a special place for you in heaven!!

  15. HOW IS THIS NOT ILLEGAL?? is this not the same thing that happened with slavery and torture, except just with dogs? THIS SHUD BE PROHIBITED FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ashley, your donation link isn't working. It gives an error.

  17. Did they bust this dogfighting ring? Did they try? Thank you Ashley!

  18. I can't wait to see Chance after he's been with Ashley for 6 months! He will look like a totally different little man and Ashley will have lost her heart again. You're the best Ashley! Thank you for opening your heart and home again.

  19. anon above erikas post.. It IS illegal... It jut takes time catching the ppl cause they are quite slick. Its sickening and sad but unfortunately it does happen. The other unfortunate part is there are some ppl around ppl that do this that turn there eyes the other way and dont wanna see.. they dont want to get involved due to the ramifications from the offenders if they were to find out. In situations like this its not only the dog that lives in fear of abuse or death

  20. I think I fixed the link in this post. The link in the emails I sent out is incorrect though. Use the link here or click the DONATE tab at the top of the blog. SO sorry for the incorrect link!

    Donate link: http://luckydogrescueblog.blogspot.com/p/donate.html

  21. Chance is beautiful inside and out. I can't wait to hear about his healing process. If anyone can fix his broken heart it's you. I don't know how you bear the pain of all that you see. He is in wonderful hands now, and he will love you for ever. Making Rudy proud once again! And all of us. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  22. Ashley, once again, you are doing amazing work!! I was crying, tears of joy for this LUCKY DOG!! You are so correct in saying that no one would have taken him. That is soooo sad!! I wish I could save them too but we have a house full of rescue kitties and my 16 year old Yorki poo, Pepe. Who, by the way, was dumped at the pund at ten years of age!! I have had him incredible years now and couldn't imagine life without him!! You are an angel and love everything that you do for these animals. In the pictures that you posted with Chance, he already looks happy. I'm pretty sure he knows he is safe now...
    Teri & Aiden Jasones - Phoenix, AZ
    P.S. Aiden is my 7 year old son, who like us, is an ANIMAL LOVER!!

  23. You are just incredible. I wish I had the space, the money and the time you do. You are an angel to these poor babies. We need more people like you in this world. Thank you for all you do. :)

  24. Ashley, when I'm older, I want to be you and rescue dogs. You REALLY inspire me.

  25. I cannot thank you enough for what you do. You are incredible and the work you do is nothing short of amazing. I am currently volunteering with Barrio Dogs an organization in Houston TX where our #1 goal is to educate the lower income neighborhoods of the area on proper animal care. We do school and neighborhood presentations in hopes to prevent these kind of abuse stories. I will be sure to donate!

  26. I saw this poor boy on Pet Pardons and started to cry. I couldn't get this poor boy off my mind and even contemplated driving to AL to go get him, even knowing I have a house full and my husband has threatened to leave if I bring another dog home (he wouldn't really). But then I read that he was coming to you and it put my heart at ease. Thank you for saving this poor boy. I know he'll receive nothing but love with you. :)

  27. Chance is Lucky!! but he soo deserved it! I don't know about people, they suck majorly! Chance will soon be happy he is now in good hands!

  28. Thank you Lucky Dog Rescue, Ashley & staff for giving Chance at a fresh start. A BIG thank you for SouthBark in Loxely/Mobile Al. area for their group effort in arranging for all of this to be possible for Chance.

  29. I promise y'all that I don't have much space, time, or money. I just do what I can with what I have. Everyone can do that :)

    ONE DOG AT A TIME really does change the world. You don't have to save them all. JUST SAVE ONE ;) If you wait for the day that you can save them all... that day will never come. Start today by fostering one dog (or cat) for a shelter or rescue group. You'll make more of a difference than you could know.

  30. Wow! Great job again Ashley! I am alover of the breed and foster for a rescue in Ireland, am fostering the best dog ever, a staffie!
    Just read in the Examiner about another "pit bull - staffie" called Chance also who had been euthanized and then left in the freezer, but the next day he was still alive so luckily is in rescue now. Any CHANCE you rescued him also?

  31. I can't believe the cruelty some subhumans show to poor animals. The owner should be shot. Or let as bait for bears. I'm sorry but really I can't imagine who would do that.


  33. Thank you so very much for saving this beautiful baby! I am in tears after reading the story of Chance. I rescued a bait dog but he was not in the shape Chance was. You are truly a Guardian Angel for this baby. I only hope the POS's that did this pay one way or another!

  34. I wish I had the money to save all these beautiful animals..but all I can do is hurt for them inside..and celebrate when they are saved!!! Ashley u are awesome...U will be so blessed for the work that you do!!! God Bless u & these animals!!!

  35. God Bless You & God Bless Chance..
    Words can not describe what You are doing..
    Again GOD BLESS U....AD

  36. I am so happy I donated money to help save his life. Thank you for giving him another chance. Every dog deserves one, you have a great heart. Get well soon Chance

  37. Ashley, you are truly an angel. Thank you for rescuing Chance, and also for Pet Pardons. I spent almost 2 hours last night on all 68 pages of your TBD list from yesterday clicking on ALL of them! And for some, more than just once (hmm...I think that one time I made more than 40!). I wish I could save them all...

  38. I love you....... I don't know u but I love you! I wish there were more people like u in this cruel world...... I love u ash... love, britt

  39. i thank the lord for people like you! thank you so much for being so compassionate. i wish you both the very best of luck!!!!

  40. wow! good luck to you guys! Chance is my hero!...funny to say a dog can be ur hero but...hes been through so much more the most people in a lifetime!!! You are in my thoughts! so glad there r people out there like u that the world isnt all so bad!

  41. im in tears people like that dont deserve to be in this world if i could donate i would but i dont have any money :'( all i can think as i am reading the story is "why?" animals espessially dogs don't deserve torture like that this world is a cruel world but im glad that some people have hearts it needs to stay that way

  42. For Chance & all the others,Thank-You for comming to my side,for helping me eat,herd my livestock and protect my home and family,Thank-You for all you have done to create my civilization and society..I apologise for never having shown back that same love & devotion,for placing you in danger I would not myself take. You have stood strong in war and domestic service,yet I have tortured and abused you...I am sorry,so sorry that at some point it was lost on some of mankind that DOG spelt backwards is GOD...

  43. So glad i could help ! My heart and soul will always go out to ALL animals in any situation they face... Im so glad hes to have his loving forever home thats going to be full of love and tenderness .. he certainly deserves it,,, my hugs to you Ashley your a truly wonderful person <3<3

  44. another one saved! Ashley is going to help you get a second chance at a good life.......... thank you so much, everybody that helped save this guy....

  45. Chance looks like a battered version of my Lab/Boxer mix. I grew up with dogs, and in all my life I have never known a sweeter dog, or a more gentle breed. The thought of a dog just like him - maybe from his own litter, even! - being put through this kind of degradation makes me wonder about us as a society, that this doesn't take higher priority. Please, keep doing the work you do, and saving the dogs no one thought to save. Bless you for doing the hard work.

  46. Ashley,
    Bait dogs are sometimes "spared".

    My friends in San Diego took two dogs that we found, on separate occasions, tied to trees in a park near their house wearing rosary beads and many open wounds and broken bones.
    They both lived with love and kindness for several years. They were so sweet and loving to all who looked upon their scars and limps and missing limbs.

    Horrific happenings.

    Thanks again for what you are able to do.

    Andrew Young.

  47. What unspeakable horror. I am crying and shaking after realizing there are people out there that would do these kinds of things to beautiful, innocent creatures. How can we stop this? Thank you Ashley and Chris for all you do. You are angels. I live on disability (due to progressive MS), and have to borrow to support my own two rescues, who both have medical issues. So, unfortunately I cannot donate money, but what I can do is repeat Chance's story to everyone I know. I will repost to the dog park email groups and do what I can. With tremendous gratitude, as you are doing the Lord's work.

  48. Your an angel and I want to rescue dogs like chance from animals that torture them.

  49. Ashley- You are an amazing inspiration. Your compassion and commitment towards these sweet dogs is amazing... you are truly my hero. I read about Chance, and cried. Then I read that YOU were going to save him, and I was so unbelievably happy!!! I hope, with each passing day, that his physical and emotional pain becomes less and less... He already looks happy and like he loves you!!! I send you hugs. I will also donate towards his care. I pray that Chance gets healthy soon. It actually made me feel sick, to read what these poor dogs endure... so sad. Much love to you. <3

  50. Thank you Ashley and to your friends for giving he a loving home and a new life of love. I wish him the best. I don't have money to send but I do send my love and prays to you both. If I did I would send it. I would love to do what you you, I have that same love and passion for animals like you do. It is my dream that someday I will be able to do. I say animals are like children, they don't ask to be born but once they are here on earth, the deserve to be cared for and loved and the to be able to love back in a good loving home and loving family. Thank you again Ashley for everything you do for these wonderful blessings of God. Debbie

  51. I admire you so much....I really want to get involved in saving dogs...animals in general in Colorado. I'm so happy this poor little guy has been given am opportunity to be loved!

  52. How barbaric!!!!! i sat and cried when i read this .. this has to stop and the people responsible put behind bars where they belong!

  53. I wish these things never happened in the first place. People that can do these things to animals can't be trusted with animals or humans. I have worked in a shelter and seen bait dogs. One was a blind puppy and he came in torn to pieces, but sweet as can be. So awful. Annie Weddle

  54. Im in tears too after reading this. I wish I had money to send you but I'm very poor. God bless your heart.

  55. I Cried all the way through your story,,I m Sorry I cant help,, I live on Disabilty, but I m Sendin my LOVE,, Thank U so Very Much for savin him,, Gods Animals should not be treated Like That,, they do not ask to be here on Earth,, But people orth to remember what there here for "MANS BEST FRIEND",, I Hope They caught that ANIMAL that treated CHANCE this way ,, God Bless U,, You re A Wonderful Person,,

  56. Look at those pictures.. you got me crying:(( really crying... He found his angel and it is written in his smile. You were the first to show him love<3

  57. Wow... This is very disturbing. I dont know why people treat animals so badly. Animals are so loyal and in most cases you will have a best friend that can not be measured up to a human. These people need to be taught a lesson and I mean a harsh one. Poor babies. If I saw someone being mean to a dog I would probably go to jail...not kidding.

  58. Awwww! Poor Baby! I wish every dog could have love and care like him! That is so sweet of you to take him in and give him the love and care every dog deserves. I admire you greatly!

  59. I have a special place in my heart for bait dogs. Just a horrible life for these animals. I'm not rich but I donated anyway. Your luck is about to change Chance.You are in best hands now. Deb from Tampa Fl

  60. I have been checking your blog everyday to hopefully hear about Chance! Thank you so much for saving him. He (and you) are truly precious! I can't wait to continue to hear about his time with you and Lucky Dog. Thank you for everything you do! Please continue to keep us updated with his progress. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  61. I just donated. For Chance, for Wonder, for Riley, for Annie and all the rest. Thank you Ashley for what you do.

  62. God Bless you Ashley. You are a special person. I just fostered a extremely sick doggie and it has been the most rewarding experience. To see them go from broken to loved. I hope to try to foster bait dogs after this one finds a home. Thank you for the story. I had no idea about bait dogs. Your story brought awareness to me and helped to educate me. I shared with my friends to hopefully do the same. I have donated to Chance and will continue to do so. I get so depressed hearing all these horrible stories but your post about "save one dog at a time" gives me hope that I am making a difference. Know this...you are making a huge difference!!!

  63. I have said this before and will say again...You, Ashley, are a true angel from heaven sent on earth. And today you are Chance's angel. Tears are flowing right now because of your amazing gift and person you are and also for Chance to live a "loved" life he so deserves. Thanks for all you do.:)

  64. Were these people caught and proscuted? I didn't see that you responded to this question by so many. You are amazing!

  65. As my eyes fill with tears I want to say to you that there is a SPECIAL place in Heaven for a person like you. I love your heart.

    I will donate with all that I can.

    God Bless,


  66. So happy for Chance.

    Sad, sad story. I didn't used to read animal stories as they just made me too upset. But yours often start with the sad history and end up with the happy outcome.

    I got so annoyed with the stories about animals in NZ this weekend that I wrote a blog about it.


    There seem to be more dog attacks now in NZ versus when I was growing up. When I was growing up so many more families owned large dogs and we didn't seem to have this issue. No idea what the answer is. :(


  67. Just when I think I couldn't hate more than I already do I learn yet another way people disgust me. The death penalty would be too kind for the likes of these people. I wish we could've made an example of michael vic.

  68. Cathy from Seneca, SCSeptember 26, 2011 at 7:08 PM

    I didn't know what a bait dog was until I adopted my Charlie three weeks ago. All his canine teeth were ground down to nubs, and his back right leg was so severely broken in multiple places that it had to be amputated. My newest furbaby has stolen a place in my heart! After reading some of your posts, I now know why he will never allow himself to lie prone on his back for tummy rubs, and why he is so anxious. We have a long road ahead, but with your guidance and loving stories, I KNOW IN MY HEART that Charlie and my family will have a long, happy life together!!!!!

  69. You made some clear points there. I looked on the internet for the topic and found most persons will go along with your website.

  70. please, any updates on Chance?

  71. Very nice mission! Goodluck and I hope many will follow your footsteps.

  72. Any updates on Chance?

  73. How is chance doing ?? Nina

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