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Dedicated in loving memory of my Rudy
About the writer:
My name is Ashley Owen Hill. I'm the Founder of Lucky Dog Rescue, a dog rescue shelter in Meridian, Mississippi. I'm also the Co-Founder of the facebook app, Pet Pardons. My business is Lucky Dog Retreat, an awesome dog boarding kennel.

Animal rescue is my first passion. Writing is my second. I write this blog for several reasons:
*As a means to help animals in need, to give them a voice by telling their stories.
*As a way to vent about my frustrations in animal rescue—the inefficient laws, the lack of help, the cruelty that goes unseen.
*As a way to share the joys of dog rescue, the successes & pet adoptions.
*As a way to bring humor to animal shelter work, by sharing hilariously true stories about dog kennels.
*As a chance to connect with other animal rescues and shelters, to join forces & make a difference. And to say: You are not alone.

I hope that others who share my passion will find solace in my words.
I hope that the people who have never felt the need to get involved will decide to do so. 

I hope that someone, somewhere will say, "If she can make a difference, so can I."
It's so important that the people who care about the animals of the world band together to save them.
I've already started.
Please join me.

Email me: luckydogrescueblog@gmail.com