Patrick Star

Last Sunday, a weak, very sick, little Pit Bull mix was dumped outside of a woman's home in Vossburg, Mississippi.

Due to the location of her home... which is right off the interstate... her property has become a virtual dumping ground for unwanted dogs. She's constantly struggling to deal with the numbers of dogs thrown out at her house. However, the condition of this particular dog was much worse than the others she usually finds when she walks outside.

The woman named the dog Patrick. Then, she frantically started posting the dog on facebook, desperately searching for help for this poor boy.  

I was busy at work that morning, so I hadn't yet seen any of those urgent posts about this dog. But it didn't take long for the calls, texts, and messages to start pouring in...

First, I talked to my friend, Cathy, who asked me to check the photo she'd posted on my wall and call her back. Hearing the concern in her voice, I knew it was bad...

When I saw the picture, instantly, my heart was broken. No matter how many times I view a photo like that... it never gets any easier. And no matter how much cruelty I witness... I'll never understand how people can be so damn hateful... how any person could force a dog to suffer in this way... and then dump him on the side of the road like trash.

When I talked to Cathy again, I told her I'd try to figure something out, and I'd need to talk to the woman as well. But before I even had time to think, there were more texts and calls coming in, begging me to take this dog.

So, later that day, I asked my friend Dana to comment on Patrick's facebook post for me, and simply say: "Ashley Owen Hill has committed to take this dog." Then, I talked to the woman who had him, and we worked out the details.

Me, Patrick, & the woman who found him
On Monday, the woman took Patrick to the vet. During his evaluation, he was diagnosed with sarcoptic mange, ear mites, internal parasite infestation, high fever, and anemia, in addition to severe emaciation and malnourishment. In fact, this boy was so weak, he was unable to walk... weighing only 26 pounds... when he should weigh at least twice that.  

On Tuesday, Caycee and I drove to meet the woman at her vet in Quitman, MS, so I could take Patrick home. Based on the photos of him, I thought I was prepared for what I'd see that day.

I was wrong...

I can't even explain in words just how underweight this dog truly is. The pictures don't do him justice. I can't even tell you just how sick he truly is. I can't even describe just how weak he truly is, as his little body fights to survive.

Further, in addition to everything else, at some point, his former "owners" made the cruel decision to perform a painful, homemade ear crop job on Patrick. As I try to imagine the cruelty he's known, all of his life... it's almost too much to bear.

When I first laid eyes on him, I was shocked. The only words I could muster were: "Oh dear God..." Then, I bent down, rubbed his head, and asked: "Who did this to you, buddy??"

And then... he looked up and gave me the sweetest little kiss, right on my chin. I looked over at Caycee, and simply said: "I'm in love!!!"

Just like that... I fell in love with a boy named Patrick. Or as I like to call him... "Patrick Star."

And in turn, my little Patrick Star... became a Lucky Dog... for the very first time in his life.

*Patrick has a long road of recovery ahead. He hasn't yet been tested for heartworms or neutered. For now, I'll be focused on weight gain, mange treatment, and getting his little body healthy again. If you'd like to donate to his care, please click below.  


You're You

Cleaning kennels
Before you judge me...
Or anyone like me...
Please... live at least one day in my shoes.


Clean the number of kennels I've got.
Care for the number of dogs that I've saved.
Apologize to those broken-hearted dogs in your care... for things you didn't do...

Answer one of the calls that I get.
Check one of my emails.
Read the hateful comments I see... about me... from the ignorant people... who have never been "me" ... but assume they know more about "being me" ... than I do.

Feel the despair I feel... when I'm forced to say "No."
Feel the anxiety I feel... when I'm forced to say "Yes."
Feel the hopelessness I feel... when I'm forced to say: "I have nothing left to give."

And then... if you're me...
When you have nothing left to give...
Give more.

Give up yourself.
Give up your life.
Give up everything in your world... for others.

And when you struggle... beg for the help you need.
Hope that it will arrive...
Know... that it probably won't...

Hope that you're wrong.
Pray that you're wrong.
Know... that you're probably right.

Because...in truth... you're all you've got.
You're all they've got.
No one else... signed up to be you.

Only you did.
You're you.
Be proud... of you.

If someone hates you...
For being you...
So what???

The haters...
Are hateful.
They have nothing better to do.

Because they aren't you.

Dear Haters...
Get. A. Life.

No matter what you do... others will judge you.
Others will criticize you.
Others will hate you.

Walking the Lucky Dogs
Simply because... you're good at being you.

In their attempts to find your faults... they simply highlight their own.
They only wish they could do... what you do.
And yet... they'll never be you.

Only you can do that.
YOU manage to change the world... every single day.
And it kills them.


While they suck at being them...
Do. What. You. Do.
Be. You.

That's all you gotta do.