You're You

Cleaning kennels
Before you judge me...
Or anyone like me...
Please... live at least one day in my shoes.


Clean the number of kennels I've got.
Care for the number of dogs that I've saved.
Apologize to those broken-hearted dogs in your care... for things you didn't do...

Answer one of the calls that I get.
Check one of my emails.
Read the hateful comments I see... about me... from the ignorant people... who have never been "me" ... but assume they know more about "being me" ... than I do.

Feel the despair I feel... when I'm forced to say "No."
Feel the anxiety I feel... when I'm forced to say "Yes."
Feel the hopelessness I feel... when I'm forced to say: "I have nothing left to give."

And then... if you're me...
When you have nothing left to give...
Give more.

Give up yourself.
Give up your life.
Give up everything in your world... for others.

And when you struggle... beg for the help you need.
Hope that it will arrive...
Know... that it probably won't...

Hope that you're wrong.
Pray that you're wrong.
Know... that you're probably right.

Because...in truth... you're all you've got.
You're all they've got.
No one else... signed up to be you.

Only you did.
You're you.
Be proud... of you.

If someone hates you...
For being you...
So what???

The haters...
Are hateful.
They have nothing better to do.

Because they aren't you.

Dear Haters...
Get. A. Life.

No matter what you do... others will judge you.
Others will criticize you.
Others will hate you.

Walking the Lucky Dogs
Simply because... you're good at being you.

In their attempts to find your faults... they simply highlight their own.
They only wish they could do... what you do.
And yet... they'll never be you.

Only you can do that.
YOU manage to change the world... every single day.
And it kills them.


While they suck at being them...
Do. What. You. Do.
Be. You.

That's all you gotta do.


  1. You are an inspiration. And you push me to continue all of my rescue work no matter how depressing it gets. I think of you, I read your previous posts and I push forward. I thank you & my rescue dogs thank you <3

  2. How in the world could anyone hate you??? You're amazing, you're my hero for what you do everyday for these dogs! You are loved and appreciated by so many people and even more dogs!! Keep up the great work and ignore stupid people who don't get it. Xoxo

  3. My heart breaks every time I read one of your rescue postings. I admire what you do and you still keep your sanity for the sake of the animals. Advocating is what I do and sharing as many as I can, I wish I too could open my home to so many, one day. You inspire so many. I hope you can keep doing what you do for a very long time. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Ashley,
    Thank God you're you! I have been involved with canine rescue (Akita) for a little while and it is not easy at all...the large breed or "bully" breed dogs are landing in shelters at an alarming rate...keep on doing what you do...it matters!!!

    Kim B.

  5. dayummmmmmm you wrote it! good job.


  7. I for one am so so thankful for people like you...keep doing what you do best.....so well put....you make a difference in this world to those who do not have a voice....God Bless you a million times over for what you do and say....do not listen to the so called haters, they haven't got a clue who you are or what you are about....You are on compassionate person....Bless You and all the animals you help.....You keep listening to your heart..
    Beryl J

  8. I've missed you, Ashley. I can never get enough of your common sense and giving soul. Keep doing what you're doing and don't let the haters get to you. You have more integrity than they could ever imagine, (heck, they don't even know what integrity is!)

  9. A day in the life of Ashley Owen Hill is one that no one person could ever fill. You, my dear, have a heart bigger than the state of Texas. And I truly don't believe the word "no" is in your vocabulary. Those precious pups smile a little bigger and bark a little louder because of the love you give them every day. Never forget this is what you were born to do. Others maybe don't "get it" and some may be haters... but trust me... I know you, and I know your heart. You are one of a kind, and I'm so proud of the little woman that you are! Thank you for always being true to yourself and those pups who love their mama Ashley to the moon and back! Love you girl... keep fighting for what you believe in!

    1. Joy,
      I'm so thankful to have you as my friend. You actually know the "real me" ... and you're always there to remind me why I matter. I love you to pieces! Thank you for being YOU! You're beyond amazing :)
      Love you girl!

  10. I just wanted to stop and tell you that I needed to read that today. And that you are awesome for the work you do. You're most definitely you and someone to admire.

  11. I think what you do is wonderful and can't figure out why "haters" even bother people like you...guess it's better that I don't understand and never will because my heart isn't full of hate. You keep doing what you are doing and know that people like me think you and your rescue are awesome. I believe in what you do. Thanks.

  12. Amen...Ashley well written. I feel your frustration. I have lived your frustration. Haters hurt dogs and humans and in the end....themselves! Hang in there!!! Annie Weddle

  13. I'd love to be able to do what you do but I can't. So I donate when I can, I write emails to protest (1800flowers) and I admire you and your cause. Thank you for helping all the animals. If you were within my reach, I'd hug you.

  14. Ashley well written! Stay strong and true to yourself. You are a amazing person!! You are a beautiful person from the inside out that is very special!

  15. Ashley,

    You are an inspiration. There should be more people in the world like you, I can't say enough thank you's for the work you do. Stay strong! :)

  16. I'm not one to normally leave comments. But I feel like there are so many like me, who believe in what you do....who send donations when we can.....who hope you can rescue and care for as many as needed...because we can't. We wait anxiously for the next rescue blog and get a smile on our face that you have saved another. Another life that will get better. All because of you. Because we can't. There are countless numbers of us who believe in you and your rescue but watch silently from afar because we aren't you. But we believe in you and think you are the bee's knees! Don't let someone who trolls do gooders blogs and spouts out negativity because they have nothing to be grateful for in their pitiful lives bother you! Tune em out! They are not worth a second of the love you have for your animals! Just know there are many more who love you and what you do than don't!!

    1. You just brought tears to my eyes. Wow... thank you so much for those incredible, special words. It's clear that you're an amazing, kind-hearted person... and today, when I needed to feel understood... you did that for me.

      THANK YOU!

  17. Ashley,
    I only know you from your blog (and only recently at that), but I can't imagine how anyone could hate you or all of the good you clearly do. I find you to be such an inspiration and I can't wait until I am in a position to foster dogs so I can help rescues like yours. I think that you are a true hero and the world needs more people like you!

  18. Its so nice to see you writing again even though its just ur thoughts. I have to say even though i've never met you I donated to you when I could. It took a little time, because I know you are so busy, but when I got a personal Thank You from you it made my day. You've changed the way I see and feel about dogs, I have two westies, I never would have considered a rescue dog before and now I know when its time that they will be my first choice. Thank You Ashley for all you do and know there are many more people cheering for you than against you.

  19. Ashley you are an amazing person and you inspire so many of us. The haters are just that.... and nothing else! You are what they strive to be and they are just weak on the inside. You are a true angel girl who is like no other doing your best all the time at what you believe in. I admire you in so mnay ways. There a few out there like you but a lot who only like to throw thorns at others. You made my day by posting this and telling it like it is. God bless you for being you and for saving all the helpless dogs that have come into your life because they needed Ashley. My heart goes out to you even though I have never met you. You are such a strong and incredible person. We need more Ashley's in this world!

  20. Ashley,
    Thank you
    for sharing your beautiful words,
    for being a powerful inspiration,
    for being our hero.
    Thank you.

  21. You are amazing!!!! I just found your blog and you are a total inspiration to me! Thank you for doing what you do, not many can!

  22. Thanks for allowing me to comment
    I just want to share my views about Animal,Animals are God Gift and we should take care of them because they are very innocent. I love animals and I always trying to help them. I think God bless us when we Help them.

  23. I like this post a lot. This says it well. Thank you for doing what you do and one day soon I hope I am able to help and provide resources to rescues like yours. Please follow me as well on my journey to benefit rescues :)


  24. Wow, beautiful post. People often forget about all of the hard work that dog trainers like you and even me, have to do every day.

  25. Ashly, you are beyond amazing. I'm going to reshare this on my FB b/c now I am up to 3600+ animal adovcates and I would love for everyone of them to know you and what you do. I personally would love to get in the face of someone who says they hate you...............I could really get rid of some pent up aggression towards people who hurt animals!

  26. I am from small town in Illinois, finally people have came together to start spreading the good that you as well do! It's amazing to me how long it took for people to realize the severity of abused or abandoned animals. I am so thankful for people like you! I have adopted several dogs and found wonderful homes for them. I can not believe how cruel and heartless people are. Your blog is WONDERFUL. Thank you for doing everything that you do!

  27. Great Article and spot on. A dog is not a car there is a responsability that is required by the owner. Could not agree more with you…. bailey has the right idea

  28. Oh my goodness Ashley, I just saw that Lucky Dog Rescue won funds from Chase Community Giving and I really couldn't be more happier for you, I'm over here crying tears of joy for you!! Nobody could be more deserving than you for all of the selfless work that you do. Congratulations!!!!!

  29. For every hater, there are hundreds that look up to you and believe in you. And for every hater, there's a dog's life you have saved! Haters can only wish they were half the hero you are to these dogs.

  30. Ashley, I don't know how anyone could ever have bad things to say about you! I think you are amazing, and you do so much more than everyone else does. When you hear bad things about yourself, remember all of the people who you inspire. Because of you I am now a pitbull foster. I started a blog about my attempt to make a difference just like you. If you would share it I would love you forever! Or at least go check out my current pitbull foster, Hank. He was starved and neglected, and covered in urine when he was found, and he is the most ridiculously happy dog I have EVER met. I have fostered 8 other dogs, but this one will be by far the hardest to get rid of! Thank you for making a difference in so many lives, and thank you for making a difference in MY life.
    Here is my blog about Hank: http://pittiesforyourthoughts.wordpress.com/2012/09/13/some-hanky-panky-going-on/

  31. want to smile smile?
    here's a cute and humorous video to help you promote dog adoption


    how you can save two lives today :)

  32. I didn't catch this until now. How true this is! In the rescue business, you ALWAYS do something wrong even if you do a million things right. I saw a post circulating on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10101201067877203&set=pb.6222514.-2207520000.1354796112&type=3&theater), that pinpoints everything.

    Thanks for everything you do and the passion you put into your work. For fledgling rescuers, my myself, this is inspirational :)

  33. You are just so amazing and inspiring. Everyone will have haters, but not everyone will handle it the way you do. You save so many lives, even though they may not be human, those lives could change someone else's life. My dog does so much for me, and I am guessing the dogs people adopt from you change their lives. Keep doing what you're doing! You are amazing.

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