Double City-Wide Dog House Drive

Chrissy Cheshire & I have launched a Double City-Wide Dog House Drive for the Jackson, MS & Meridian, MS areas. We are asking for donations of dog houses, hay, blankets, dog food, & dog bowls (& of course, monetary donations are welcome). In Mississippi, there are SO many dogs left outside with no shelter from the cold. It is truly heartbreaking, and far too often, law enforcement & Animal Control do NOTHING to help these dogs (despite the fact that neglecting to provide shelter for your pets is completely illegal). So Chrissy & I decided to launch this effort in each of our areas to provide some warmth for these dogs this winter.

The Meridian Star featured our Dog House Drive on the front page of Monday’s paper. The photo that ran with the article was taken of me with one of my rescue dogs, Susie (the one licking my face), and my own rescue baby, Riley. I adore this picture, because I think it captures my love for them—and their love for me. And of course, it illustrates the sheer JOY they bring into my life! I rescued Susie from the pound the day she was scheduled for euthanization. She is truly the most gentle, loving dog in the world, as you can see from the photo (See my Adopt tab for more info on Susie)! WTOK, the local news station, also ran a story about our efforts. I have to say, the community support for this drive has been amazing. I have received 12 dog house donations in Meridian so far, and many donations of hay, etc. If you are interested in donating towards our Double City-Wide Dog House Drive, please visit the chip-in link: Double City-Wide Dog House Drive


  1. AWESOME. Your blog looks great.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. What you are doing is so great and so commendable! Looking forward to following your blog!

  3. I love this picture but not at much as the 411 pic!! Can't wait for everyone to see it in Feb!!!

  4. your efforts make me proud to be a rescuer and fill my heart with hope!! God will bless u if u let Him guide you!

  5. I love your blog - great writing, great photos, great message. Keep it up! I am like you and want to save every dog and cat. The hardest part is that it just never ends. There are always more animals in need of rescue.

  6. Joy, I totally agree that the 393 pic is the cutest ever! I can't wait for it to come out! And thank you to everyone else for reading & caring!

  7. Love this picture, Ashley...
    you are in your element doing
    what you're meant to do.
    I was deeply honored that you
    named Susie after me...it looks
    to me as if she loves you as
    much as I do!


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