Meet Susie

Meet Susie. Susie was scheduled to die in a Mississippi shelter on December 27, 2010. On that very day—the day that was meant to be her last, I pulled Susie from the pound and took her in as one of my rescue dogs.

When I saved her, Susie was severely emaciated, badly malnourished, and completely terrified. She'd been badly beaten just before arriving at the pound... leaving her with several open wounds and a great deal of pain.

But the most heartbreaking part about Susie... was her wounded spirit. She was about as broken as they come.  

During our car ride home, Susie was absolutely petrified. She crawled down into the floorboard, and closed her eyes as tightly as she could… too afraid of what she might see if she opened them. I'm sure she thought that I was taking her back to the place she came from… to the people who starved her, tortured her, and left her for dead.

She whimpered as I stopped the car.

I opened the passenger door, leaned down to her, and said, “It’s okay, baby girl. You’re safe now. Let’s go inside.” She looked up at me... and I'll never forget what I saw in her eyes. A look of sheer terror, that said:

"Please don’t make me go back there.”

At this point... Susie didn’t know me at all. I was just a strange girl, who picked her up from a very scary place, and drove her to an unknown location. She had no reason to trust me yet... and I understood. A dog like Susie has never been given a reason to trust anyone.

So, I gently rubbed her head... and made her a solid promise that she'd never know pain again.

And then... I watched... as Susie mustered the courage to cautiously follow, as I led her inside to a new life…

Today, Susie is nothing like the girl I rescued three months ago. She's the sweetest, happiest, most trusting girl you will ever meet. She loves to go for car rides, loves giving kisses, and will follow me just about anywhere I go. In fact, Susie is so loving, that during a Meridian Star photo shoot with me, she couldn’t stop giving me kisses long enough to snap a picture. The resulting photo captures the happiness and gratitude of Susie’s renewed spirit.

Susie thanks me every single day for saving her... and in return, I thank her for trusting me... despite the horrors of her past. Watching Susie’s transformation has been nothing short of incredible.

And now… she's ready to find the family who will love her for the rest of her life.

Susie is a black and white Pit Bull mix. She’s approximately 3 years old, fully vaccinated, spayed, and heartworm negative. As far as personality goes, Susie's about as awesome as they come. You won’t find a more loving, special dog... and she'll thank you every day for loving her, just as she does me.

The cutest thing about Susie is her love of laundry baskets full of clothes. She's never had a comfy bed in her entire life... she’d only known the feeling of the hard ground against her protruding bones. So today, her favorite thing is to curl up in a laundry basket full of fluffy towels or clothes. And even though I gave her a very comfy pup bed of her own, she much prefers to make herself at home in the laundry room. If you have a laundry basket in your closet... that will work too.

Susie loves to play outside, but she loves being inside with me even more. She likes to lay with me on the couch or curl up at my feet. She loves a good belly rub, and she'll roll onto her back and look up at me with the sweetest eyes ever.. to let me know her request. This will be followed by lots of kisses to thank me for rubbing her tummy.

She also loves a good chew toy. When I hand her the toy, I can almost guarantee that she'll run off to the laundry basket for chewing. This dog LOVES dirty clothes. And she’s really smart... I could probably even teach her to wash them for me.

Susie longs for a family of her own, and it’s time to make her wish come true. To survive the things she’s endured, and still have such an amazing spirit, is why my Susie deserves the best family out there. You have my word that she will steal your heart, just as she did mine. And if you adopt her into your family... you'll have my heart too.

Because my heart… will follow Susie... wherever she goes…

Fill out Adoption Application for Susie online: http://www.petpardons.com/adoption/
 Amazing homes only.



  1. Again another heart wrenching story, thank god for you and all you do,how could we not love these awesomely affectionate and loving dogs.. I so hope she finds a family she is deserving of... bless her ... : D big hugs to her please Ash xx

  2. Thanks for my daily cry...what an awesome story by an awesome person...thank you

  3. Susie is such a cutie, and thanks for making me cry, again.

  4. I swear I don't mean to make y'all cry! :) I just try to tell their stories in the most heartfelt and genuine way I know how. And thank y'all for always caring and supporting me :) Love y'all!

  5. after seeing and reading so much sadness i just wanted to turn away 4 awhile ..butwent on to read this and so happy at the ending...good way 2 say good-night...and to say to you and all the others who work so hard to help the poor abused and left behind animals i thank you from deep in my heart...

  6. Wow this story in incredible :)
    I love this story! If I lived in the area, I would totally adopt her

  7. you made me smile, again and again, and linger over the photos that so vividly show the transformation of Susie as she learned that, finally, life can be good. Bless you.

  8. omg! tears!!!!! please give her many many bear hugs and tons of kisses from me. my heart hurt as i read her sad story. so glad she is with you now. she will never know pain again!

  9. I didn't have tears, I had goosebumps so incredibly strong that I was shaking. You are a special angel sent from Heaven to help these special dogs. I know that you will find her a wonderful home and I pray that she knows nothing but love and kindness from this day forward. I wish we were not so far away from each other because I would love to work with you in the rescue world!!
    Canine Lifeline

  10. Susie is the perfect example of why I admire dogs.

    You rock, thank you for seeing potential in Susie! She will find her perfect forever home soon enough. She has a very endearing face.

  11. You are truly an angel of mercy. Your stories are so heart wrenching....but I know there is a happy ending. I hope Susie gets a home as good as the one she has now.

  12. Even though her story makes me cry, she is well worth every tear. Has she been adopted yet? I have 2 rescues, a 65lb. male pup, and a 5 yr. old female 25 lbs. Would she be compatible?

  13. I don't know how people can be so cruel bless her heart x

  14. Thank you all for your sweet words about Susie! Anonymous, she has not been adopted, and she would possibly be a good match for your family! Will you email me at luckydogrescueblog@gmail.com to fill out the Adoption Application? Thank you!

  15. wow this is what love dose to those who have have been abused abandid and never got to know what love is ! thank you ashley . you are a hero to me a grate roll model to for every one who want's to do what you do ! it's a plesure to know you ashley! god bless you and every animal you go to !!!

  16. God bless you, your loving heart, and your endless fight fight for the voiceless.

  17. GOD BLESS YOU! And if I had room Suzy would me moving in here with us........ but with 5 now, all the laundry baskets are full. I look at my babies and just can not even imaging seeing one hurt. Breaks my heart............. I pray that NOTHING BUT SUNSHINE AND HEARTS and RAINBOWS FOLLOW YOU AND SUZY!!! xoxooxooxo Tammy


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