I Am Waiting For You

My name is Ali. I'm a 6 month old, black Lab mix.

In my whole life... I've never had a family. I've wanted one so bad, but no one has ever wanted me. I don't ask for much... just some love and maybe a treat or so.

I'd even do without the treats... if I could have the love…

When I was just a baby, some real mean people put me in a garbage bag and dumped me in a ditch with my brothers and sisters. We were real scared and cold… and real hungry. I remember how my tummy would growl all the time… so I'd eat the sticks and leaves to try and make it stop.

Even though I'd cry all day long... no one ever came to help us. That's how I learned that the world isn't always so nice to little ones like me…

One day, a real nice lady stopped and scooped us pups up, and took us to our new foster mom, Ashley. Boy oh boy, do I like her! She cuddles me in her arms, kisses me on my head, and gives me lots of food and treats! I really like the toys too… a Kong with peanut butter is yummmmy! But my favorite thing to do is lay in Ashley's lap for a good ole ear rubbing!

I love my Ashley-Mom so much, but I really want a family of my own. I've been waiting for a family all my life. There’s just gotta be one for me… there’s just gotta. I see the other rescue pups come and go, but never me. My brothers and sisters all went to their new families. That was months ago…

I'm still waiting for my family, and I am sad. I was supposed to get a family at Christmas-time… this nice family came to Lucky Dog... and out of all the pups, they picked me! They said they’d be back to get me on Christmas Eve… I was going to be their special holiday present to their family!

Before I was meant to leave, my foster mom, Ashley, gave me a good scrub-down in the bath. She got me smelling real good, and tied a big, pretty bow on me, to make me look extra special.

That day, she held me in her lap for hours, rocking me back and forth, saying, “I love you Ali-Boo. I’m going to miss you so much. But I’m so happy for you. You’re going to be part of a family, babygirl.”

I gave her lots of kisses, because I knew she was sad. I was sad too, but I was also excited about my new home! My little pup heart could barely stand it! A family of my very own! For me?!

Then... Ashley’s phone rang, and she gently moved me from her lap to answer it. When she came back, she was crying.... but these tears were different. She slowly removed the bow, and kissed me on my head. She said, “Ali-Boo, it’s not your turn yet, babygirl. But it will be one day, I promise. I’m so sorry.” And then, she sobbed.

The family picked another pup instead.

That was 4 months ago. Every day since, my Ashley-Mom hugs me, and loves me, and tells me that my family will find me one day soon. And I know she wouldn’t lie to me.

But I can’t help but wonder where my family is? Sometimes I start to think that no one is out there for me... and I get real sad.

But if a family would pick me to love forever, I'd be real good, I promise! I am real loving and very friendly. I love to run & play with other pups... it makes me so happy! I also like toys and treats… they make me smile real big! But the biggest smile comes... when someone says, "I love you, Ali." That's the most special...

If you're my new mom or dad, I've been looking for you my whole life. Every day, I wake up and wonder if today is the day that you'll find me, and I'll get to go home forever.

But so far... that day has never come...

Please, if you are my family, take me home. I am waiting for you… I have always been waiting for you…

If you'd like to adopt my special Ali, please fill out the Adoption Applicationwww.petpardons.com/adoption/


  1. I'm so sorry you both had to go through that last Christmas, but i know a new Family will come for her soon.

  2. What a dog, and poor Ali's story. I don't live in the country anymore, and stray animal overpopulation is really beyond a problem where I live now. It's a dire crisis here (and I am working to help it). I hope someone can love this sweet dog, the way it should be loved. So deserving. So few things we do in life (and sometimes the people also) warrant our love. Ali is one who does.

  3. Is anyone willing to do transport to florida

  4. Ali you sure sound like the sweetest pup. I will be praying that your forever family comes soon for you. You deserve the most loving and caring home. God Bless you little one.

  5. I would so take her if she was near Illinois. We have a trip to FL in Aug, and I would take her then if she was near there. :(

  6. Transport can be arranged to amazing homes. However, I am sure someone who can't live without her will adopt her soon. I have to believe that!

  7. It breaks my heart to see Alli and all the others that need forever homes. I wish I had the room to take in some of them, but I dont at the moment. Im looking for a place with a bigger yard to help these poor animals that need forever homes and all the love I know I can give. Good Luck to Ali and all of the babies and as soon as Im in the space I need some of them will have a forever home.

  8. love you ali :) Hang in there sweet thing

  9. dear ali and ashley,
    ali i am prayin that you find a home asap! you are a sweet lookin dog and u need a great home! and i am glad that someone saved you!!

    you are doing an amazing thing keep up the good work!! im praying that youll go far you deserve it! take care and God bless!!!

  10. What a cute puppy! Thank you for saving her and giving her a safe place to stay until she can find her forever home.

  11. What a beauty. If I lived closer (and not in a basement apartment which doesn't have nearly enough room for a black lab), I would LOVE to adopt Ali. I hope the sweet girl finds a family of her own soon.

  12. I'm sorry for Ali and Ashely. When I read this story I couldnt stop crying I have eight dogs of my own I could not live a day with out them. I dont understand how people have the heart to do this to animals. Ashely thank you so much
    for being little Ali's angel. I will be praying for Ali to find a forever home.I hope sweet Ali finds a good family and forever home soon.

  13. I would take her in a heartbeat if I could! Please keep us posted.

  14. I loved your post, Ashley, and Ali is adorable. I'm sure that she'll find her forever home soon. Thank you for all you do for all of the wonderful pups that come your way. There is a special place in heaven for people who rescue animals.

  15. i really want her!! me&my bkids will really love her! i filled out an adoption application! got fingers crossed!!

  16. Ali is a cutie. I would love to have her. I have 4dogs & 2cats. I leave in Fl and I wish I lived closer. I will Pray alot of prayers she will find a forever home. Ashley you are doing something good. Ali is very lucky to have you. I hope the person that filled out the application takes her. Good luck I will be waiting for Great news for Ali.

  17. Frankie Taylor FisherApril 6, 2011 at 1:23 PM

    Godspeed, Ali ... you have a remarkable momma, in Ashley ... she will find you a forever home ... I just know it ...

    ... what a sad, sad Christmas story ... and life story ... thank you Ashley for giving her the love she deserves til her family finds her ... thank you, somehow seems so inadequate ... you are a very special person ...

  18. She is absolutely gorgeous and I hope she finds her home soon! Please let us know when she does!!

  19. I am in IL and we are traveling to FL next Feb 2012. If still needed then, we will help with transport. ltcol20@comcast.net let me know. I also can help with transport across IL as long as it does NOT involve Chicago or St Louis. I can do that anytume.

  20. Ali is beautiful and so are you. Hope she's enjoying her new family and am so thankful there are Ashlys in this world.

  21. YAY for Ali and her new Daddy!!! <3


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