Meet Missy

My name is Missy, and I’m a 7 month old, Hound mix. I’m a real nice pup, and I try real hard to be a good girl. But no matter how good I am… no matter how hard I try… I’ve still never had a family.

All my little pup life, I’ve wanted someone to love me. But my heart is sad, because no one has ever wanted me. When I was real small, I lived with some people who didn’t treat me very nice. I loved them so much, but they didn’t love me. They never fed me; they never played with me; and they yelled at me a lot. I’m pretty sure they hated me for being there... and it hurt my feelings all the time.

Then, one day, they threw me in the back of their truck. At first, I thought we were going for a fun ride, and I got real excited! I couldn’t wait to see where the neat pup ride would lead us! I thought maybe they were gonna take me somewhere good… to someone would who finally want me and like me. But I was wrong…

They stopped the truck, picked me up by my neck, and threw me out in the country. Then, the truck sped away… without me. I ran real fast to try to catch them… I thought maybe they didn’t mean to leave me behind. I was crying, “Wait for me! Please! You forgot to take me with you!” But after running for a real long time… I couldn’t see the truck anymore. And then I realized… that they meant to leave me. They didn’t want me anymore, and this was their way of making sure I could never find my way back to them. This was their way of leaving me to die...

I looked around, and I was all alone. It was real dark, and I didn’t know where I was. I cried, because I’m real afraid of the dark. That was the most scared I have ever been. I wandered around looking for someone to help me, but there was no one. I was out there all alone for what seemed like forever. I was so hungry... my tummy would growl all the time. It was real cold outside, so I would curl up in the woods and shiver myself to sleep every night.

One day, some new people scooped me up, and put me in their truck. They seemed nice, but I was real scared, because I just knew they were gonna throw me out again. But I must have been real good that day… because they didn’t dump me like those other people did. Instead, they took me to live with my foster mom, Ashley.

That day, my little pup life changed forever. I didn’t know what love was like, but my Ashley-Mom taught me all about it. She’s so nice to me… she gives me hugs, and kisses, and playtime. She has lots of other rescue pups just like me, and they are my favorite friends to play with!

But my very bestest friend in the world was a pup named Tally. Tally and me would run and play for hours, and we told each other lots of secrets. I loved her so much! But last weekend, Tally left me to go to her new family in Florida. I was real happy for her… but I was so sad too. I miss my friend… But what’s more, I still don’t have a family of my own...

I want a family… a family that wants me. When the families come to look for their new pup, I jump up and down and say, “Me! Me! Me! Look at me! I’m special! Please pick me! Please!!!” But they always pick another pup to be special…

This one time, a family came through, and they asked if they could play with me! Boy-oh-boy was I excited! I tried so hard to show them how fun I can be, and I thought for sure they would see it and pick me! But then… they saw the little puppies, and they decided to pick one of them instead… I was real sad that day.

I’m not sure what it takes to get a family, but I hope I’ve got it. I’m real loving and sweet. I love to be by someone’s side, whether it’s outside while they’re doing yard-work or inside on the couch. I'm a real good girl, I promise.
I have lots of fun pup energy! I love to run & play! My Ashley–Mom says I’m one of the funniest, cutest pups around! And let me tell you, she knows pups! She laughs at me when I play with the other dogs, because I get so excited, and sometimes I can be sorta clumsy. This one time, I was running so fast and playing so hard that I ran head-first into the fence! But I didn’t even let it stop me! I just got right back to playing! I’m real smart too, and I can learn lots of tricks if you’ll teach me!

Every day, I play as hard as I can, and I'm as happy as can be! But every night, I dream about having a family of my very own… a family that loves me… a family that wants me. And for now, that dream only lives in my head...
I really hope somebody wants me one day. I don’t ask for much, I promise. I just want to be special. That’s all I want… that’s all I need...

My name is Missy, and I love you already. Please, make me special for the first time in my life. Please... take me home…

Amazing homes only.

*Missy is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, and heartworm negative. She is good with other dogs & children, but not cats. Adoption application, home check, & adoption fee required. Transport can be arranged to approved homes.



  1. OMG, this is so heartbreaking, I wish I could take her but I can't handle another dog right now with my two big guys. I hope someone wonderful takes her but at least she is with Ashley who will take amazing care of her til someone does

  2. aww sweetheart you will get a family of your own to love and care for you..dont be sad and never give up, your day will come...hugs precious baby

  3. Absolutely wonderful. Keep your hope and spirit Missy. Your family is out there waiting to find you.

  4. She is an Amazing pup, and you are an amazing woman for what you have done for her.

  5. Oh I love little Missy. She is just to cute! The moment I stumbled onto your blog I loved her. I keep hoping she gets adopted into a great home. If I had a place with a yard I would drive all the way to Mississippi (only a 2 day drive) and adopt her. I would bring her home love her to bits and I'll admit change her name. She would be Missi not Missy, I would name her after the state I got her from Mississippi. But I live in an appartment with strata rules :( Plus Missy just wouldn't have fun in an appartment with two crazy cats. I hope she finds a home, someone to love her. If it makes her feel better she has friends in Canada that love her lots.

  6. OMGoodness...this story brought me to tears. I don't know how people sleep at night leaving pets behind like that. I'm going home to hug my rescue......Hope you find your home VERY soon Missy :)

  7. We are posting this on our FB wall, we pray that a forever home will be found very soon.

  8. buddy and his furmomApril 14, 2011 at 7:11 PM

    oh missy you sound like my buddy a rescue too and the late great me angel we rescue her from a breeder someone broke her tail so no one wanted her but us we thought her tail was cool and buddy came along later cause need a play mate really i think my fur mom just could leave with out so you see dreams do come true just be patient and one day when you least excpect it wam you got you furever home and if your lucky and kid to love on and you two can grow up together buddy said their the best faces to kiss always something yummy left on there lol so keep hanging 4 with your foster mom and saying your pup-prayers and you'll get there kiddo hey look at me wags you later pup-gator. Thanks for share her story ashley you are trully buddys fur angel and hero my God bless you and all the furbabies you have helped and will help.

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  10. I'll share her on my facebook page. What a smile, she is beautiful!!!

  11. Hang in there sweet Missy, someone really amazing that will see through everything, see your greatness as a dog will come and snatch you up. Don't get sad sweetie, it will happen!

  12. If she was only housebroken and liked cats I would of adopted her!

  13. Just stumbled upon this story. This is almost the same story my dog has to tell, except that she ended up being captured by dog control and dragged off to a kill shelter. I was able to adopt her from the kill shelter (I was not able to catch her after she was dumped because she was too scared to trust anyone). My dog was about the same age as Missy when she was dumped and looks remarkably like her. She is well-adjusted now - it did take patience and determination for many months to help her through the trauma. She has been with us for 6 years now and will not be leaving us until she reaches the end of her natural life. There is a family out there somewhere for Missy - I hope she find it.

  14. I so wish I could have this baby, why we always got to have a limit on how many babies we can have? In my state it is 4 babies, and right now I have 5 so I am one over the limit and I have to be very careful who knows cause my city will take them away from me. Missy sweetie I hope you do find your forever family, I just wish it was with me, cause I love you so much I am crying because I can not have you.


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