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Due to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Rankin County, Mississippi, Lucky Dog Rescue recently took in 6 Pit Bull rescues from Animal Rescue Fund of MS (ARF). I'd like to share their special stories with you, in hopes of finding the amazing forever homes they deserve.

Molly, Bonnie, Pinky, Capone, Sissy, and Mimi each tell their stories in their own words. Please... help them go home...

My name is Molly. I am looking for a family to love me. I had a family one time, but they treated me real bad. I lived in a scary house, and my family sold drugs. I didn’t ask for much… just a little love and some food every now and then… but they didn’t want to give me that stuff. They just wanted to hurt me.

The drug dealers bred me, and I got real sick. I didn’t feel good, but nobody cared. Lucky for me, some nice people saved me, and they got me to the doctor. I felt much better after that... I was a good mama to my puppies, but they all grew up and went to families of their own. Now, I’m all alone…

I really want a family… someone to love me, feed me, and be nice to me. I promise to be real nice back. I love people and children, but I don’t really like other dogs that much. I’d rather have all the love to myself… I’ve never had it before…

I am a 1 year old, Pit Bull mix. I like to run and play, and my foster mom, Ashley, says I’m one of the funnest pups she’s ever met! She says I have a super cute personality, whatever that means. I have lots of love to give… all I need is a family to share it with. If you don’t have other dogs and you’re looking for a special girl to love, please pick me. Please…

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My name is Bonnie. I used to have a family, but they didn’t want me anymore. My “dad” told the shelter that he was gonna shoot me if they didn’t take me. That hurt my feelings real bad. I had been a real good girl all my life, but he still didn’t love me…

I tried to be the best girl around to make my dad real proud. I never wanted him to be mad at me, but he was always mad at me. Even when I broke my leg, I tried not to cry, even though it hurt me so bad. My dad knew it was broken, but he wouldn’t take me to the doctor. So my leg healed incorrectly, and now I have a peg leg.
I hope that maybe someone will love me one day. I dream about having a warm bed to sleep in, good food to eat, and a family to treasure. I really want a home so bad… It’s the only thing I want...

I am a 1 year old, Pit Bull mix. I love to play with other dogs, and I especially love people! I do have a bum leg, but it doesn’t hurt me or slow me down! My foster mom, Ashley, says I deserve the best… because that’s what I am, the best. Please, give me a family. Please…

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My name is Pinky. I got my name cause I had real bad sarcoptic mange as a puppy. When I was rescued, I had no hair and my skin was bright pink from all my scratching. That mange itched me so bad, and my skin hurt me all the time. I cried a lot back then…

Now, I’m all better, but there’s still one thing that makes me sad… I have never had a family. I want one real bad… but I’m 2 years old, and I’ve never had one. I thought maybe I’d get a family when my skin got better, but I was wrong. I see the families coming through to look for their new pup, but they never pick me. I just can’t understand why…

I’m a 2 year old, Pit Bull/Dalmatian mix. My foster mom, Ashley, says this makes me very special! I’m sweet, loving, and outgoing. I love to play, and I really like boy dogs… they are cute and I like to flirt. I don’t like girl dogs so much… boys only please!

If you would like to give me my first family ever, please contact my foster mom. I long for my first home. Hurry please… I’m waiting for you…

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My name is Capone. A few months ago, I was hurting real bad. I had a bad broken leg, a severe case of mange, and I was slowly starving to death. I cried all the time… because no one would help me. I would use all my strength to limp around, trying to find someone to get me to the doctor. But everyone just looked the other way… I learned real fast that the world isn’t always so nice to pups like me….

One day, a nice woman took me to the doctor, and I started feeling better real soon. I felt so special that someone finally stopped for me. I must have been real good that day…

Now, I just need a family to think I’m special enough to love me forever. I am a 1 year old, Lab/Pit Bull mix. I like other dogs, and I love all people. My foster mom, Ashley, says I’m super fun and have the cutest personality. I hope she’s right, because I really want a family. Please… love me. I love you already.

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My name is Sissy. Two years ago, I was lying in a ditch… waiting to die. I had compound fractures on my back leg… my bones were sticking out through my skin. It hurt me so bad...I never knew something could hurt so much. I just knew I couldn’t go on… So, I laid there in the ditch, and prepared to take my last breath. Just before I gave up hope, I let out one last cry for help… And I couldn’t believe when someone heard it.

The nice people got me to the doctor, but my injuries were so bad that I had to stay at the vet for 4 months. I was so scared, and it hurt so much. But every day, I got a little better, and soon, I was able to leave the vet to go with my rescue group friends.

Now I’m all better, and I just need a family to love me forever. I am a 4 year old, Pit Bull mix, and I am a real sweet girl. My foster mom, Ashley, says I melt her heart with my sweetness. I hope someone else thinks the same and takes me home. I am lots of fun, but I prefer to be the only dog in the home. It’s nice to have all the attention to myself… I’ve never had love before. Please, if you are my family, I’m looking for you. Please…

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My name is Mimi, and I want a family to love me. I had a family once… I was a treasured family pet and the children’s best friend. When I was a young pup, the children loved me so much, and oh how I loved them. Every day, they would feed me, walk me, and snuggle with me at bedtime. Those times will be forever treasured in my heart…

But the children grew up, and so did I… and suddenly, I wasn’t so special anymore. They kicked me out of the house, and made me live outside. They forgot to feed me; they forgot to walk me; and they forgot all about our special bedtime snuggles. They never even looked at me anymore. When I’d run up to greet them--just as I always had--they’d say, “Ew! No! Go away! You stink!” So, I would bow my head and slowly walk away… Heartbroken.

One day, my family dumped me at a shelter… and they never even looked back. I cried out for them, but they just hurried out the door. I guess they couldn't get away from me fast enough... After years of my unwavering love and devotion, they threw me away. I didn’t know my heart could hurt this bad…

I’m an adult Pit Bull mix, and I am super loving and loyal. If you love me, I love you. I like boy dogs better than girls, and I prefer an older male to a young pup. I like to roll in the grass and enjoy the sunshine, and I love belly rubs. My foster mom, Ashley, says I’m her little angel.

Most of all, I love having a family. I love to matter to someone. If you are looking for a special girl, can I be the one? Please… I need you.

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  1. BSL is Bull Shit Legislation & it is UNAMERICAN. Discrimination is NEVER right. Wake up America and stand up against this outrageous injustice.

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  3. thank you for your remarkable write up on our sweet babies. I am heartbroken that we were not able to deliver the life we wanted to provide for them.
    these amazing dogs need and deserve so much. you are wonderful for stepping up to the plate to help. thank you from me and from them
    Pippa Jackson
    ARF of MS

  4. Oh, I just want to love on all of them. Their stories break my heart. I'm sitting here bawling (Ashley, you seem to do that to me daily! ;)).

    I'll do all the sharing I can!

  5. BSL= Bull Shit Legislation!!!AGREE!!!!

  6. I am in tears reading these! I wish I were close so that I could help. We currently just rescued a Pit bull/Husky mix. He had been beaten and for that he was very very timid. Between being timid and pit mix, no one wanted him. I do not understand why people assume that all pit bulls are mean! Mean people are the ones to make the pit bulls mean and stupid people are the ones believe that they are all mean! Thank you for what you are doing!
    God Bless,

  7. I love all these babies!!!!!! SHARED :)

  8. This was wonderful to read. I pray they all find there forever home!

  9. I rescued a pit 2 years ago & she just now turned 2. She was born with some skin problems and has to have less so they couldn't sell her. My landlords won't let me have another or id take a couple of these. Believe me they would be very spoiled! Mine has her own bedroom with her own couch and air conditioner! Glorya


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