Care2's America's Favorite Shelter Contest

The other day, I ran across a link posted on my Lucky Dog Rescue Blog facebook wall. The blog by Kol’s Notes was titled, “You Lucky Dog,” with a picture of my foster baby, Molly. I was so touched... and also curious... so I clicked the link to read the post…

And suddenly, I was speechless. Kolchak Puggle, a blogger dog, wrote the most touching post about my work. I felt the tears streaming down my face, as I read some of the most incredible words ever written about me. With each sentence, my heart filled with more joy and gratitude. I honestly had no words… only an immense appreciation and sense of amazement that anyone would do something so kind for me.

In addition to the inspiring post, Kolchak also asked everyone to vote for Lucky Dog Rescue in the Care2.com America’s Favorite Shelter Contest. The grand prize is $15,000 for the winning rescue/shelter, and Lucky Dog Rescue is currently in 1st Place. However, the contest doesn’t end until July 10th, and there are many amazing groups competing.

This prize money would do more for my rescue dogs than you could ever know, and it would help me save so many more lives. Lucky Dog Rescue is a very small, under-funded rescue group. I do all of my rescue work myself, out of my own pocket. I’m lucky enough to have a couple of amazing volunteers, and a few generous donors, but help and funds are so limited here.

So, I’d like to ask you to PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR LUCKY DOG RESCUE in Care2’s America’s Favorite Shelter Contest, and please ask all of your friends to do the same! Don’t forget to confirm your vote in your email!

Also, because I could never accurately describe the amazingness of Kol’s blog, I’m asking all of you to PLEASE READ the touching blog post about Lucky Dog Rescue by Kol’s Notes: You Lucky Dog, By: Kolchak Puggle.

Thank you, Kolchak Puggle and Mama Jodi, for touching my heart and making my dream of inspiring others come true. I’ll never forget what you did for me, for as long as I live.


  1. you so deserve every word Kolchak Puggle wrote. I'm only sorry I can only vote once. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Koli, Felix and Jodi are amazing friends. When Foley had some strange white substances in her feces I sent Jodi pictures of the feces and she helped us determine that it was something she ingested (an ear plug.) Anyone who will take a look at feces pictures is a true friend. Kol's notes is one of my favorite blogs, funny, informative, heart felt. Anyone following your blog should follow hers. And don't be modest, everything she wrote was true. I have known her for more than two years and she does not lie.

  3. Naturedog & Foley are right - every word was true and you deserved every single word for being so darn amazing! It was absolutely my good luck the day I found your blog and my pleasure that I could do something to *hopefully* help you to win that money! You'll do amazing things with it, I know. Thank you so much for sharing our blog and for all of your kind words, really the pleasure was all mine. (LOL, it was even my pleasure to ogle Foley's excrement. Wicked funny, totally awesome good friends like the Monster & Pocket are so very hard to find - and you guys are the best.)


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