Unchained Melody

Last week, one of my favorite rescue friends, Adrian  in Huntsville, Alabama, sent me a message about a shelter dog he’d just posted on Pet Pardons. He asked if I knew of any rescue groups that may be willing to take a 10-year-old Senior dog, who had just survived the recent, horrific tornado—on a chain.

Obviously, he already had a rescue in mind: me... Lucky Dog Rescue.

The shelter, Huntsville Animal Services, was severely overcrowded, due to the influx of dogs following the storms... and this special girl didn’t have much time. But the wonderful shelter director gave Adrian a time extension, to find rescue placement for the Senior dog. So, he posted the dog on Pet Pardons.... in hopes of finding someone who'd be willing to save her life.

However, Adrian knew the reality for an older Pit Bull mix, who had lived her entire 10 years on a chain. She’s the kind of dog... no one wants.

But... he also thought, after all she's been through... she deserves a chance, and he wanted to give that to her.

Adrian sent me the link to the Pet Pardons profile he'd created for "Junebug" (the name she'd been given at the shelter).

I clicked... and this is what I read:

Junebug is a tornado survivor from the April 27th storms that came through Alabama. Her owners' house was completely destroyed—as it took a direct hit from the tornado. Junebug was chained in the backyard when the tornado swept through… and her life was somehow spared. However, her owners surrendered her anyway, because they said they were trying to get rid of her... even before the storm. Shelter staff has not seen any aggression from this girl… just a bunch of sadness.

Reading those words... my heart shattered. "Junebug" had lived all 10 years of her life on a chain. She was rarely given any love or affection… but she loved her family anyway. Even more, this poor girl was forced to endure a horrendous storm—outside, on that chain—as the devastating tornado destroyed her house and yard. I picture her body flailing in the wind… I imagine the terror that filled her eyes… I can see her crying out for the family... who had left her there to die. I have no idea how she survived… considering that her family’s home was completely wiped away. Nothing was left… except for Junebug.

But what’s even more heartbreaking… is that she DID survive… and her family still didn’t want her. The family said they'd wanted to “get rid of her,” even before the storm. In all honesty, they probably hoped that the storm...  would just kill her for them.

But Junebug survived. And then... after 10 years of love and devotion, the family she trusted with her life… left her in a shelter... to die.

Her fate was almost certain… death in a shelter. Ask any shelter worker… 10-year-old Pit Bull mixes.... almost never leave the shelter alive.

Unless... their name is "Junebug" …

As soon as I read her Pet Pardons profile, I told Adrian: “I’ll take her. I’ll give her the life she deserves. After 10 years without love, it’s about damn time she got some.” Adrian was so relieved and thankful... but also lightened the mood by saying: “That must be a Pet Pardons record-save, huh? Pet posted... and less than a minute later… Pardoned by Ashley.”

At the pound, Junebug was terrified and broken. After days of waiting for her family to return, she soon realized: they would never come back for her… she would never go home again. Each day, she’d cower in the corner of her kennel, as she waited… to die.

But just before her time ran out, Adrian pulled Junebug from the pound and took her into his home ... until she could be transported to me. Her gratitude renewed Adrian’s spirit… as he told me, “Now I know, without a doubt, that they know when you save them.” He also renamed her “Melody,” after the song, “Unchained Melody.” We both thought it was fitting.

Then, this past Sunday, Melody traveled from Huntsville, AL to Meridian, MS... to live with me as one of my foster pups. When I met her, my heart instantly melted. Melody is beautiful. She’s incredible. And despite the horrors of her past… the sincerest hope and innocence shine through her eyes.

Upon arriving, she immediately gave me a kiss, and I felt the love pouring out of her heart… the love that’s been waiting for 10 years—on a chain—to be given. As a tear rolled down my cheek, I said, “It’s all better now, baby girl. You’re safe… forever.”

It’s been several days now, and Melody hasn’t stopped smiling. Her favorite thing: running in the yard. For 10 years, she’s never been able to run free, but now, she can play whenever she wants. As she takes off through the grass, I watch the years of pent-up energy being released from her body… and I cry tears of joy, because I gave that to her.

In the middle of her joyful romp, she’ll suddenly stop… scan the yard for me, and rush over... to give the sweetest kiss I’ve ever received. A kiss that says: “Thank you. This is all I’ve ever wanted.”

And then, she’s off again…

Dogs know when you save them. They just know. And in return, they thank you every day… with a love that will soften your heart, remove your sadness, and change your life. A love that you can’t even imagine… until you experience it…

Do your heart a favor. Adopt a rescue dog.

*Melody will live with me until she finds her forever family. She’d prefer to be the only dog in the home, so she can have all the love to herself. If you’re interested in adopting Melody, please fill out the online Adoption Application: http://www.petpardons.com/adoption/


  1. Oh, Ashley! Bless your heart! Yes! These heartbroken little souls do know and understand what is happening to them. They DO know what you have done for them. Iam so grateful to you for what you are doing. I can NEVER thank you enough. I know that you too, can look into their eyes and understand what they are trying to tell you. Love, Melanie

  2. Thank you for everything you do for them. You are amazing.

  3. You are absolutely amazing, Ashley. You are a blessing to the world and to all the animals you help.

  4. GREAT story for a great dog and lovely person... Thanks for all you do, Ashley!

  5. sad story with a very happy ending :))) I cried when I read it and now I am glad she is ok. You are wonderful girl - Ashley:)))

  6. God Bless you Ashley....You truly have one of the largest hearts I know of...They'd better have dogs in heaven or you won't be happy!! : ) I'm sure they do!!! Love you for all the work you & your group does!!!

  7. You are a saint Ashley. Keep doing what you are doing. It is absolutely beautiful. I did adopt a rescue dog and I am thankful for her everyday

  8. You are good people. :) Sometimes when you rescue a neglected, abandoned senior dog - with every intention of fostering, they are really meant to be yours. It happened to me when I took in Amber the American Dingo as a foster. She was on her 3rd strike at a "no kill" shelter - she was becoming fear-aggressive after having been kicked and yanked by the neck
    and abandoned with a litter of pups in an ice storm. We spent about 3 hrs just bonding, building trust, getting to know the collar as something not to fear, and that was it. She is my dearest friend, the best girl, meant to be with me forever. She's about 11 now. Your Melody reminds me of Amber. <3

  9. Ashley! You ARE an ABSOLUTE GOD Send. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, (repeated a gazillion times). Tears just fill my eyes, but am grateful for the outcome of this little girl and so many other "Babies" you have rescued. I have rescued 2 puppies and 6 kitties, and yes... they DO show their Love and Thankfulness. I constantly refer to them as puppies and kitties NO MATTER HOW OLD THEY ARE! God Bless You, Ashley! ~ * Diana * ~

  10. Thats what I LOVE to read...Thank You Ashley..Your Heart is so filled with Love for all these Babies :)

  11. That is one of the best "commercials" if you will for adopting a pet; GREAT story! I am so happy that Melody has been able to finally experience love! Bless you Ashley for remembering animals need love too and making sure they have it!

  12. I'm literally sitting at work bawling my eyes out for this precious thing. I just happened to see this on FB through a friend and was unsure if I wanted to click the link. ha!

    I do think animals know when we have changed their worlds for the better. I know my (now 4 yr old) pit mix knew that I was there to save her when I picked her 6 month old self up from a kill shelter, because she was a dog who AT LEAST deserved to be able to experience a little love in her life. She's the best dog EVER, sweetest little thing. I can't imagine her not in my life, neither can her husky brother. haha.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and other animal lovers out there, Ashley - and the others - who helped with the rehabilitation of this pretty girl. Even at 10 years old, she has a lot of love and fun times to give!! She deserves a wonderful forever home, I hope someone very special gets her.

    I will now try to dry my eyes and focus on work, haha... Thank you, thank you, thank you - a fellow animal lover, Alain

  13. Thank you, Ashley! Hugs, kisses, and best wishes to you and the puppy:)


  15. This is great!

    I volunteer too in a dog shelter in Italy and one of my two dogs has been rescued after he spent 8 years in a very bad one.

    He has being with us for more than a year now and he healthy and happy.

  16. Thanks for saving this old soul. This dog truly deserved to be saved. Now I have to stop crying and get back to work.

  17. I am truly glad she is ok and safe. Thank You and Adrian!!!!!

  18. woman you have to stop making me cry like this...

  19. Ashley you are the girl with the biggest heart
    i just cry everytime i read stories about the dogs you foster and i know how lucky they are to have someone like you to love and care for them..I have a pound puppy i would take every one of them if i had room...god bless you girl.

  20. When I sit in my own hell and sadness....I read ur blogs and you always brighten my day....I wish I could do what u do..but I wouldent know where to start....but I made the first step...I go to oriantation on saterday to offer my time at the aspca shelter.....ur an awsume women.....bless u and melodys hearts....xoxox

  21. Brittini,
    That's amazing!!! I'm so thankful you're going to volunteer at your local shelter! THAT IS HUGE!!! I'm so proud of you! You have no idea what that means to my heart... and just how big your impact will be for these shelter pets. That's simply amazing. Thank you for telling me this! MADE MY DAY!!!

  22. I thank God there are people out there like you.

  23. Ashley, you are even more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside, and that is saying a lot! Hugs.

  24. You are such a wonderful person to have saved her! I know she will be forever grateful for saving her life. She seems like such a sweet girl and I'm happy she is now off the chain and will lead a good life. Never could understand why people treat animals the way they do. How could you just leave her there to die? They must have been heartless! Thank you Ashley for saving her!

  25. *TEARS* A great big thank you to everyone who gave Melody a second chance at life! I pray she finds her forever home!

  26. Nothing better than showing an old doggie a new life. You are the best!!!!

  27. How people can be so cruel is beyond me. Such a sad story but with a wonderful ending thanks to the kindness of you Ashley. Well done and as an animal lover myself who in the past has taken in dogs from shelters, it is a greatto see others that understand that they all need love and care..

  28. thank you so very much for caring...

  29. I don't understand how anyone could just leave a beautiful soul like this out in a storm to die. How they could keep her chained for 10 years. Treat her as nothing more than a yard ornament and deny her love. It's things like that that make me hate people. And then someone like you comes along with an open heart and open arms and rescues her. Reading this I had tears of anger, of sadness, but in the end...tears of joy. I hope Melody feels all the love that is being sent her way, not only from you Ashley, but from all of the readers who instantly fell in love with her.

  30. My heart breaks for Melody. She must have been so scared in the storm. She has a second chance to have a real life. Thank You :)

  31. Thank you for all you do, it seems like such a empty expression, but the difference you make in the lives of these animals really has no word to describe it.
    From someone who has owned and loved Golden Retrievers for over 40 years THANK YOU!!!!!

    Sheila & Bob

  32. You are an angel and for all the cruelty that goes on in the world, you are one shining beacon of hope that, that there is hope for mankind. We fostered an airedale. He is now our pet : ) I don't know how you do it. Thank you for taking her. You helped my heart heal for all the sadness that goes to these dogs. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

  33. You are amazing Ashley! God bless you for being the savior for so many beautiful pups!

  34. Melody's story had me in tears. I can't believe how humans can be so cold, heartless, & uncaring - especially when it comes to the superior animal kingdom. Thank Goddess for Adrian & Ashley giving her the chance she deserves. It's nice to know there are still alot of fellow kind, sensing souls in this world. If you send her to New Zealand, I'll give her a country life she will love!! Thankyou both so much :) ..Aroha & Awhi's to you both xo

  35. Ashley,
    This really brought a smile to my face....especially the pictures. Mostly because I know how happy this girl is and I can just imagine in my head everything you tell about her doing. She does indeed have a very large smile at all times.

    One thing I want people to see is the very first picture. This is melody in our shelter and it basically sums up her 3 week stay with us. Sad, depressed, lonely, confused. When I went to pick her up on Friday, I didnt bother taking a crate in the car with me because I figured she would feel the same and just lay in my car seat. WRONG! The minute we stepped foot outside the shelter door, it was like a light switch! She was jumping up on me, hugging me with her paws, wanting to give kisses and just happy as crap! I could not believe what I was seeing. We got in the car, where she immediately took the drivers seat. Finally moved her over and she wanted to ride in my lap and lick my face (yes she was told to be people aggressive by previous owner). She did several barrel rolls in the passenger seat so I could rub her belly and even tried to get out at every red light so she could say hello to everyone at the intersection. This girl was 100% different outside of our shelter.

    So I want people to understand this. When you visit your local shelter, dont overlook the ones that are curled up in the corner scared and alone. They know not what they have done to deserve this. Take a chance and give them a new life. Melody is proof enough to me that this is true and like I said, she knows who is saving her and helping her. And by looking at these pictures, its evident to me that she knows you are on her side.

    Thank you so much Ashley for all you have done for her and every dog that has been through your facility. You are truly a God send.

  36. I cannot believe this poor girl lived her whole life on a chain, endured a tornado, was left for nothing, and still pressed through. she is truly a trooper and I am so happy that you were here saving grace.

  37. You are the most inspiring person in rescue to me. Not only are you so inspiring but you are also a fabulous writer. Thank you with all my heart for what you and for inspiring all of us blog after blog!!

  38. Wonderful story; thank you for rescuing Melody and giving her a chance and life.

  39. I teared up reading this! I volunteer at our local human society and it breaks my heart to see so many homeless animals. I take some comfort in knowing that the animals I spend time with had their day made, if only for a little while. Everyone should adopt love from a shelter! Shelter animals may not always be perfect but they have an infinite amount of love to give. I have two shelter kittos and they thank me every day. I hope to one day add a pup to my crew and I will certainly consider a senior dog like Unchained Melody!!! Thanks for sharing!! Melissa C., Lexington, KY

  40. Your truly an Angel for saving this dogs life! God Bless you Ashley for doing what you do!

  41. You are amazing and wonderful -god bless you for all you do!

  42. Lisa A Land O Lakes, FloridaMay 25, 2011 at 9:08 PM

    This is exactly what I have been talking to my fiance about. The tornadoes are terrible....but what about the animals? They can't open storm doors. What if their family isn't home? That's all I've been thinking about. And this poor baby, left out to die on a chain. There is no excuse for that! Thank you for rescuing her and more importantly, giving her love!!!

  43. Thank you from the bottom of my heart... All my amimals are strays that no one wanted. Except me! People tell me I'm too softhearted when it comes to the ones that can't speak for themselves. You are truely a LIFE SAVER, (((hugs)) to you. <3

  44. Well Ashley, you did it again! And yes, I am a mushy, crying mess! It's ok though, these are tears of joy! My cup runneth over everytime I read your blog! You my sweet friend are truly one of God's angels! Thank you for all you do!


  45. SO happy for Melody! you are amazing, we just say thank you everytime!


  46. God Bless you, Ashley. May you have angels surrounding you and working with you, supporting you in your wonderful rescue work.

    You seriously ROCK.

  47. Again Bless you Ashley, My name is June, and have always been known as June Bug. We have messaged before, I rescued Mama the dog from Varnville, SC, now known as Isabelle. I love you for what you do Ashley. We need more people like you!

  48. Wow:) I read your posts often and thought I had teared up all that was possible. ..and then I read about Melody and sobbed my eyeballs out quietly, surrounded by my own small pack of rescues. They love with strong hearts - they love us no matter how ugly we might be to ourselves. Jeannie and I have long volunteered at the local shelter and taken in fosters as well, and there is nothing in the world like the bond between rescue and forever family. When all of humanity is looking about and wondering where the answers are, it is this rescue relationship, this simple yet ferociously loving act, this selfless response that is completely emblematic of the power we possess to relieve suffering.

  49. You are an amazing person, Ashley.

  50. I am blown away by your dedication and heart.

    Any chance you know someone in SC who can help this pup in dire need?


  51. Every day of happiness spent with you wipes out weeks of sadness in the past.

  52. As I cry tears of Joy for Melody, you Ashley are an angel on earth !! I hope it works out that Melody can remain with you for the rest of her years. God Bless you both

  53. OMG - what a wonderful ending for Melody - she found an angel; several actually - as she survived and was rescued from the shelter and now welcomed into your home. I'm crying tears of joy for this sweetheart.

    Evelyn in Cincinnati

  54. Ashley, you rock!!! Thanks for everything you do.

  55. I felt so bad for this dog when I saw it, I so wish there was a law passed that dogs cannot be put on chains like that. Thanks you for giving her life!!!

  56. Ashley, you never cease to amaze me! God Bless You Girl!!
    Marie Belanger
    Dogs Deserve Better Rep Coordinator

  57. What a great story! Meridian, MS is my hometown although I haven't lived there in 30 years, it will always be home. What a blessing you are to this sweet baby! Thank you for giving her life!

  58. You are an amazing woman!

  59. I had tears in my eyes while reading Melody's story, that poor baby having spent all those years like that...WHY, WHY do people do such horrible acts to such precious babies!
    Ashley you are an angel for doing what you do!
    I have 2 dogs I adopted from my local shelter many years ago and the love they give is beyond words.
    God bless you Melody and Ashley!!

  60. wow. what a touching story! thank god for a special woman like you, your new girl Melody will be your best friend and will love you with all her heart.. thanks for sharing, as im crying!!

  61. This is one of the best stories I have read in a while. Being from Alabama and taking a direct hit from the storms I can not imagine what this dog went through. BLESS YOU for taking her in and giving her a second chance at life!!

  62. Your blog makes me cry. I have 3 forever cats and 2 forever dogs and just offered to foster a dog for the first time. What you do is amazing... I wish more people did the same.

  63. Yay Ashley, you are amazing. Bless her little heart. The family should be ashamed of themselves, This is case of pet abuse. I dont think any dog should have to live their life on a chain. I am a sweet person, but I dont know if I would want to help the family replace thier home. They seem to be very cold and selfish people. I hope they see her sad face every day. I am sorry, but this makes me very mad. All Junebug, now MELODY wanted to have in her life was love, even if it was from where ever she could get it. Shame Shame on the family. This makes me cry.

  64. Words cannot describe how AWESOME you are!!!! U saved a life. This story brought tears to my eyes. :)

  65. Oh won't you please keep her yourself? She loves you and it's the first time in her poor sweet life she has known love!

  66. There is a special place in heaven for you my friend. God bless and keep you- Mimi Louiso- Atlanta, Ga

  67. So happy that this girl has been saved and given the chance she deserves. Ashley you have a heart of gold! God bless you!

  68. I cried my eyes out reading this. Ashley you are truely a special person with a special purpose in life. I have three adopted rescues and I will never in my life understand the cruelty of people. I just thank God that there people like you who care and act.

  69. Bless you both for saving this girl. Yes, they do know. When I was a teenager I lived in Zimbabwe which was then known as Rhodesia. Because there was a war there, a lot of people were leaving the country and when they left they dumped their dogs at the shelter. My Mom worked next to the shelter and she would take food there whenever she could as they were overwhelmed by the number of dogs being left behind. One day the director told her about an older lab who was there and didn't have a chance because she was older. My Mom took one look at her and brought her home and called her Sandy. The love she had for all of us was incredible. We eventually left the country too but we took our dogs and bird with us. While we were packing, Sandy got more and more anxious, she knew what was happening. My Dad had already left to find a job, but came back to help us with the move. She wouldn't leave his side and whimpered constantly. I will never forget this... he knelt down by her and told her she was coming too, that we wouldn't leave her. The change in her was incredible to watch. Suddenly she was our smiling girl again. She battled with the trip as it was a 3 day journey and at one point we all thought she wouldn't make it but she did and gave us another 4 years before she passed away. Right until the end she was our constant companion who never stopped smiling. To this day I miss her.

  70. Thank You Ashley! Melody is so beautiful and now free and loved. I'm hoping you will keep Melody and that if possible, her forever home will be with you. She loves you and is so happy another move may be difficult for her. Still she is saved and if you can't keep her it's understandable. God Bless you for all you do. God Bless Melody too!!

  71. I would love to try her out but I already have 2 adopted dogs in my fenced in yard and I would not be able to give her that one on one attention because of all the attention the other 2 demand and get. Love them both......and they love to romp and play with me and with each other.

  72. This story is so sad and beautiful at the same time I cried reading it..... Thank You for saving her... she deserves to be happy for the rest of her life.....

  73. thank god for someone like you , this story made me cry ,because it is so hard to see so many pet die and it is so hard on my mind but because of you I stay with it and advocate ,in the hope they will be save ,I all ready have 2 dogs 9 cats and two horses but if a cat come on the property looking for food and shelter I feed or a dog ,I donate to causes and hope that it will make a difference and pray for it,thanks for you.

  74. As I read this I'm crying my tears roll down my face and some how I can see this poor dog outside on a chain. This is so sad that they so called "family" said the were trying to get rid of her. BREAKS MY HEART, Ash, you are so freaking great beyond words. God Bless, <3

  75. You are a beautiful person. Thank you for rescuing her and showing her the love she so deserves..that they ALL deserve. God bless you <3

  76. You have shown us many times the beautiful and wonderful person that you are inside and out. Thank you for all the amazing things you do every day for the not so lucky dogs. God bless you!

  77. What a sad story for this poor dog and to endur the elements of that storm unbelievable! Happy Endings are great and this dog sure deserves some luvin...Thank you for stepping in!

  78. This made me cry, with tears of pain and joy. I was supposed be adopting a Pit Bull stray and bringing him home this Thursday and the pound where he is coming from called me yesterday and told me that they were not going to let him come home with because they didn't trust him around my kids. He had just been with me and my kids the day before and we all did GREAT. He LOVED them!! He was GREAT!!! The dog we were adopting had sores on his feet from the hard, cold, wet kennel floor that were very painful and when the kennel vet was messing with them he hurt him and the dog nipped at him. Now they wont let me have him. I am so upset and angry. Any dog can show a sign of aggression when in pain. This does not mean he is not good with families or kids.. It means he needs a loving home where he will NOT be in pain anymore. They are not willing to give him the chance he deserves and there is nothing more I can do. They will NOT let me bring him into my home. This is NOT right!! Anyone out there with thoughts of what I could do?? I LOVE him and want him as part of my family!!!

  79. From Deb In Tampa Fl.We love you Ashely, thank you for what you do and believe in. I have 2 dogs now that where on their way to the pound, I interciept before they got there. When it is time to adopt again, I will go for a older dog. I am and older person.

  80. What a story!!!! God saved this senior girl from neglect and you've saved her HEART from LONENESS. Sincerely I don't know which one is worse. May God bless your heart!!! Prayers and wishes for this girl to find a good soul to take her and care for her as she deserves. I am sure she will miss you. She will be GRATEFUL to you FOREVER, as ALL OF US -who read Melody's story- are. Veronica Figueiredo-Larrick

  81. Melody looks Exactly like my Roxanne. We rescued roxanne after she had been beaten and dumped in a park with her legs duct taped together. Roxanne is completely deaf, is now 12 years old but has been an AWESOME family pet despite what she went through. right now shes sleeping next to me on the couch.
    I pray that Melody finds a home that will love her and spoil her. I wish I could take another, but we have 5 rescue dogs (3 Pits, 2 yorkie mixes) and a cat, and we foster! But I will post her to my facebook and get her story out there in hope that someone will give her a loving home!!!!

  82. I was so very happy when you rescued Melody and cried over her sad story as Junebug the dog who was never loved the way she should have been..the horrible tornado she endured and lived through to get thrown aside wunwanted ... ..and then her finding you Ashley..and her home there by you forever if need be ..I was wondering if she is still with you or adopted to her forever home..she is the sweetest ..and now I am sure very happy as I can tell from her photos I saved the story in my favorites and often read her story and her rescue by you ,,Thank you Ashley for all you do ..is Melody still with you ..I pray for her

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