Happy Birthday, Wonder!

My 1st Birthday
Story told by: Wonder(bra)

Yesterday, I was outside playing with my friends when I heard my Ashley-Mom calling my name. So I ran over to her, and she pulled me real close. I love getting special-time with my Ashley-Mom, but this time seemed different. She was smiling real big, but she was crying too. So I kissed her face, because that always makes her feel better. That’s when my Ashley-Mom said she had something important to tell me, so I listened real close.
She said, “I love you, Wonder… more than you’ll ever know. For 5 months, you’ve been my baby, and I promise you always will be. But now, it’s time to let you go. I know you don’t like to see me sad, but I’m only crying for me… I’ll just miss you so much. The smile is for you. Because tomorrow is a big day for you, Wonder-Baby.  Anna is coming, and she’s taking you with her.”
I was so excited to see Anna again… she’s my very bestest friend! But I wasn’t sure why my Ashley-Mom was sad this time. She was crying and smiling, all at once, so I was confused.  Either way, I knew she needed me. So I sat with her for a real long time, and let her cry into my fur. Then she wiped her tears, gave me a kiss, and said, “Tomorrow is your birthday, Wonder-Baby. It’ll be the best day of your life, I promise.” I didn’t know what that meant… but boy-oh-boy ... I couldn’t wait to find out!
So, early this morning, Anna came to pick me up at Lucky Dog.  I knew she was coming, so I could barely stand the wait!  When my Ashley-Mom let me out of my kennel, I went CRAZY!  I was so excited to see Anna that I jumped all the way up onto Ashley’s desk! I love to jump on things, including beds, desks, coffee tables, people…  you get the point.  Anyways, I overheard my Ashley-Mom and Anna talking about my vet records and how much fun we were going to have.  I love to have fun!  My little heart was racing, my tail was wagging, and I couldn’t wait to begin our adventure!  But then, I heard my Anna say, “I’m so excited to finally take her home for good!”
Me?! Home?! For good?! My smile got real big, and I looked back-and-forth between Anna and my Ashley-Mom... to be sure I heard right. That’s when my Ashley-Mom bent down to give me a kiss, and I saw the tears coming down her face.  She said, “You’re going home, little girl. Anna’s taking you home forever.”
Wow!  I was so excited! But then I realized that I would be leaving my Ashley-Mom today. When she hugged me goodbye, I could feel the love in her arms… and it reminded me of the very first time she hugged me 5 months ago. That was the first hug I ever got in my whole life. That was the day my Ashley-Mom saved me from all the bad people I ever knew. She took me in and loved me when no one else wanted to give me a chance.  She saw something in me that nobody else could.  She is the best girl I know, and I know this is not the end for us.  She's in my heart forever.  When my Ashley-Mom tells me she loves me, I know she means it.

My Anna promises that we'll visit my Ashley-Mom a lot, and that makes me feel better. So, I give her a kiss that says, “Thank you, I love you, and I’ll see you later, okay?!”  She gives Anna a hug and says, “Thank you!” And then... we head off for the adventure…
When we left Lucky Dog, Anna said it was time to get a new harness.  That’s cause  I totally chewed through my last harness a few days back at Lucky Dog.  I mean, it’s really not that bad, but I just like to chew, okay?  So we stopped at Petco, and I picked out a really cute harness that is brown with designs on it.  I liked the brown because it matches my pretty brown spots.  My Anna told me that I could have whatever treats I wanted.  So, I picked out some bones, beef jerky, and beggin’ strips.  I couldn’t wait to get home... and do something good for those treats…

On the way home from Petco, Anna tells me that today is “my day”.  She says today is my real birthday, because when I was born, my owner didn’t give me the celebration I deserved.  She tells me that I am a gift to her because I’ve changed her life, and that we’ll always remember today forever.  She says that every year, on this special date, we will celebrate the day that I finally went home with her. I like that idea.
After we get back to Anna’s parents’ house, she tells me we're going to Starkville, so I help her pack her things. Let me tell you… I LOVE Starkville!  In Starkville, they have a doggy park that is TO DIE FOR!  Part of the reason why I like it is because I get A LOT of compliments and whistles while I’m there.  Yeah… I’m kind of a big deal. When we get to Starkville, I help Anna move things into our new house. I LOVE our new place!!!! Anna and I have our own room, the neighborhood is great for walks, the doggy park is close, and we have some fun doggy neighbors.  I am so excited to be here.  I feel so safe and know that my Anna loves me. 
Tonight for my birthday, we ordered Chinese takeout.  Let me tell you… if you’ve never sampled fried rice and orange chicken, then you just ain’t livin’! It was so good, but I was a little disappointed.  Anna was a little stingy with my portions… she says I have a “sensitive stomach” and “nuclear toots,” whatever that means.  I washed it down with my favorite drink... water.  But not water from my pretty bowl Anna bought me… I like the real thing--toilet water.  But please, remember to flush! 
After we party, I’m worn out. I’ve had a really long day, and  I want to lie down, but only if Anna is nearby.  When Anna moves, I move.  You see… it’s cause I don’t want to miss anything.  In fact, I’m a little nosey too.  So I nuzzle up to her and lay my head on her pillows. Anna pulls me close and says, from now on, she’ll always be there to hold my paw no matter where life takes us, because we are a “package deal.”    My heart is so happy today, and I can’t wait to snuggle with Anna tonight. Before we get in bed, Anna tells me that we’ll go to the doggy park tomorrow.  Jackpot!
We get in bed, and Anna holds me tight in her arms. I’ve played hard today, and she says something about me needing a bath because I’m pretty stinky. But we’re too tired to worry with baths tonight.  Dirty and all, she wraps me up in her blankets and pulls me close.  Lying in bed, my Anna tells me that this is just the beginning of our new life, and she promises to always love me.  She says that no one will ever hurt me again, and I know that’s true. She tells me she’ll do everything to make sure I’m the happiest pup in the world… but she already has.. and I already am.
Anna reaches for the light, kisses my nose, and whispers “Happy Birthday, my special Wonderbra.”

And as the room goes dark... I finally know what it’s like to be home...   

*Wonder was a Pet Pardons rescue.
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  1. Wonder i have never met you but this means more to me than you could ever know.

  2. OH ASH!!! Thank YOU for the best gift in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the story, and you too :)

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful story!!!

  4. I love you Wonder, and everyone who made this possible!

  5. I just love this... makes me cry happy tears....it must feel so great to finally be were the heart yerns to be..HOME! Happy Birthday precious one! Xoxo enjoy ur life of unconditional love!

  6. Great Story! Ashley you are an incredible human!


  8. oh, Ashley you make my heart so happy its filled with tears. i rescued myself, but fell in love with each dog. now i own 6. you are a wonderful person, and i am so happy for Anna and wonder, their story gives me hope for other animals. and wonder i especially fell in love with you, puppy dog tails and toilet water and all. tell A
    nna to give you a hug for me, and some puppy smootche's.

  9. Such a beautiful and wonderful story! I am so happy for Wonder! The video is a happy tear jerker! lol! Wonder is going to have a wonderful happy life. By the way please tell me who sings the song in the awesome video! I love it!


  11. Simply amazing :)

  12. Please pass me another tissue...Beautifully said, happy birthday and many more to come helpingpaws22@yahoo.com

  13. What a wonderful,fantastic story. This made our week.

    Sheila & Bob

  14. Oh how I LOVE these warm n fuzzy stories! I've cried WAY too much today lol - all tears of joy! Happy burfday 2 yah Wonderbra! HUGZ

  15. Such a beautiful story...G-d bless all the great dog rescuers in the world...It should happen more often :)

  16. Happy Gotcha Day Wonder! I love reading these posts Ashley. Your love shines through in every word.

  17. What a beauty she is! Happy Birthday Wonder! Many more sweet doggie!

  18. thank you for doing what you do. there are so many more people that care than you think. i would love so much to help, but like a lot of people these days, im not in the right situation to do so. so i come to your site and advocate dogs and thats what i can do for now. i will one day do what you do. just keep up the great work and give all the animals lots of love and hope that people do care!

  19. Ashley your blog made me cry-
    We adopted a dog about 6 weeks ago from Carolina Care Bullies- and it was one of the best things we ever did.
    Thank you for keeping it real:)

    Pooler, GA

  20. As usual, after reading your blog, I must go fix my makeup :')

  21. Another happy ending, Ashley. All because of you and your love for these animals. I love all of your stores. Keep them coming!!!


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