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It’s so rare that a very small rescue group in Mississippi has a chance to win a national shelter contest. Actually, it’s almost unheard of. However, Lucky Dog Rescue has that chance... to win $15,000 in Care2’s America’s Favorite Shelter Contest… but we are currently 600 votes behind. YOU have the power to help me change that.

When I say that I have a “very small rescue group,” I don’t mean a group with 20 dedicated volunteers. I don’t even mean a group with 10 volunteers. Lucky Dog Rescue is the smallest of the small in terms of volunteers and donations. It’s mostly just me, busting my ass every day of the week and paying out of my own pocket.

Some days, I get very lucky... and have 1 volunteer. On the luckiest of days, I have 2 volunteers. But most days, it’s just me… and LOTS of rescue dogs.

However, with or without volunteers and donations, Lucky Dog Rescue still works to save every dog that can possibly be saved. I often take the dogs that no one else will take… the Pit Bulls, the sick, the elderly, the bait dogs, the special needs, and so on.

I take the dogs with no other hope… and tell them, “You matter.” I take the dogs with pain in their hearts… and say, “You’re safe now.” I take the dogs that have never known love… and say, “I love you.”

When natural disaster strikes, and local shelters become overwhelmed, small, under-funded rescues like mine... step-up. After the devastating tornadoes in Alabama, I contacted the shelter in the hardest hit area, and said, “Give me the urgent dogs that no other rescue will take.” That statement is the heart of Lucky Dog Rescue.

Every single dog I have saved over the years is a dog that no one else wanted. I don’t do this because I have tons of funds, space, or help… I do it because it’s the right thing to do for the dogs.

But at the same time, I know that these dogs will be the sickest, most abused, and hardest to place. I know the toll this will take on my bank account, and the additional burden I’ll place on myself. But I also know… that out of all the dogs that need help, these special pups deserve saving more than any other. And I know, that without me… they die. And so I keep going…

I’ve always been there for the dogs in need, and I always will be. But my heart breaks, because my limited funds are not sufficient to save the many broken souls who need me. At this point in my life, $5 is a lot of money to me. $50 donations make me cry tears of joy. And $100 is nothing short of life-changing for these dogs.

But $15,000… is LIFE SAVING. That’s the kind of funding I could never raise on my own… That’s the kind of funding that a small rescue like mine rarely has the chance to win. I’m shocked that I’m even in the running, but I’m honored… because it means that so many people think that Lucky Dog Rescue has made a difference… and want to help me carry on in an even bigger way.

I know what this funding could do for the dogs with no other chance, so I’m hopeful that my dream of saving more lives will come true… with your help…

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR LUCKY DOG RESCUE in Care2’s America’s Favorite Shelter Contest. Don’t forget to CONFIRM YOUR VOTE IN YOUR EMAIL or else your vote doesn’t count! Please share the link and ask all of your friends to do the same!

Also, PLEASE click this link (http://www.care2.com/animalsheltercontest/8102/3/) & SHARE the special video Chris Hoar made about Lucky Dog Rescue with all of your facebook friends and email contacts! In your post, ask them to VOTE & SHARE the video as well, reminding them to confirm their votes.

If everyone does this, then maybe… just maybe… the smallest of small rescue groups can have a chance to win something BIG… which would help save so many more lives than I ever could on my own. Right now, I’m just a girl… with a dream of saving the world. This prize could change everything…
But I need your help. Please help me. Vote.


  1. Big Shelters & Rescues always win these contests and they very often do not need the money, i have seen the artwork and the fancy cars in their lobbies and parking lots and it is not cool. Ashley's Rescue has none of this, everything she gets and everything she has, goes to the pets, please Vote for her, get your friends and family to do the same, and share her contest link on facebook, twitter and everywhere else you can think of. Thank you!

  2. I like what you're doing Ashely, and follow your blog; but what about the cats? They are just as much in need of help as dogs, if not more so...

  3. Matt, actually, there are many, many Cat Rescues... that solely focus on cats, and don't take in dogs. So, there's no problem with a dog rescue that cannot take in cats.

    I love cats & care very much about them, but I don't have a facility set-up to house cats. Most of my dogs have never been exposed to cats, & therefore, are not very cat-friendly. So it wouldn't be safe for the cats, since I have no place to foster cats.

    Everyone does what they can. Everyone should focus on the area that speaks to their heart, and try to make a difference. That's what I try to do.

    Yes, cats need help too... maybe you could help them? Everyone can do something, instead of just asking others to do more.

  4. Ashley,

    I realize there are many Cat Rescues, as well, there are many dog rescues.

    Please -- do not think my comment was somehow derogatory towards your mission; I am a compassionate animal person -- dogs, cats and all others.

    I think what you're doing is fantastic, I was just curious as to whether you did anything to help cats as well. I understand that you're not equipped to deal with cats; I, and many others appreciate everything you're doing. I voted for you to win the shelter challenge and think you are well deserving.

    Also, before you make an assumption that I was only asking others to do more, I would like you to know that I am in the process of TNR and rescue of over a dozen neighborhood cats and kittens in my area. In fact, in a short few hours I will be capturing 6 new born kittens.

    As well, I volunteer at my local shelter and donate regularly.

    Regardless, good luck in your effort. I will continue to follow you.

  5. Ashley,
    I just voted for you. I am currently very upset with Care2 and their treatment of Noahs Arks Rescue of Okatie SC but put that aside for you and your pups. I hope you get their money and they stop spreading lies and petitions that hurt rescues trying to help animals. Or at least respond to emails and phonecalls about the matter. Remember not every petition on Care2 is bassed on facts!

    Best of luck with the contest!

  6. Matt, I appreciate what you do for the cats. That's fantastic, really. And thank you. There should be more like you.

    Also, in my comment, I was just answering your question, "What about the cats?" The question implied, "You should help cats too," so I simply answered your question with honesty.

    I always try to explain to people that just because I say, "Please help the dogs," does not mean I'm ever saying "Do not help the cats." Everyone should work to help the animals, and thank you for what you do.

  7. Voted today through the link on Kol's Notes. It is going to be a tough road to beat Joplin. But you are second to the city that had the worst tornado in recent memory. I hope they do a lot of these contests, you are sure to come in first someday.

  8. i am unable to vote as i am not a US resident, voting needs to be open to all. Your rescue stories are shared with me in Australia through this blog and i believe your sincerity and passion deserve for you to win.

  9. Please -- don't think my comment had been for some reason derogatory towards your vision; I'm a caring animal person -- dogs, felines and many types of others buy lotro gold.

    I think what you're doing is amazing, I became just wondering as to whether you probably did everything to aid pet cats as well. I understand that you're not prepared to deal with kittens and cats cheap tera gold; I, and others value almost everything you happen to be doing. I chosen that you can earn the actual refuge challenge as well as feel you're effectively worthy.

    Furthermore, before you make an assumption i was just wondering others to do much more, I'd like one to understand that I will be in the act involving TNR and save of over several community kittens and cats and felines within my area. Actually Tera Item, in a very quick few hours I'll be capturing Half a dozen new born felines.


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