A Gift From God

*If you haven’t read Annie’s story, CLICK HERE to read: Before You Go to Heaven

The following blog post is Part 3 of my special anniversary tribute to Rudy.
CLICK HERE to read Part 1!
CLICK HERE to read Part 2!
For my birthday last year, I ordered a special memorial for my Rudy garden, a small statue of a dog with angel wings. On July 21, 2010, the package arrived, and I lovingly placed the memorial on Rudy’s grave. Then, I let my foster dog Pepsi out to play in the yard, and walked inside.

Pepsi was devastated by Rudy’s death, so she spent most of her time mourning by his grave. Well… apparently, that day, Pepsi decided to take a stab at eating concrete statues. Within 30 minutes, she’d chewed most of the paint and some of the concrete from my special Rudy memorial.

When I went to let Pepsi inside, I found the gnawed statue lying on the doorstep. In total disbelief, I picked it up, examined the damage, and said, “You have GOT to be kidding me! Pepsi!!! Concrete?!” Then, I quickly checked her mouth for broken teeth and her throat for any debris. She was fine. The statue… not so much.

Saddened and super-embarrassed, I sent a message to the Etsy seller who made the statue, Mary Ferguson of PhenomeGNOME. The message said:

Mary, I received my statue today, and I love it! It’s perfect! Well… it was. I’m pretty embarrassed to tell you what happened. Rudy’s best friend, my foster dog Pepsi, hasn’t been handling Rudy’s death very well. So, I guess she decided to take it out on my statue today. Thirty minutes after I placed the memorial in Rudy’s garden, I found it by the door. And it was… um… missing some paint, and some… um… concrete. Yes, that’s right. Concrete. Pepsi chewed on a concrete statue.

Sadly, I can’t afford to buy another right now. But I think touching-up the paint may hide some of the teeth marks on the concrete. (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.) So anyway, I was wondering if you could tell me what color and type of paint I could use to do touch ups? I know you’re busy, and this isn’t your problem, I just hate to put the chewed-up memorial back by Rudy’s grave. I want it to be special for him. Let me know. And thank you, by the way. Your work is amazing. -Ashley

Pepsi, the culprit

Mary was so gracious and funny about the whole thing. She asked if I could send some photos of the damage so she could determine the best way to fix it. I sent pictures with a message that said: “Welcome to my crazy life!” Mary’s response to the photos made me laugh: “OMG Ashley! She really chomped away at it, didn’t she?!”

Then, Mary generously offered to send me the paint to touch-up the statue, and I offered to pay for shipping. She mailed that package on July 30th and sent me the shipping confirmation. When I tried to send reimbursement, Mary simply said, “Consider it my gift to you. It’s been a pleasure.”

Now, keep in mind-- Mary and I were total strangers at this point. Our interactions had been limited to my initial online purchase and the messaging back-and-forth about Pepsi’s destructive chewing. So, this woman honestly owed me nothing. But that little gesture on her behalf touched me in a way that brought tears to my eyes… and hope to my heart. And honestly, at the time, that was everything to me.

After that, my life got pretty crazy, and my brain wasn’t always functioning at full capacity. A month or so passed, and one day, I suddenly realized that I’d never received the paint. I contacted Mary, and she was shocked to hear that it hadn’t arrived. She re-sent the tracking number, and I checked the status, which said: In-transit. Since Mary didn’t want me to wait any longer, she generously offered to send me another package of paint.

Here’s where it gets good:
When Mary sent that second package, neither of us had any way of knowing that I was about to take-in a special dog named Annie, who would soon leave me for Heaven. So it was ironic that Mary’s package arrived on September 14, 2010… the day Annie died.

That day was incredibly painful for me. While Annie was in my home, I refused to expose her to any sadness. So, the day she died, the walls surrounding my pain finally collapsed.

As I drove home with Annie’s dead body in my backseat, the floodgates opened… and the pain in my heart poured down my face as teardrops. For the first time, I allowed myself to feel the despair I’d held inside since my very first day with Annie. I sobbed uncontrollably… for Annie… for Rudy… and for me. I asked God why He thought I could handle so much… why I was forced to let go of another baby so soon after losing Rudy. It was just unbearable.

Suddenly... I could feel the change taking place within myself. That devastating pain was back in my life… the despair I’d fought so hard to overcome after Rudy’s death. At that moment, I could feel all of the hope slipping from my heart, and honestly, I was ready to give up.

I pulled into my driveway, took a deep breath, and prepared to bury yet another dog. I couldn’t believe it… I was back here once again. But this time, there was no denying the truth: it was real; it was happening; and it was time. I got out, unloaded Annie, and chose a spot right next to Rudy. As I laid her in the ground, I fought back the tears, the pain, and the anger I’d been avoiding for days... and really, since Rudy died.

After I covered her body, I stood there in silence. Then… with the realization that yet another piece of my heart was resting beneath the Earth, I surrendered and walked inside.

That’s when I spotted a package on the counter. The label said, Shipped by: Mary Ferguson. In an attempt to distract my broken heart, I decided to go ahead and open it. I wiped the tears from my eyes, peeled back the tape, and opened the box.

And then… my heart stopped…

There are moments in life where God proves His existence, His compassion, and His mercy. In all my life, I have never known a moment quite like this one.

Because Mary’s package contained more than just touch-up paint. I reached inside to find a brand new memorial statue for Rudy’s grave… and something else. A second memorial piece… shaped like a heart… with a paw print in the middle.

Chills ran down my spine and tears filled my eyes… knowing that this moment was truly beyond all coincidence. My hands were shaking as I opened Mary’s note:

Ashley- I thought both you & Rudy deserved much better than a chewed-up statue, so I sent you another. I also made a second piece just for you. I’m not sure if you have somewhere to put it, but hopefully you can find a place. You have a big heart Ashley -- I can feel it through our communication -- and that heart should be rewarded with more than I can ever give you. -Mary

Suddenly, tears were streaming down my face, as this woman—a complete stranger—had just managed to touch my heart more than anyone else ever had. I was truly speechless, shocked, and awestruck. In that moment, I could feel a divine love surrounding me… a power that was larger than Mary, or myself, and both of us combined.

Because, in truth, Annie didn’t enter my life until after the package was shipped, so Mary had no way of knowing that I would actually need a second memorial, or that it would arrive on the very day I needed it. But through her generosity, I now had the perfect way to honor Annie’s grave, as well as Rudy’s. It was an unbelievable gift.

But, there’s more:
The original package was never delivered to my home, and it was never returned to Mary. We only have the confirmation that it was shipped to my address.

The last time I’d checked the status on that first shipment, was the day before the second package arrived. And, as always, it said: In Transit. So, when the second shipment finally got here, my curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to check the status on that first package one last time…

When I entered the tracking number of the original shipment and hit Submit, I read: There is no record of this item.  In disbelief, I rechecked and reentered the information again, with the same result: There is no record of this item. I felt chills all over my body, sensing the power of those events we can’t quite explain. Because… for more than a month, that status had read: In Transit. Then, upon the arrival of an unrelated shipment, there was suddenly no record that the first package had ever existed:  There is no record of this item.

I have no idea what happened to that package, but I know one thing for sure… it was never coming here. My greatest hope is that God re-routed that shipment to someone else with a broken heart. Maybe it brought them the same hope it brought me.

The package from Mary was honestly the turning point for me. Finally, I knew that Rudy was okay; I knew that Annie was okay. And most of all, I knew that I’d be okay, because God still cared about me.

How did I know? Well… on September 14, 2010, I received a gift from God. It came in a cardboard box. And when I opened it, these are the words that filled my heart: “Ashley, You can’t give up, because this is why I created you. Keep going… It’s just about to get good…”

--The story was meant to end there. But, in another ironic turn of events…

Ali & I
Last week, Ali’s new dad, Paul DeLeo, searched online for a surprise gift to send me for the anniversary of Rudy’s death. I had no idea he was doing any of this, and he knew nothing of this story or my relationship with Mary.

So, when he ran across the perfect memorial statue online, he contacted the seller. And ironically, it was none other than Mary Ferguson. When Paul explained that he was buying a surprise gift for his friend Ashley Owen Hill, Mary laughed and said, “I think Ashley already has one of my statues. In fact, she has 2. Well, really, 3!”

Paul was totally confused, so Mary told the story I just shared with you. Then she said, “How about this. Instead of buying something from me, send the money to Ashley as a donation. Also, I don’t believe in coincidences anymore, so make sure you tell Ashley about our chance encounter. I know she’ll be just as excited about it as I am.”
Paul & Ali

And I was. After his talk with Mary, Paul sent me a message, and ironically, I received that message as I was writing this very story. Yet again, I was completely blown away. I responded: “You’re kidding!!! You contacted Mary Ferguson?? My Mary?! I don’t even know what to say!!! I love Mary!”

I smiled and laughed to myself, knowing that, once again, there was no explanation for this event. Honestly, it was so unlikely that Paul would ever contact Mary… eerily unlikely. Yes, Mary Ferguson sells the most incredible garden statues (which you should all BUY!), but there are literally hundreds of other statue/memorial retailers online. When I initially searched for Rudy’s memorial, I looked for hours before I ran across Mary’s wonderful store and the perfect item within it. But of course, Paul found Mary right away. Of course he did.

And so, just in time for Rudy’s anniversary, Mary would enter my life again, to remind me of that unbelievable hope she gave me before. After I replied to Paul, I sent Mary the following message:

Mary- It’s funny how life works its way back around. It’s almost been a year since you first gave me hope… and here we are again.

You probably don’t even realize what you did for me last year, but honestly, you changed everything. At a time when my life could’ve easily gone another way, you were the turning point for me. You showed an incredible amount of compassion to a complete and total stranger, and in doing so, you gave me back my life. I’d always wondered what it feels like for the dogs I save… when someone who owes them nothing… gives them everything. Now I know.

If I tried to explain all the things that have happened in my life since Rudy died, you probably wouldn’t believe me. But believe this: you made it all possible. Thank you, Mary, from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity saved more lives than you could know, including my own.  -Ashley

*Mary Ferguson is an incredible human being with a heart of gold. Please thank her for what she did for me by doing 2 things:
PLEASE LIKE her PhenomeGNOME facebook page, & tell her that I sent you! 
Please visit her Etsy shop, PhenomeGNOME. She specializes in handmade garden statues, and her work is amazing! Please buy something!

CLICK HERE to read all of my blogs about Annie!



  1. A fantastic story! So glad you met Mary and she was so helpful at a time you really needed something special in your life. Losing two dogs close together is heartbreaking!

  2. Should I tell her "Rescue Barbie" sent me? =P

  3. Thank you Jan. It's a very special story to me.

  4. What a truly amazing story. When you come across people in your life like that they are here for a reason. I hope one day you get to meet her. Just remember this story when interacting with people. You never know what they are going through and your interaction with them may have a profound effect.

  5. I cried. What a touching story.

    The local dog shelter here flooded in February. Even with the efforts of the fire marshal, dog warden, dog warden's assistant and the humane society the three littlest dogs did not make it in the four feet of freezing water. When the new shelter is built in a safer location, several of us volunteers wanted to have a memorial garden for the dogs we could not save and hopefully we can buy one of Mary's.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story. I believe youare a gift from God. Not only to the dogs you save but to the people you touch.

  7. This is UNREAL! I just looked at Mary's PhenomeGNOME fb page, & more than 100 of you have Liked her page & thanked her within the first 30 minutes of this post. The comments are incredibly touching.. and this is just making my heart soar! I hope this makes Mary feel as special as she deserves to feel. THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH! Unbelievable!

  8. God is always on time.... and I am convinced that you are one of his angels that walks the earth... god bless

  9. All of your blogs have touched my heart and elicited way too many tears. I have had several dogs in my lifetime, but I know I will be devastated when my Winston goes. I admire the strength you have to do what you do. Thank you for sharing your great stories and helping so many wonderful dogs that might have missed out on having someone love them. You are such an inspiration!

  10. Awesome story, Ashley. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a chilling story. I have tears streaming dow my face. God bless you and all the furbabies you not only save, but love.
    Arlene Esan

  12. that is amazing! I am so glad that Mary was able to be there for you in your time of need.


  14. I think Pepsi deserves some credit here too! I LOVE that picture of her! I think she's a wonderful dog!

  15. Today is the last day to vote for Lucky Dog Rescue in the America's Favorite Shelter contest at http://www.care2.com/animalsheltercontest/8102/3/?refer=23933.03.1308876303.268313
    Please vote and get all of your friends and family to vote today, too! Lucky Dog Rescue and Ashley deserve to win.
    Also, tomorrow is Ashley's birthday. Please honor her on her birthday by making a tax-free donation to Lucky Dog Rescue. You can do this by returning to the Lucky Dog Rescue blog homepage and clicking on "donate."
    I have known you were an angel since the day you were born. I am so proud of you.
    I Love You!

  16. A wonderful story. I am saddened at your losses although I think we all can say we've walked down that road many times. God most definitely works in mysterious ways but they are always awesome. I loved your story and many others that you have posted.

  17. Mom-
    Thank you... I'm not really an angel though, I was just lucky enough to have the 2 most incredible parents in the world: you & Dad. That's what made the difference. I love you!

    PS- I guess you learned how to comment on my posts :) Don't tell Dad how to do it. It'll make him mad if you can & he can't... haha

  18. You just have to believe, and sometimes there are things that happen that reinforce that sentiment when we need it most. Bless you and dear Mary too.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I don't think it was a coincidence at all... I don't speak dog, but I'm beginning to suspect Ali's barks weren't random; she was directing my subconscious thoughts to find and contact Mary which would, in turn, remind you of what she did for you :) Maybe Ali, my Lucky Dog can tell me what the winning lottery numbers are! If so, I promise to donate the prize to Lucky Dog Rescue... at least the first time we win ;)

    Isn't it amazing to see how much influence you have? You're just getting started... imagine the positive change for dogs in need of rescue you could bring about if your efforts were featured on Oprah (I know, too late for that), in the New York Times, or perhaps a cameo on Desperate Housewives (we could try, my cousin is friends with Eva Longoria!) . Jodi's comment on your previous post was the best idea of all... a dog rescuer Barbie doll (maybe they would license your Lucky Dog Rescue logo).

    I agree that your parents deserve a lot of credit for raising such a selfless and compassionate daughter. Dustin must be an incredible guy too in order to have won your heart!

  21. It's those "mysterious ways" we all hear about....

  22. Oprah may not be possible, but Ellen loves animals too! Also, I was just about to say that Pepsi was the key to much of this story taking place, she needs some extra treats! I see Nancy said it first. Great story Ashley, it was indeed worth the wait!

  23. This is amazing! I stumbled upon Mary on Etsy in Fall of 2010! And ordered one of her winged kittens for a feral kitten I was caring for, that had been taken by a coyote in front of my home in Scottsdale. The package never made it to me, and a month later she and I communicated about it, she mentioned having other shipping issues around the same time...and sent me another statue and a small token with it. By the time the second shipped package came, another young cat from the same litter had been killed by a car, and I was doubly devastated. Her package came and helped soothe my heart. I had been unable to get the litter trapped before they were too old to be tamed and I have dogs that are not cat-friendly,
    so am caring for the last sibling as best I can, and miss the other two terribly.

  24. Hi Ashley
    You don't know me but i know MARY. She is a wonderful compassionate person. She befriended me many years ago on ebay when our beloved Buddy (german shepherd X) passed away. She didn't have her etsy store back then but we had a love of pets and I soon found I had a love of gnomes. I am from Woodstock Ontario Canada and on one of my trips to Florida the two of us met! What a wonderful time we had together and our 5 days together flew by.
    I have fairies and gnomes and an adorable dragon all made by my very talented and dear friend
    I am so glad you found her store and I'm sure your friendship will grow with her just as mine has done

  25. Ashley you are the gift from heaven. I'm glad there is a person that made you feel good. Thanks for sharing. Deb from Tampa Fl

  26. Thank you for the story, and the link. I just contacted her in hopes of finding a memorial for my Chablis. Loved what I saw of her work.

  27. I know Mary and she is an amazing lady. I sat here crying reading your touching story. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  28. Mary is so dear to me and it's no surprise to hear about all the love she shares. What a powerful healing heart.

  29. Awesome! you are truly one of God's 'Chosen Ones'

  30. Mary is an incredible soul, and touches so many hearts with her amazing talent. Your story is especially remarkable, wow. I feel all floaty after reading it. :D

  31. I had a pastor once quote good events in our lives as "a God thing". Ashley, I think you experienced a God thing. Keep up the good fight. I think you make God smile everyday.

  32. This woman's stuff is amazing - I'm ordering both a cat and a dog garden statute - and yes, Ashley, all the things you so beautifuly write about above are so much MORE than mere co-incidence...

  33. Great story Ashley! I so love synchronicity :o)

  34. A truly amazing story.

  35. Ashley, this story is as amazing as you are! Thank you so much for sharing. If only there were more people like you in the world...it would be a much better place! I am an animal lover and it breaks my heart to see the abuse and neglect that so many of these precious animals endure. Let me just say that you are an angel on earth for what you do, and so are all the others who help you do what you do. Thank God for caring people like you who do everything they can to save these neglected and abused souls from "death row", and thank God for the caring people who take them in and give them a good and loving home and another chance at life...the kind of life they deserve. They give so much love...all they want is to be loved back. I know there is a special place in heaven for you...keep up the good work and please never stop fighting for these precious babies! God bless all the little doggies...♥

  36. It is wonderful that you shared this story again today. My mom had to euthanize her chihuahua puppy today and I am ordering a statue for her from Mary after reading your story. It's the perfect thing for her.

  37. You are an exceptional writer Ashley and this is a wonderful story. I'm so glad that God sent Mary into your life, twice at times of need. I also read the story of how you got Rudy. I know very much how you feel. I've had five dogs in my life but Cookie was my baby. I feel guilty for saying that as I loved them all so much. She was a sick puppy (Parvo at 8 weeks old) with a 20% chance to live. She made it and I had her for 14 wonderful years. I lost her to kidney failure on 10-31-09. I keep looking for her in every dog or puppy I see. My heart aches for her. I miss her so much. Thank you for all you do for abused and abandoned dogs. You truly are a gift from God!

  38. I'm sure you get thousands of email and comments a day, but I must say though I have recently started reading your blogs I believe you have a beautiful soul and are truely a blessing to the angels of our world , I look foward everynight at the chance of reading your stories about the blessings that you do , for not to long ago I fostered 9 puppys and even though i had found them homes to be adopted to and was willing to pay for those that could not afford it. The pound here in amarillo Texas refused too work with me and so only 5 were able to be adopted as I had to cope that the other 4 girls were being put down , I went every day until they took the babies I raised for 3 months away and put them down they were supposed to have 5 days they only got 3 at a chance to be adopted , for amarillo has the highest death rate of Texas . Anyhow I have often asked my self if they forgive me for such false hope at having a family to love them and after reading your stories on Annie , Noah and rudy I do believe they know that I loved them and gave them the best and did the best I could, thank you so much for helping me find that peace with your stories because even though they are gone Annie and rudy have helped me heal a little more each day .

  39. Keep up Your Awesome work,We need more Amazing people like You in this world !!I was crying like a Baby because I love ALL ANIMALS and Wish I could make a better World for them ...

  40. God Bless you for what you do. These two stories are truley amazing. You must be a very strong person, to be able to help these poor animals in the way that you do. The tears are here, but won't fall. Please know that you are loved for your work with these poor, discarded and abused 'kids'.

  41. Your stories brought tears that I did not even know I felt! Both YOU and MARY are amazing people.
    This story came a long just as I was about to give up all hope in people, because I had "forgotten about Angels on Earth"!
    You are very loved.............Thank-you for what you do.......

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