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Lucky Dog Rescue Blog is now accepting sponsors! If you'd like to donate to charities... while also helping your business... here's your chance! For more information about sponsorship spots on my blog, please send an email to luckydogrescueblog@gmail.com! 

I've been lucky to have several amazing companies offer to sponsor my dog rescue efforts, and I'm so grateful for their kindness and generosity. Today, I'd like to feature my incredible sponsors, who have offered to donate to charities out of the goodness in their hearts! I'm asking each of you to support their work! In doing so, you'll also support my deserving rescue dogs!

Careington is a discount dental plan available across the country. Careington saves its 8+ million members between 20% to 60% on dental costs.  What's more... there's no waiting and no exclusions!  Sign up online today, and you can go to the dentist today!  Rates begin at only $6.95 a month for individuals and $15.95 a month for the entire family, Careington saves you money at the dentist!  Plus, out of the kindness in their hearts, they support the work of Lucky Dog Rescue! Visit http://www.Careington.us for more information!

Momentum 18
Momentum 18 is a graphic design firm that thrives on elevating the branding of small and medium sized businesses. Founder, Matt Chansky, is a multiple award-winning designer and recent recipient of the American Graphic Design Award. Time and time again, Matt takes weak or obscure company branding, and makes it truly noteworthy. All of Matt’s design awards have come from working with virtual unknown companies. Through these awards, those company names are soon placed alongside household name brands. Matt has also used his success to give back to Lucky Dog Rescue, which has truly been a gift for my rescue dogs. For more information on Momentum 18, visit http://www.momentum18.com/
Visit Matt’s web design page: http://www.momentum18.com/web-design/page-1.html

Visit Matt’s graphic design page: http://www.momentum18.com/graphic-design/page-1.html

Poochie Freak

Poochie Freak is a pet photography firm with an animal rescue focus. Poochie Freak Founder, Angela, is a photographer and rescuer in the United Kingdom. Angela’s passion for photography grew from her obsession with dogs. Today, her amazing photography business allows her to save the lives of many deserving dogs, including many Senior pooches in need of loving homes. 
For more information on Poochie Freak Photography, visit http://www.poochiefreak.com. For more info on Angela’s efforts to find forever homes for Senior dogs, visit http://www.oldies.org.uk. Greeting cards are also available: http://www.hiddencottagecards.com.

Glimmerdog sells printer supplies and hardware, and the site will soon add pet items that fit into the line. This amazing company gives a minimum of 5% of their profits to animal rescue causes, though they've been able to donate to charities beyond that goal this year. Glimmerdog also has a program where animal shelters and dog rescues can earn money through purchases made on the site. 
To make purchases that will benefit Lucky Dog Rescue, visit http://www.glimmerdog.com/. When setting up your account, enter LUCKYDOG in the Rescue Code box. From that point forward, Lucky Dog Rescue will receive a percentage of each purchase you make!!!

Inspire Vibrance
Inspire Vibrance was founded by the amazing artist, Derek Russell. Here’s a quote from his site about his support of my rescue work: “Derek has teamed up with Ashley Owen Hill of Lucky Dog Rescue to support her amazing animal rescue work. When you buy an original, inspiring, high energy painting, whether of your pet, family, or a special place you hold dear, Derek is certain to capture the moment in pure vibrance. For any person referred by Lucky Dog Rescue, Derek is donating 20% of his sales back to her and her rescue dogs.” Please support Derek’s work (and Lucky Dog Rescue!) by visiting http://inspirevibrance.com/. View Derek’s original paintings: http://inspirevibrance.com/photo


  1. Have been a fan of Poochie Freak and Minnie for a long time; they both are on my blogroll. I looked at Glimmerdog.com - I will check them out as I need a new printer and of course, ink :). Good to see you have some very nice sponsors! You and your dogs deserve them! Your posts are always helpful - thanks.

  2. Ashley, thanks so much for this :-)

    I am just a little part of Oldies Club, a charity which does a fantastic job of finding homes for older dogs and promoting the adoption of older dogs from other rescues.

    I photograph some of the dogs at my local rescue - generally the longer-stay and/or harder-to-rehome dogs - and blog about them, to try to help increase their chance of finding a special forever home.

    Thank you for all you do for dogs.

    Hi to Roberta too :-)


  3. Hey, I didn't see a post on this yet, but congratulations on winning second place in Care2's Animal Shelter contest! I'm very happy for you, and for the dogs you rescue.

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