It hinders change... every single time. 

Fear holds us back. 
Fear puts us down. 
Fear tells us, "No." 
Fear says, "You can't."

Fear stifles talents. 
Fear delays passions. 
Fear shatters hopes. 
Fear crushes dreams.

Fear distracts goodwill. 
Fear undermines efforts. 
Fear wastes time. 
Fear depletes energy.  

Fear denies the willing. 
Fear deters the able. 
Fear obscures confidence. 
Fear buries potential.

Fear weakens strengths. 
Fear strengthens weaknesses. 
Fear toughens challenges. 
Fear challenges opportunities.

Fear questions answers.
Fear questions questions.
Fear prevents alternatives.
Fear rejects solutions.

Fear defends lies. 
Fear refutes truths. 
Fear distorts security. 
Fear ensures helplessness.

Fear supports complacency. 
Fear forbids change. 
Fear endorses failure. 
Fear declines success.

It hinders change... every single time. 
And why?
Because we let it.

We fear judgement. We fear the unknown. We fear change... so nothing changes. 

But if you say goodbye to fear, you can finally change your life. 

If they judge you... so what?! 
If you don't know... just try! 
And if things change... that's good! 

A life lived in fear... is a life unlived
You only get one shot.
Make it count. 

*Remember this post. There will be a follow-up.


  1. Amen! Great blog. Fear just another 4 letter word.

  2. I agree with Anonymous completely. Fear has kept us from so much. Not any more!!

  3. Great blog, and it's great what you are doing for these animals. God bless you!

  4. Well said! I will probably even quote this a time or two! By the way Ashley I love reading ALL of your blogs! You are definitely an inspiration to us all! =]

  5. Love your blog...thank Heavens for people like you doing their best to watch over, to care for, and to get the message to others that our animals need help and homes.

  6. Thanks so much y'all! There are so many people who want to make a difference in the world but they're afraid to try. I want everyone to know that there's nothing to fear about trying and failing. The fear is in never trying at all!

  7. Ashley....thank you for this blog....I admire what you do for animals and this piece on Fear is awesome...go go go! Ashley we love you!

  8. This is so beautifully written. I have many fears and some of them are rather unreasonable. It has stopped me from pursuing so many different things that I have wanted too. Starting tomorrow I am going to start to push my fears aside and work of things that I was to scared to do. Such as working on getting my Teddy Bear Project a non-profit so i can go further with it over the next few years.

  9. Amen! This is the year that I have thrown my fear in the fire and gone for the things that make me happy and uniquely me. You gotta go for it, right?!

  10. Wow, great post and it is all true! Have God in your heart and have faith in him and fear will be gone for good. Amen!!

  11. You are my hero and inspiration. May God bless every moment of your life.

  12. Awesome, once again Ashley! You inspire so many with your wonderful work and "words" (especially me:)) God Bless you and everything you touch, I think he already has...And always keep your inspiring words coming!

  13. Love it, and posted it.

  14. Well written and so very true...thank you

  15. Oh therapist Ashley, this is the kind of post that is life changing for people. I just printed it out and placed it on my cork board above my computer where I can see it every time I sit at my desk. It is right next to my little sticky notes reminding me of what I dream of for myself and what I would like to accomplish in my life. I started a vision board to help me focus on what I want and need. I have had so many people cheer me on in life and had one person tell me I would never be able to make it on my own. For some reason I listened to that one person who told me I couldn't. Well guess what, I can. Things change now. You are so right, fear hinders... everything. As usual, I needed to hear this today. Dr. Ashley, you are a gift to us all.

  16. We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes

  17. Who is the Cutie pie in the picture with you Ashley?

  18. Fear in my opinion is the worst enemy one has to move forward and tackle the things you'd like to do or change in your life. It's hard to conquer but one must persevere and tackle it and move passed it even if it moving it out of the way head on. "Hope, Fath, & Love" :)

  19. That's all I ever hear when people talk about why they don't want to become a foster home. Fear that they will get attached. All I hear when someone says that is me, me, me! Get over your own fears and save a life!

  20. one of my mantras is: change will occur when the fear of staying the same is greater than the fear of change.

  21. I think of you as "the next generation Oprah"... and she's from MS too!! You are da bomb, girl!!! I have printed this and will have it framed tomorrow!! Blessings blessings blessings to you and all the fur!!!!

  22. Beautifully written and so true. How many times have we questioned ourselves because of fear? Fear is just a four letter word so erase it from your mind and vocabulary!

  23. That looks like a lovely little pit bull with Ashley..which makes the Fear post even mean much more to me. Fear seems to have caused some US citys to ban the whole breed. Its hard to understand. Pitties are such amazing and loving dogs.

  24. Fear is what Humans feel and only think of someone hurting them,Love is what animals feel no matter how much they get hurt just think what we could learn from them and never have to use the F word again


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