I haven't written in a few days... despite the fact that I've been meaning to do so each and every day. The question is... why?

Maybe it's because I'm stressed, and overwhelmed, and tired. Maybe it's because it's hot... so hot... too hot... and I'm out in the heat at Lucky Dog Rescue all day. Maybe it's because I need some help... responsible help... reliable help. Help that cares. 

I can't do everything on my own, nor do I wish to do it alone. I want help.  I need help. Volunteers. Foster homes. Donations. These things have become as vital to my existence as food. Hell... most days, I'd gladly give up food for a little bit of help. 

I'm human. And while I'd like to give myself credit for being "part-dog," when it comes down to it... I'm just a girl... one person... with a dream. And a mission.  

The mission seems simple: to save the lives of the lost and forgotten dogs... those with no other hope. 

But in order for me to accomplish that animal rescue mission, I have to make it happen myself... and it's A LOT of freaking work. My mission demands intense, manual labor, every single day of the week, every single week of the year. Some of you have asked me if I workout to stay in shape. In short... yes, I do. Every single day... without question. It's my job. I run Lucky Dog Rescue.

I love my job. It's incredible. It's truly the most rewarding thing I've ever done. My days are full of smiles, kisses, and silent thank yous... love, affection, and appreciation. (Well... from the dogs, at least.)

But I need human support; I need help. I need a few caring people to step-up and say, "You are not alone." 

I'm really not asking for me. I'm asking for them... my rescue dogs. They need you.

I've been asked to write a "day-in-the-life" post, and I'll try to do that sometime soon, so that everyone can understand the tasks and demands of running a dog rescue shelter. In reading that post, maybe someone will see what I do, and how I do it, and say, "I want to freaking help that chick!" And even if you can't help me personally, please... offer your help to someone, somewhere. 

Every little bit... every tiny gift... makes a difference. If you think you don't have much help to offer, just ask someone who is desperate for even the smallest offer of help. I can guarantee you it would be huge for them. 

I know it would be life changing for me... 

*I'll write something more inspirational next time. I promise :)


  1. what can i do to help?

  2. nikivincelli - donate to Lucky Dog Rescue! :)

  3. Ashley,

    I am so impressed with all that you do for animals. I read your story about Rudy and it made me cry. I feel so aweful when I see all these poor babies on death row and I know I can't save them all, even though I want to. I get notices from Pet Pardons everyday on Facebook and advocate for so many.
    I am a watercolor pet portrait artist and I donate 10% to the animal rescue/shelter of my client's choice. I know 10% doesn't sound like much, but my prices are low and I paint because I want to give back. I am a pround momma of 6 furry kids (2 dogs and 4 cats) that are all rescues. If you let your fans know about what I do, maybe they will place an order with me and have the donation go back to you. Just a thought. My website is www.drawsforpaws.com and I am also on facebook under Draws For Paws.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. ::sigh:: I just wrote a whole long note, and when I tried to post, it got eaten. The abridged version: You are amazing! Don't give up. Keep asking for help when you need it. Wish I could be there. Will continue advocating and will try harder to drum up some more sponsors. Will send $$ when we can, and Light & Love ALWAYS. You are in my thoughts and heart every day.

    With tremendous respect and admiration ~

    Kirsten (Kiki) McAdam/Clan McAdam

  5. I want to help. I live in Boston, Massachusetts and am not quite sure how I could help, but I really want to figure out a way. I so much admire your spirit and what you do for these wonderful animals. I wish I could do it up here or at least do something to make a difference. We don't have any children. My dog is my joy in my world. I just made a donation to you as my way to help today, but my husband and I agree that we would love to foster or even be a forever home to older dogs who need a nice place to retire and live out their golden years. The only condition is that they would have to be OK with another dog in the house because I have my Airedale.

  6. To those asking how to help, she says how, right in her post:

    "I need help. Volunteers. Foster homes. Donations. These things have become as vital to my existence as food. Hell... most days, I'd gladly give up food for a little bit of help."

    Ashley, If I could live in that climate, we'd be moving there as soon as we got our house sold. Sadly, my breathing can't handle the humidity, so I cannot PHYSICALLY help you. In spirit, however...YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

  7. No, you are not alone. I work almost full time (not in rescue), have my dog sanctuary at my home and am part of a larger sanctuary; the director often asks people who want to leave a cat to scoop litter boxes for one hour. She has few takers. We don't have a money tree, either but, like you, we have love and kisses, every single day. Keep the faith and thanks.

  8. Ashley, maybe go to your local high school and middle school talk to the teachers and councilors see if they know any students who would volunteer. Maybe they will allow students to walk dogs and clean runs instead of doing PE once a week. Maybe some students still need volunteer or work experience hours to graduate. Maybe the marketing class and the leadership class can help too. There are lots of caring young people out there they just don’t know where to start or where they’ll be appreciated. If they won’t allow students to help during class hours maybe they will allow you to do a short presentation after a school assembly. If students don’t pan out what about retirement homes? There are plenty of older people who love dogs but just are not able to keep one themselves anymore.

    If you need $$$ for a specific item or vet bill post it, people like being able to see what they’re donating towards. You’re then raising money for something specific. People like to be able to say “Hey I bought a new bed for Missy at Lucky Dog Rescue”, “Or I helped pay for Pepsi’s and yearly shots”, ect. Monthly donations seem automatic, requests seem more like a gift. I feel better giving a gift than a automatic withdrawal every month.

    I am currently trying to figure out where I can go help out. There doesn’t seem to be many cat rescues around where I live and the SPCA requires help while I am at work. I love cats and feel so bad for the ones I am unable to bring home. If there was a place nearby that was open in the evenings where I could go play or clean up after the cats I would be there in a heartbeat but they all seem to be open during my work day.

    Hope that gives you some ideas.
    If I lived closer, or even in the same country I would come help you out <3

  9. Ashley, I sent you an email before about Lilibell's Couture. I still promise to donate 20% of every sale to Lucky Dog Rescue. When I get the store set up on Etsy, I'll send you a link and maybe you can post a link on your Facebook page? I already have a Facebook page under "Lilibell's Couture."

    I wish I could do more, I wish I lived a lot closer to you so I could volunteer, I wish I could foster (my oldest chihuahua does not play well at all with other dogs!), I wish a lot of things for you, but for now, selling my clothes and donating will have to suffice.

    I think all the hard work you do is amazing and I so admire you!

  10. Ashley,
    I think you are amazing...and I know if you had a $1 for every time someone said something like that to you...you would be so much better off. I have donated a small amount and will continue to do so when I can. If you ever have anything that can be done for you that is clerical or favors that can be completed at a distance please let me know.

    I one day want to be just like you...you are so inspiring and I hope that you are always encouraged by words, donations and actions of those of us who think you are amazing.

  11. Donated....seems like so little. I WISH I lived closer..I'd be over there every day to help out and get me some puppy lovin'. I'm still holding out hope that Missy will be there when we move so I can adopt her.

  12. Just to let everyone know you can go to Walmart.com and shipping for lots of dog food is free to any address. You can just ask Ashley for her address to send it, I did, then go online and send it to her! The food is the same cost if you would buy it straight from the store too.

  13. I can't come out there and help but I sent some $$$'s hopefully they can help instead.

  14. I am only fourteen and still very young,
    though even I know that killing an animal is wrong.
    I live outside Us, in Norway that is,
    still I wished I could help you with everything that is.
    I don't have a paypal or anything like that,
    still, I wished I could donate all of my clothes, even my hat.
    I sign petitions, advocate for pets and like all animal rescuing pages on facebook, because that is all i can do,
    even I know that every little thing does in fact matter to you!
    Every animal that is saved,
    is another beeing saved from being enslaved.
    I thought I would write you this little poem,
    so you would know that you are not alone!
    Many of us doesn't speak out loud,
    but we all stand together like all the white clouds.

    Thanks for being an great inspiration Ashley!

  15. Ashley -
    I so know what you mean. I am just me - mom to 4 human kids and rescuer of many dogs. My husband doesn't help much and volunteers are few and far between. The kids do some, but many times I end up having to redo it.

    You don't have to write inspirational stories everyday - you are an inspiration just by the work you do and the way you live. Keep your head up and know there are those of us out here that appreciate you and want to give voice to the dogs you save - THANK YOU!!

  16. Where are you located in Meridian? I can't be a foster because I already have 4 dogs! But I am looking for a place to volunteer on Saturdays here and there for a couple of hours.

  17. Easy Ways to Help Rescue Dogs from a earlier post

    1) FOSTER! This is the #1 way you can help save lives!!!
    2) Donate! If you would like to donate toward my rescue fund, please follow this link to pay via paypal: http://ashleyhill.chipin.com/ashley-owen-hills-lucky-dogs
    3) Share my chip-in link on your fb wall & email to all your contacts. Or do the same for your local rescue group.
    4) Donate supplies--dog food, dog bowls, heartworm preventative, flea meds, etc.
    5) Donate new or used dog houses, hay, and blankets for me to take to chained dogs in MS with no shelter. This need is URGENT. It is COLD.
    6) Share the link to my Adoptable Dogs tab! The more people who can see each dog, the better chance they have of finding the perfect forever home.
    7) Foster a dog for a weekend. JUST THE WEEKEND. These rescue dogs need one-on-one attention & love, and it would be lots of fun--for you & them--to hang out together for the weekend.
    8) ADOPT A DOG!
    9) SPAY/NEUTER your pets. NEVER BREED OR BUY FROM BREEDERS. If you want to adopt a particular breed, there are breed-specific rescues in almost every state.
    10) IF YOU SEE AN ACT OF ANIMAL CRUELTY... a chained dog with no shelter, an underweight dog, an injured dog who isn't being treated... you need to contact me, your local Animal Control, or your local rescue group with the address & info. DO NOT TURN YOUR HEAD!

  18. For all of you who are doing something, somewhere - thank you. and i hear you - we need real allies, friends, help & money where we are. for now, all i can do is share. i'll link to this post on my site...on a page that is about how everyone can help the situation somewhere. if you don't mind, i will steal one of your pictures for it
    after a while, it is - network globally - and work in a group locally. at some point you must connect physically with those around you. i am still having that ahead of me in the future...i wish you lived close by :)
    and thank you

  19. Girl, you are my hero! I would so love to help you, and I'd be right there in a split second if only I lived closer. :( You better believe that if I ever find myself in Mississippi I will so be there!

  20. It's not a lot, but I donated $25.00. You are incredible. If I wasn't in CA, I'd be coming to help in person as well! (And I still might...)

    People - even if you can only donate TEN DOLLARS, DO IT! Every little bit helps! If 100 people donate $10, it's $1,000!!!!

  21. sbbiscuit- I agree with you entirely. Just donated. ~ M


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