Adopt A Dog

Penny, available for adoption
So... you want to adopt a dog? Well, you came to the right place.

Maybe you're looking for an animal rescue group to support? You're in luck again.

Maybe you'd like to volunteer for an animal shelter? Jackpot! I need you!

Or maybe you want to find a charity and donate to animals in need? Look at that... you found one!

I write this blog for many reasons. I write to share my personal experiences in animal rescue... the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens. I share the joys of pet adoptions, the sadness of the losses, and the realities behind the daily grind of running a dog rescue shelter. 

Heidi, available for adoption

I write to connect with other animal rescues, to encourage others to get involved, and hopefully, to inspire change.

But of course, I'm also writing in an attempt to find amazing homes for my own rescue dogs, as well as to drive support toward my cause. The need for this help is always behind my words... because, honestly, I can't go on without it...

I have so many incredible rescue dogs for adoption, and they deserve amazing homes. I want nothing more than to give them the families they deserve, but I need your help!

If your family is ready to adopt a pet, please consider adopting one of my deserving dogs! If you can't adopt right now, but you'd still like to help, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SHARE MY ADOPTABLE DOGS, so that their families can find them and take them home. It may not seem like much, but this small act has the potential to make a world of difference for my babies.

Also, as always, animal rescue efforts can't continue without donations. If you're able to give anything at all, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DONATE to Lucky Dog Rescue! Every little bit is truly life-changing, and life-saving, for these dogs!!! Also, PLEASE SHARE my donate link with your friends as well!

Thank you for caring enough to make a difference for my dogs! They deserve the world... thanks for helping me give that to them!


  1. Ashley: I sent a tweet to this guy
    Jeff Eastin
    @jeffeastin Los Angeles
    Creator, Executive Producer and show runner for the USA Network show White Collarhttp://www.usanetwork.com/series/whitecollar/
    he's a supporter of animal causes and interested in developing show on rescue. recommended you- I hope he follows up-try to get in touch with him.

  2. Thanks for everything you do for dogs in need! As you said every little bit of money makes a difference when it comes to rescuing animals, which is why we at Pet Tag Creations are proud of the fact that our unique and colorful pet ID tags help raise money for rescue organizations! Please visit our website to find out more: http://www.pettagcreations.com/fundraising.shtml
    If you're interested in becoming involved then please feel free to shoot me an email: eric@pettagcreations.com

  3. I just donated. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I read it from front to back in a few days. We are moving to a house within the next couple of weeks and we will start fostering for a local rescue group in Northern California. I can't wait!


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