Become that Someone

Most people are waiting for someone else to change the world. Meanwhile... they waste every opportunity... to actually become that someone.

When your help is needed, have you ever asked: "What's in it for me?" 

Well, I'll be honest with ya: Sometimes, nothing's in it for you. Sometimes, it's not about you. Most of the time, the only thing "in it" for you... is a feeling.

But our society thrives on incentives. If you do this, then you'll receive that. And if there's no "that" ... then you can kiss "this" goodbye. Even if "this" is a helpless, suffering soul... oh well! If there's no super-awesome, mega-tangible reward in it for me... sorry, I'm out.

Meanwhile... there are so many opportunities for each of us to make a difference in this world. Each positive difference leads to change... each positive change leads to a better world. The best part is this: Anyone can contribute. Everyone can contribute. You can be that someone.

But most people are simply waiting for someone else to do something.
It's ironic... because those "someone elses" are waiting for "someone else," too. Well... I know this much for sure: that's a pickle I'd like to crawl my way out of.

Sometimes, people don't act, because they just don't know where to begin. By assuming that change-worthy actions must be massive... they choose to give up on making a difference... before they've even begun. 

But here's the good news: if you're one of those people, this is an easy problem to solve. Just do something. When you witness suffering, do something. When you see sadness, do something. When you see despair... give hope. It's really just that simple.

So, that's one group: the people who want to help, but don't know how to start. Well, problem solved. Now YOU can become that someone.

But then... there are the others... those who are too busy asking: "What's in it for me?" Well... if an answer to that question is required... just for you to care about others... then I've got news for ya: you'll miss out on every meaningful opportunity this life has to offer. And rest assured... you'll never change the world.

The feeling we receive from selfless giving should be the only reward needed for selfless giving to take place. The knowledge that you did something --something you didn't have to do-- and that you actually made a difference by doing so... that should be enough. The joy of others should be enough. The impact made should be enough. The hope given should be enough.

If you need something more than these things in order to contribute... well, that's really sad. Because... it means that your entire life... is only about you

If life was just about you... then the rest of us... wouldn't even be here. It's not about you! Honestly, you are here to help them... whoever "them" may be for you. They could be starving children, cancer patients, battered women, wildlife creatures, or shelter dogs. They could be anyone who needs help... other than you.

Sometimes, nothing's in it for you. Nothing more... than a feeling. That feeling alone... is what I live for

When I die... I hope I've become one of the someones who changed the world. Maybe I will... maybe I won't. But I know one thing for sure: I never will... if I never try.

And while I'm trying... I'd love to have your company...


  1. Well said Ashley, I have checked out your blog everyday since I found you last Sunday... and weirdly enough I was going through some things 2days beforehand. During that time I had to express it so I could move on to allow my mental state to be the me I needed to be... long story short, I wrote a email to myself from myself to express my thoughts... that was Friday, a week ago tomorrow and God answered my prayers with you on Sunday... your words spoke for me and your work is my passion. Ur living my dream life and its your inspiration that has awakened my purpose and soul. I have cried many tears since for the overwhelming need of adoption and the overwhelming sadness of death. I'm on my way to follow your footsteps and hope to visit and volunteer with you soon. I want to be a Ashley Angel.... my name is Colleen Byrd, granite falls NC. Hope to talk to you soon. All my best thanks and take care.

  2. Colleen Byrd,
    You ARE an angel. You were certainly the angel I needed today. From the bottom of my heart.. thank you. That was an amazing comment.

  3. You have my company. I'm a change agent as well. Here to serve others, homeless pets and throw away youths. You inspire me Ashley. Keep doing your thing!

  4. Very well said Ashley, We live in a selfish society where many think only of themselves and how THEY benefit. That is truly sad. I am not nor do I ever intend to be, one of those people. I work with special needs children as a sub, and someday hope to work with them on a more permanent basis. I also love animals and have an interview next week to volunteer at our local Animal Humane Society. I want so much to help homeless animals. If that doesn't work out, we have another shelter in our town I plan to look into. Nothing feels better than to know that somehow I've made a difference in someone else's life, or in the lives of animals. After all, we are all God's creatures.

  5. I'm in the process of petitioning SC state legislature to make some changes in the way they "enforce" (if I could even go that far) their animal cruelty laws. It's hard to stay focused on my goal and keep my determination on track sometimes, especially when I see all the big changes happening through PETA & other much larger organizations than just me. I think, I'm only one person. I can't do anything. But I am one person. One person that can make a difference, even a small one is enough. Even if I can plant a the seed of an idea, a movement or a change, my efforts are not in vain. After all, the ASPCA had to start somewhere right? ....Thank you for reminding me that I can, and will be, that "someone else" who is trying to make a difference. In my lifetime I may not ever see the positive outcomes of what I've done, in fact I may not ever get to put my arms around the neck of an dog that is given another chance at life. I read laws, start petitions, email politicians and educate the community. But I'm planting seeds for the future, in hopes that change will happen, having faith that it CAN happen. Like you said though, we can't sit around and expect other people to do something. I am not powerless, I am not helpless, I am not afraid. Thank you for this blog today. I was feeling humbly unmotivated, and I needed to hear every word of what you said. :) ps- don't underestimate the power of prayer either!

  6. While many of us are putting together the pieces of what happened a woman who rescued dogs in North Carolina had a heart attack and while she was in the hospital the estranged husband and her daughter brought the majority of dogs to the Animal Control, said they were unadoptable and they were put do death. We are putting together some bloggers and other people to try and get the law changed so dogs what are surrendered cannot be put down for 72 hours so if, as in this case, the people doing the surrendering do not own the dogs, the true owner car come forward. This idea started with one person and it growing out. In the words of Peter Gabriel: "You can put out a candle but you can't put a a fire / once the flames begin to catch the winds will take it higher.

  7. wow Ashley...I always enjoy reading your post...I am on the same road...rescue horses and dogs and try to find homes...Colleens comment made me cry...thats why we are here to serve others....Penni Blevins Elizabethton Tennessee

  8. I LOVE that you put my baby Teddy's picture to this blog!! It means a lot to me because you know how badly I want to make a difference in the world of animals. I may not be able to do as much as I would like, but I do what I can. I adopted Teddy from you from across the country, my other animals are all rescues. I advocate on Pet Pardons, I spread the word about BSL, I tell EVERYONE I know to adopt.. I don't wait for others I am a go getter...I LOVE you Ashley and I only hope that I can make a difference.. even id it is a small one.

  9. your endless devotion to the underdogs (literally!)inspired me to take on my first foster dog. for months i kept thinking what's fostering one pup at a time, going to achieve? your previous blog about a neglected dog you took in all but for a week and gave him pure happiness before he had to be euthanized, inspired and led me to the realization that small things lead to a big impact, i'm sure of it. thank you.

  10. Sherri Christopher Indiana Mom of 5 fur BabiesSeptember 23, 2011 at 7:46 AM

    Nice to see you back in full swing Ashley, You INSPIRE ME! I seen this on a Church sign the other day and have thought of this ever since.

    ASPIRE TO INSPIRE UNTIL YOU EXPIRE. Great word of thought to live by.I wish all of you A very BLESSED day.

  11. Ashley,
    Just want you to know you have already changed the world! For every dog that you've rescued, every person you've helped, and for everyone that you have inspired to volunteer, foster or rescue, you have changed their worlds! Thank you and keep up the amazing work!

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