No one wants to feel alone.

But regardless... at some point, we've all been there.

"Alone" means different things to different people. It's not just about the absence of physical companionship and social interactions-- not even close. "Alone" can exist in a crowded room, or a busy office building, or a jam-packed house. "Alone" can exist... within your heart.

But how is it possible for someone to feel alone... while surrounded by so many people?

At the core of each of us, there's the basic need for understanding... the desire to feel understood by, and connected to, others. The absence of understanding leads to feelings of loneliness, rejection, and despair.

But why is it so important for us to feel understood?

Because within understanding... we find these words: "You are not alone."  And I don't care who you are... you need to hear those words. No matter how strong, how confident, or how independent you may be... every single person needs to hear or feel that statement at least once in their lives.

And without it, we hear the following message loud and clear: "You ARE alone."

When it comes down to it, we all just want our feelings to be heard, respected, and validated. This allows us to feel connected, valued, and understood. And that allows us to feel loved.

Without understanding, we begin to feel disconnected from those around us. Without empathy, we begin to feel abandoned and isolated. Without compassion, support, and encouragement, our inner monologue begins to reflect our deepest, darkest fears: "No one understands me. No one cares about me. I must be crazy. I must deserve to be alone."

To everyone who has ever felt this way, I'm here to say: "You are not alone." I can promise you that someone, somewhere understands you. Someone cares about you. Someone wants to connect with you. Someone wants to love you through it...

Even if that someone --the only someone-- is a rescue dog.

Right now, you may feel desperate, heartbroken, and alone. You may feel like no one in the world could ever understand you. But at this very moment, there's a rescue dog sitting in an animal shelter... who knows exactly how you feel.

You may feel unworthy, rejected, and abandoned. There's a shelter dog who feels the same.

You may feel like no one --not one single person-- cares about your pain. There's a shelter dog who shares your fears.

And unlike any person in your life, that shelter dog will love you... more than he loves himself.

You don't have to feel so alone. Even if no one else has ever cared to be there for you, there's a shelter dog who's been waiting his entire life... just for you to show up. For a lifetime, he's been waiting for his chance to look at you, with eyes that say: "You are not alone."

And his only hope... is that one day, before he dies... you'll tell him the same.


  1. Love this Girl !!!!! you are a gift from God...

  2. As always you know just what I needed to hear to keep me going in rescue.:)

    My shelter dog is Abigail Joy an 8 year old black lab mix. My hubby and I rescued her from our local kill shelter in Dec.2007. She's the best dog of the bunch(we currently have 5, 2 are fosters,3 are permanent residents. Abigail is a permanent resident).

    You inspire me to do and be more. I look forward to your facebook posts and blog they let me know "I'm not alone". Thank you!!!!!

  3. You inspire a lot of people in what you do. Don't get tired of helping these beautiful creatures and on being a beautiful person inside and out... May those abusers learn from you... but it will not be otherwise since those people are of a different mold....... Thank you...

  4. Truer words were never spoken !!! I have said time and again Dogs are the only one of God's Creatures who LOVE YOU more than they LOVE THEMSELVES !! I have rescued 2 GSD's and a Shetland Sheepdog mix, and they are MY HEART & SOUL ! No matter how bad a day I am having they are by my side letting me know THEY LOVE ME UNCONDITIONALLY !


  6. Beautifully said Ashley!

  7. Wow...that really hit home for me today. The one day of the year I hope someone, somewhere, will tell me they are thinking about me, and it doesn't happen. But then I get home and see my rescue-pup jumping up and down in excitement, just because he's happy to see me. I've always appreciated his love for me, but this post just makes me even more grateful that, like you said, I'm not alone...and neither is he. Thx! :)

  8. So grateful for your presence in this lifetime, so very much appreciate all that you are doing to save our little fur friends. May the sparkling and beautiful Universe of Love bless you with abundance, energy and stamina to continue what you are doing.

  9. That was SO WONDERFULY put. I beleive every word. I fell it to

    Deb in Tampa FL

  10. there it is. you nailed it again. and just remember you too are not alone. you have so many in your corner, even if not physically, emotionally, we are right there with you. we love you, support you and pray for your strength each and every day because what you are and what you are doing is so very important

  11. just awesome... couldn't have said it better! keep up the good work!

  12. I've never heard such true words. I volunteer at my local animal shelter and believe every dog is waiting for just that. Thank you for all that you do. You are an inspiration for many.

  13. Your story about Rudy was so powerful! I once Res ued a Pit Bull from a shelter on her day to take the final walk. She was the best dog I ever had. She knew I Res ued her and she was chosen...she loved me zo deeply and purely...truly unconditional. I so wish that people didn't think of Pit Bulls the way they do, most don,t e dn truly know them or experienced there powerful love and loyalty. Rusty will always be that one special dog that ypo,ll have in your life. I commend you for all the work you do for the animals and giving them a voice. RIP Rudy, I,m sure your playing with Rusty in heaven. God Bless You Ashley!

  14. I am only eleven years old and i feel very strongly that dogs are a great and loving animals that will never give up on you even if you have given up on yourself, so if you are ever feeling alone a dog would be the best anecdote to your problem!!!!!


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