Meet Marco. He's awesome.

Earlier this year, Marco survived the F5 tornado that devastated the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The storm was horrific, terrifying... and deadly. Honestly, he shouldn't even be alive today.

After the storm, Marco ended up in the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter.

However, the Marco that arrived at the shelter... looked very different from the Marco you see today...

Marco has severe allergies. But apparently, his former family never cared enough to accommodate his needs, because he arrived at the shelter... in immense physical pain, with almost no hair on his body.

Following an allergy test, the shelter began to feed and care for Marco based on his specific needs. Then, they called me.

After the storm, I'd made the offer to take the survivors in the worst condition. Obviously, Marco fell into that category.

So... we arranged transport from the shelter in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Lucky Dog Rescue in Meridian, Mississippi. When he arrived here, Marco joined 5 of his fellow storm survivors: Heidi, Catie, Wink, Tucker, and Melody.

Since then, I've watched Marco heal, and grow, and flourish. I've watched Marco come to life.

Today, Marco is so happy. He's so healthy. He's so loved... and he knows it.

Today, Marco loves life. He loves cuddling. He loves running. And he loves playing with other dogs. Each day, I'm so honored to watch my special little boy... prancing through the grass without a care in the world. It's such a stark contrast from the life he's always known... a life of stress and pain and heartbreak. A life... that really... just wasn't a life at all.

Today, Marco lives a life worth living... a life that he never knew was possible. With every precious glance, I can see the gratitude shining through his eyes.... the happiness radiating from his smile... and the love pouring from his heart. With every kiss, I can almost hear the words... "Thank you. This is all I ever wanted..."

Now that Marco is healed... he needs a special family. Marco is a 1-2 year old, Husky mix. He's fully-vetted, including neuter, vaccinations, and monthly heartworm preventative. He loves other dogs -- both large and small-- and he likes cats and children as well. He's extremely well-behaved, with excellent manners and a calm, gentle spirit. He enjoys playtime and walks on the leash, but he's also happy just to cuddle by your side. Marco is available for adoption with Lucky Dog Rescue in Meridian, Mississippi, but transport can be arranged to the perfect family in another area.

Marco has lived his entire life... with only 2 small wishes: to know a life without pain, and to know a life of love. And honestly, the pain would've been worth it to him... if he'd just had the love.

But I want to show Marco... that he doesn't have to choose. I want him to finally understand... that he can have both. Please... help me make Marco's dreams come true. Help me send my baby home.

*Even if you can't adopt Marco, PLEASE SHARE this post... so his family can find him!
If you are interested in adopting my Marco, please fill-out the online Adoption Application: http://www.petpardons.com/adoption


  1. how amazing!!! i would adopt him in a heartbeat if i could. am sure someone out there will give him a caring, loving and forever home. isn't that what every animal wants? a place to call home. and am sure that one day he will be able to do that. :)

  2. He is so beautiful and so lucky that you found him and brought him back to health again. I hope he finds a special home with some special owners who love him.

  3. i just filled out your whole adoption form for marco and then is said it couldnt be found

  4. @lovableluvbug,

    I'm sorry! Couldn't been an issue with the server...

    Can you send me an email to luckydogrescueblog@gmail.com?

  5. hey we made contact on facebook and you said you got it Tabitha

  6. oh please let us know if marco gets his forever home...

  7. Hello. I also tried to fill out application and it failed.

  8. oh my goodness. holy cute dog!! i really hope marco finds his furever home!! =D

  9. I had the honnor of fostering Marco for a week and he is the most wonderful dog! He is so loving, friendly, playful and gentle. I prayed that if I couldn't keep Marco, that he would find a loving and caring forever home because this sweet angel deserves it. He loves other dogs, running, playing, cuddeling, and big hugs! Oh and toys too! He's the perfect companion!

  10. Hello. I just tried the application again it failed. Link is below. I also sent an email with a photo of my dog Noah, who is the spitting image of Marco. The great love of my life that passed away on November 28th at age 15.


  11. Ashley, you are a true angel. As an Australian hope some wonderful person can adopt beautiful Marco!.

  12. Can anyone tell me if Marco is still available for adoption? I have not heard anything. Thanks!


  14. Angel Ashley to the rescue again...what a difference you make in these lives.


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