Remember Me?

So... you're probably wondering what ever happened to that Ashley chick. You know... the one who writes that dinky ole dog blog...

Not ringing a bell? Come on... you remember...

She's the one who saves all those vicious Pit Bulls. The one with the insanely-delusional "can-do" attitude. The one who writes with that annoying-ass sarcasm.

Oh... that girl? Yes, yes. Now you remember.

So... what-in-the-mother-bleep ever happened to that chick??

Well... I've got some slightly-disappointing news for ya.
I'm right here, folks... once again. Yay.

[Note: If you just rolled your eyes and thought, "Dear God, whyyy?!?!" ... then I've actually got a little gem of info just for you! See that X at the top corner of your screen? Just point your little mousey-majigger-thingger-bob right there, then click... and BAM-- I'm gone. Just like magic.]

To the rest of you... hello again :) I missed you!

I actually never intended to neglect my blog for the last month. I've just been so incredibly swamped here at Lucky Dog Rescue... leaving little time left over for writing. And also, I've been working on several exciting projects for my dogs... because obviously, those babies are my first priority. (More on that later...)

So... long (rather boring) story short... my time away from the computer has actually been well-spent, allowing for a ton of extra productivity on my part... things that will ultimately benefit my dogs. That's the good news.

The bad news? Well... during my time "away," Lucky Dog donations have suffered. Very much so.

Honestly, I didn't realize just how much my blog posts actually impact my rescue donations. With each post, I usually receive at least one small donation... and those donations allow Lucky Dog to continue its life-saving work.

So, while I wasn't writing... I also wasn't receiving the donations that my rescue so desperately needs... to ensure my dogs' futures... to keep them safe, happy, and healthy.

So today, I'm writing with a promise... and a plea.

My promise is to get back to writing... to return to sharing, connecting, inspiring, and feeling inspired by all of you. That's a promise.

Over the last year, I've written more than 200 blog posts. I've poured so much of my time, my energy, and my heart into this dinky ole blog, and I've loved every minute of it. 

However, despite the immense effort it takes to keep this thing going, I don't get "paid" to write this blog. Instead, I simply provide my donation link at the bottom of each post... and hope that someone will feel compelled to give a little something to my dogs. And honestly, those donations make the time spent, the energy expended, and the ridiculous-level of heart-pouring-outage totally worth it.   

In order for me to continue writing --and most importantly-- rescuing, I need those donations. My dogs' lives depend on those funds.

So... today, my plea... is for your help. Just hear me out... because I swear I'm not asking for much.

At the bottom of this post, I'm providing a link to donate to Lucky Dog Rescue. When you click that link, there's a Subscribe option at the top of that page, which allows you to auto-donate a monthly amount to Lucky Dog. The smallest subscribe option is $10/month, then $25/month... and so on.

If you love my blog, or my rescue work, or any (or all) of my rescue dogs, I'm asking you to PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to give a monthly donation to Lucky Dog. This is how YOU can do your part to ensure that my blog, my work, and my dogs... can go on. This is how YOU can save lives!!!

Seriously... for just $10 a month... YOU can make a massive difference for the forgotten dogs. YOU can help me save the dogs that have been beaten, tortured, and starved all their lives... the dogs who would die... without ever knowing love... if not for YOU.

Could you give $10 a month to save them? Would you give $10 a month to say: "You matter..." for the first time in their lives?

If 100 readers of this post subscribed to give just $10 a month, that would be $1000 a month in donations that my dogs could count on. That's life-changing for them. Life-saving.

Here's the bottom line: I write this blog from my heart. I write for all of you... and I write for my dogs. But I can't continue to do any of that... without a little help... and a little hope.

I can handle the dogs and the writing. I'm just asking for your assistance with the help and the hope. Please. Give hope to my dogs.

*PLEASE SUBSCRIBE today for a monthly donation to Lucky Dog Rescue, and PLEASE SHARE this post, asking your friends to do the same!


  1. Done, now you just need 99 more..LOL. You were missed!!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  2. I just subscribed for $10/month...I hope this helps. I'm now working with rescues/shelters here in KC to foster, so I am starting to understand! God Bless!

    1. I'm confused. I thought KC stood for kennel cough, but you make it sound like a place. How silly! There's no place called KC!

    2. KC is a place KANSAS CITY

  3. I started a $25 subscription a couple months ago. Hope you get more!

  4. Please read about this phenomenal young lady and her Non-Profit Organization "Lucky Dog Rescue". I have been a fan and member for approx 6-months or more now.
    Please just take a little time to go to her site, read her organization, how long she's been doing it, etc, etc, her "blog" an dthe stories she has written on there, etc......that is the best way to learn about her and Lucky Dog Rescue.
    I hink you all will be ammazed and impresssed at the heart, sacrifice and undying efforts of this tremednous lady. Please go there and "READ ALL ABOUT IT, LITERALLY"..........I know many of you will find it interesting, heart-warming and well worth the read and hopefully even make your choice at the end of her latest blog writing, written by her today.
    Thank you to all.

  5. I've done a $10 one for a few months now but as soon as I get my finances all figured from paying off my car, I intend to increase that.

  6. Glad you're back, girlie!!! I subscribed awhile back to automatically give $25 a month. I don't miss the money and know it makes a difference for Ashley and those precious dogs. Come on now - can't you spare at least $10 a month? I'm challenging all "Cindys" out there to at least do that. Okay, all you "Cindys" - Make Me Proud!!!! Thank you all SO much!!!!!

  7. Hi Ashley, we have missed you. Have you thought about inviting guest bloggers when you are taking a break (intentional or otherwise)?

  8. Make that another $10.00 a month...God Bless you and all you do! And of course, bless all the dogs you help!

  9. Thank you for all the work that you do to increase awareness of the plight of so many neglected and abused animals. Thank you for the many animals that have been rescued and restored to wholeness as a result of your efforts. Count me in as a monthly donor!

  10. Missed your blogs Ashley! I'll make a promise to you. I currently am unemployed due to a lay off but when I get out into the workforce I will start supporting you! I rescued a puppy MCAS in Mobile AL and now I feel more compelled to help than ever! So this is my promise to you.

    Keep on writing, Keep on smiling :)

  11. I'm trying to claw my way out of debt so I can't do a monthly donation but I did pull together $10 to donate. I know it's not much and I wish with my whole heart I could give more. You have my full support in everything you do to speak for the innocent pups. I will adopt from you someday as well!

  12. Yay You are back..you are such an inspiration for me and my blog, thank you :)

  13. Yes my dear you were very missed! Keep up the GREAT work!

  14. I have two rescues of my own and would have more if my husband allowed. I signed up for the $10 a month as my way of helping. I'm in awe of everything you do!! Wish i could do more.

  15. Funny you wrote today as I checked your blog yesterday to see if I have been missing something!
    Glad you're back!

  16. I can't sign up for the monthly just yet, but hopefully will be able to soon. But this is my second time giving a one time donation and I can tell you that when I see your posts it definitely helps as a reminder. Thank you so much for all you do. I couldn't figure out how not to be "anonymous" so I'll sign my name!



  18. i have two rescued labs i know how expencive it is as i just spent 400 for checkups today for mine. I am making the 10 per month donation to you as i have been following you for a long time i hope it helps.

  19. Keep up the great work! I now own a pitbull that was rescued when people saw a man beating a mother dog to death and they reported him. I'm sad to say the mother died but me and my friends each took one puppy and we all love them so much, they turned out great! The smartest, most loving and loyale dogs you could ever find. What you do matters in the life of dogs, even if it's just one dog or person you reach it can make a difference!
    God Bless-

  20. God Bless you for all that you do! I was just wondering today what happened to you..glad you are ok!

  21. SOoo Happy to have you back! Missed Ya! Linda

  22. Thank you for everything you do! I subscribed for $10 a month and when I am able, I will try to increase it.

    Thank you again for loving them as much as I do, but actually DOING the work that unfortunately, I cannot. One day I will hire you as a consultant to help me start my own rescue. :) You're such a wonderful human being!

  23. Ashley, I'll be able to help again come payday, hun !!!

  24. Subscribed for $10 per month!! Hope this helps, hopefully you will reach at least 100!!! Hopefully more!!! Thank you for all you do :)

  25. I just donated when I could and will definitly subscribe once I get my finances in order. Thank you so much for coming back!

  26. Glad to have you back, Ashley. You have definitely been missed. Subscribed for $10 a month for now, hope to increase that after I figure out taxes in April. BTW, how are your grandparents doing after their accident. I hope all is well.

  27. Ashley,You're an Angel 2 these dogs + a BEAUTIFUL 1!! I plan 2 help hopefully soon as I've got 2 take care of bills 1st,I know that every1 has bills but my husband had a stroke + have a loss of income.I really want 2 donate,does it have 2 be monthly? Another question,how do u do it,I mean emotionally w/these poor dogs that r in need of homes + then people have abused them,it's just AWFUL!!

    1. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! keep up the good work.

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  28. guess you are right, writing your blog will help. I donate monthly already but after reading Maddies story I can't sleep without uping the amount. Will take care of it in the morning via paypal. Thanks for taking in these dogs. Maybe I can get down from Alaska one day and adopt one.

  29. Subscribed- hope it helps and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  30. I will be sending you another donation at the end of this month :)

  31. Thank you, Ashley, for the part you play.
    Reading this was like eery...I feel the same passionate way. If, in the end, I have done well helping dogs, then I have done well.

    As for pits...I was unsure of their breed...knowing only stories of badly raised pitbulls...then I picked one up from shelter Death Row as a favor through a series of strange events. He was picked up by an animal control officer, badly abused, and she could not let him be put down. When I brought him home, not knowing who would adopt him, a friend came by and he jumped all over her with kisses, right up into the seat of her car. Needless to say, it was meant to be, he is saved, and she has a new best friend. That's Patrick - he is a very loving dog.

    Last week, I went to another shelter to get a golden/lab puppy to foster. When I got there, I was told he was being adopted by a trainer, so I said, "give me whoever needs a foster home most." That's how I ended up with Stella. She is an amazingly sweet, young, gray pitbull. Still a foster - for now - but very much a part of my home.

    Stella and Patrick have completely changed my perception of Pitbulls. Before, I was unsure about breed-specific legislation. Now I am against it. The problem is clearly the owners - as with all dog issues.

    There is a terrible dog abandonment problem in South Florida. I found my dog on the highway 2 years ago. I have found 2 others in the median of a 4-lane turnpike, and several more, including a litter of puppies whose stray mother was hit by a car looking for food after I had been feeding her for weeks. There is a group here, see them on Facebook: 100+ dogs of the Florida Everglades.

    We are all dog lovers trying help.

    I have spent thousands of my savings and continue to put countless hours of my time into this site I just launched: treatbowl.com designed to give a portion to dog rescue. Please be accepting of my listing it here - My goal in life is to help dogs, and with this site, which sells the products we buy anyways, i hope to funnel some of the money we spend to dogs that need it. It is for-profit, because the more it grows, the more it gives. I was inspired by the site Better World Books, which funds literacy with its profits from book sales. I will be adding content, products, and new charity partners as I can.

    Anyone who reads this who believes in my goal, please help my site be known, anyway you can. I will be adding a non-profit sister site just for dog rescue and foster as soon as I have the time - I am a full-time student and work full-time.

    Thank you for understanding and sharing, and most of all for helping dogs!

  32. P.S. the sister site will be a gathering place for people and groups that rescue dogs, so we can connect, help each other, and be known. I would like to have links to blogs like this and have the ability to take donations for all different rescue groups and causes. I will be getting back to you on this soon!

  33. Ashley,
    I need ur help plz
    I live in Louisville ky
    And the other night I was driving down some country roads to my house.
    And I just about hit this pit bull pup I guess it is about 6 mths old.
    I am struggling with what to do with it.
    I have placed ads and flyers and no one it claiming it .
    I don't want to turn it in to the shelter.
    For I'm afraid they will put it down.
    Can u help lead me in the right direction on where I can place it so it can have a chance in life
    For love, attention,etc
    Plz get with me by email if u can plz

  34. That's a great post - thanks for sharing.


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