Why I Write

I go through "writing phases." 
Cycles, almost.
Sometimes, I write often... maybe even weekly.
Sometimes, I barely write at all... for months at a time.

However, the purpose of this post isn't to discuss when I write...
But why I write. 

There are so many reasons "why" I write... but I'd like to list a few here.

1) I write... because I love to write. It's such a release for me... damn-near therapy. It helps me vent, reflect, and process. It helps keep me sane.
2) I write, because it helps me share... and connect with others. I write, because it helps me reach out, in ways I could never do otherwise, from small town Mississippi. 
3) I write... because there's always the chance that someone, somewhere, needs to read what I have to say that day. And also, there's the chance that I may inspire someone, in some way, to help this-or-that dog, or to follow their heart/their passion. For me, that's huge. 
4) I write to help my dogs find homes. This could easily be reason #1, and the ONLY reason for my writing, because it's THAT important to me. But I'm listing it 4th, because the other 3 reasons are actually why I started this blog in the first place. Yet, reason #4 is most crucial, by far.
5) I write to ask for donations for my dogs.  That being said... this is the primary criticism I receive from the few critics I have. (Which, by the way, are few and far between. I'm lucky in that way.) And while those critic-weirdos often make me furious... I have to be honest:  they usually make me laugh. How so? Classic example:

"Ashley only writes for donations."
Well... yes, and no. First of all, I write, with no guarantee of donations. That being said... I write... hoping that a few donations may come in... to help my dogs. At the core of it all... that is absolutely why I write... because my dogs need help, and I need help, to help them. How can anyone criticize that? I run a charity!

At the end of each blog post, I provide a donate link. There's no obligation to donate... but a link is there if you wish to do so. Why is it there? Well, about a year ago, at the end of any blog I'd write, I'd have several comments: "How do I donate?!!! Please provide a link!!!" Sooo... I decided to make it easy... posting a link at the end of every post. Also, it reminds people that this isn't just a "blog," it's a charity.... and donations are essential to help it continue.

If this was simply about "me" ... and if my writing was simply meant to "make money" ... then I could easily write a book, or write for a publication... and get paid to do so. Trust me, I've received plenty of offers to do just that, but so far, I've turned them all down. And to date, I've never once been paid for my writing. Few "writers" I know write for "free." I do it... gladly, willingly, without question. I do it... for my dogs.

At the core of it all, my blog is about education, inspiration, and yes... donations. Every charity I know hosts frequent fundraisers to raise funds. My blog is a form of "fundraising," and it costs nothing, and helps many... so who is it hurting??

If a couple of donations come in from my writing, that's awesome! I've never "made" anyone donate ... I've only provided a link at the bottom of my posts, if you wish to do so. Essentially, I've quietly requested the help that every other charity asks for as well. And honestly... this year... I've maybe written a handful of blog posts, and asked for very little, regarding donations. 

Regardless, Lucky Dog Rescue Blog is about my desire to inspire, and it's also about my dogs. It's also... about all of you. 

If my blog has ever touched your life... please do give to my dogs. At the end of the day... they're why I write. And at the end of every post... I give you the chance to show them that they matter. 

Thank you. 

On that note...

Never forget who you are... and why you're that person. Most importantly, never lose sight of who you're meant to become. ~ my thoughts today


  1. So glad someone finally wrote about this. Don't get me wrong, I think donating to any charity is great, but I get SO sick of people complaining about animal related charities asking for donations. Why is it OK for other charities to ask for donations all year long, but not for an animal related charity?

    1. exactly! There isn't a charity in the world who doesn't need help... and requests for donations ... and subsequent donations... keep non-profits going.

  2. Shame on anyone who would have the audacity to criticize you! What you do is amazing and you should be met with only support and gratitude! I'm happy to give to your dogs monthly, I just wish I could do/give more.

  3. Keep on keeping on sister friend! The people who fuss either never had the goal of saving lives in sight...or lost sight at some point. Either way, keep helping the babies. The rest doesn't matter. And hug on my Noah for me. I'm still in love with him.

  4. Hola Ashley, from Cancun i send you all best wishes for you and all your dogs, i just read some of your posts and i have being crying like a baby, i love dogs since i was a litle boy, i have had slso pitbulls since i was a teen, and my gf and i have been rescuing stray dogs here, we have also lost some, and we have give them the best days of their lives before they past away, i miss them so much but everyday we remember them and pray that those angels now make a path for other dogs to encounter us and try to give them home where they can be loved as they deserve. Keep doing what you love the most, no matter what everyone says. Aldo Rivas

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  14. I love your blog. Your words do provide inspiration, hope and yes, entertainment for many of us. I can tell you enjoy writing. Your words are very personal and honest - not just spit out for the sake of having a blog. And I know it definitely reaches a lot of people, which will only naturally help the dogs. Keep it up.

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  20. I sure do miss your posts..........I got a good dose of soul food everytime I logged onto my computer and read your blog. Come back Ash, we need you...

  21. Seriously there is NOTHING wrong with asking for donations for a RESCUE!

  22. Great article, I try and give more to rescue centres when I can because I think its so important, I also have rescue dogs, I had to take out pre-existing condition pet insurance which cost me a little more then the average but they are worth it!

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