A Home for Daisy

Daisy has lived an insanely tough life.
She’s never had a home to call her own.
She's never known a life without neglect.
She's never known love, in any way.

At some point, Daisy ended up in a Mississippi pound... where she was placed on the euthanasia list for 1.24.11.

At that point.. death... seemed to be her only future.

from the moment I saw her face, my goal was to save her life.

Today... I call her "Daisy."
But that's simply the name I gave her.

In truth, this dog had never even had a name of her own. When she arrived at the pound, she was simply given a number.

So, before I'd even saved her... I decided: she needs a name.

Then... the name “Daisy” ... simply came to me. Honestly... I'd never been more sure of a name... though, I wasn't quite sure why.

Shortly thereafter, I posted Daisy's photo and information on my fb app, Pet Pardons.

Pet Pardons is an incredible tool, which allows users to post real pets in real shelters, in hopes of granting them a “pardon” ... by finding someone who will foster or adopt them, before their time runs out.

That day... I added Daisy to Pet Pardons, and I prayed for her safety.

Around the same time...
In north Mississippi...
A woman named Amy... saw Daisy on Pet Pardons.

Last year, Amy & her husband lost their own special dog, Allie. They were devasted.

In the months since... they'd talked about adopting another dog one day...
They wanted one who looked just like their Allie.

When that time came... their plan was to name their new pup Daisy... after Amy’s favorite flower.

As fate would have it...
My Daisy fit the bill...

She looked just like their Allie...
And she already had the right name.

So, on a whim, Amy contacted me. Her family was still heartbroken over Allie’s loss, so she honestly wasn't sure if they were ready to adopt again.

But even still... Amy couldn’t get Daisy off her mind... so, she asked me for more information about her.

I told her about Daisy’s beautiful spirit.. and how I was desperately trying to save her life.

Next, I asked Amy to take some time... to discuss this decision with her family... so they could be sure that Daisy was right for them.

Amy had just one question for me: 
"Ashley... do you mind if I ask... who named her Daisy?”
I said: “I don't mind at all. It was me. I named her Daisy.”

Amy: “Really, Ashley?! I mean... I know this may sound silly... but do you mind if I ask... what made you choose that name for her?”
I replied: “It's funny you should ask. Honestly... I just looked at her, and my heart told me: Her name is Daisy. It just felt right.”

Well... without my knowing... that was all that Amy needed to hear.

In that moment, Amy could feel God speaking to her.
He said, “Amy, this one, is for you. And just so you could be sure... I even went ahead... and named her Daisy for you.”

Just like that... Amy’s family made the decision to adopt.

So... on the day of her scheduled euthanasia, I was able to call the pound ... to save Daisy’s life. She was pulled into Lucky Dog Rescue.

And today... Daisy went home... for the first time in her life. Amy's family was so overjoyed to meet their new “daughter,” and it was an incredible experience for me to witness... knowing that Daisy was finally safe.

Days like today... are honestly what I live for.
To know... that I gave that to her.

If your family is looking for a pet, please adopt a dog or cat from a rescue group or shelter. Not only will you save a life... but I promise—they will save you.

Just ask Amy... and Daisy.


  1. great story! hope to hear more like it, and im sure i will. hope daisy has a wonderful life now :) . thanks to her guardian angel, Ashley.

  2. Brought tears to my eyes...Could fill the love by just reading the story..

  3. Thanks for making me cry, again. I could read this story over and over again. Daisy looks so happy with her new family. Thank you for what you do every single day.

  4. Thanks to you all, especially you Chris. Without Pet Pardons, she wouldn't be alive. Love you.

  5. Oh...this would be called a God Wink in my book. Such a special story!!!

  6. Beautiful story!!! Wow! So powerful!

  7. That is so wonderful, Ashley!

  8. Kirbys Rescue HavenJanuary 30, 2011 at 2:55 AM

    Thats wonderful Ashley. I pray that all the babies out there have such happy endings.

  9. I know the folks that rescued daisy. She will have a great home.

  10. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to comment on this post.
    My family and I can't thank you enough, Ashley. Without you, we would never have known about our sweet Daisy. Welcoming her into our family has been the most incredible blessing.
    Thank you for all of the hard work that you do. It is SO appreciated.
    She has changed our lives and our hearts in ways that we could have never imagined.
    Much love,
    Amy Mahoney (Daisy's Mom)

  11. A lot of times I say to myself WTF is wrong with the people on this planet?? Then there are people like you!! Thank God for YOU.

  12. Amy, The love your family has for Daisy has touched my heart more than you could ever know. Thank you for saving her life by adopting her!
    Anonymous, wow.. THANK YOU! That really meant so much to me :)

  13. sob sob I'm so happy! I wish all dogs could have the same ending, maybe someday......

  14. love love love love this story!

  15. may god bless you for your work you do,we will share your page/pages and put as many of your doggies out there to be seen as we can,I know the feeling of money shortage issues!I will send BEN on 12-4-11,till then i can help with spreading the word with you,don,t give up,!you have what it takes to succeed."GOD".Again ty,for your efforts ashley.


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