Lucky: The Dog With No Ears

Meet Lucky.

Lucky’s former owners made the cruel decision to cut-off his ears... with a pair of household scissors.

He also suffered a severely broken leg... that was never treated... causing immense, permanent damage to his front, right limb. He can no longer use that leg.

Basically... Lucky has no ears... and only 3 legs... due to insane neglect.
That's what animal cruelty looks like.

Then, one day... Lucky was dumped like trash at the pound in Louisville, MS, where he was immediately placed on the euthanasia list for 1.27.11.

On the day of his scheduled euthanasia, my dear friend, Lisa Hathcock, spotted Lucky, outside at the shelter... as he played in the yard with all the other dogs… having the time of his life…

Keep in mind: that's rarely the case for the vast majority of dogs in city/county animal shelters. Most dogs aren't "in Heaven" at the pound. It's rarely a "step-up" for most pets.

But sadly... for Lucky... it was.

As Lisa watched Lucky... smiling... rolling in the grass... she just couldn’t bear to see him die.

Yet... that was his fate.

That day, Lisa thought: Surely, after all that he's been through... this boy deserves to live...

So... Lisa contacted every possible rescue group she knew... hoping that someone, somewhere, would be willing to save this boy.

And yet... no one would help her.

At the same time, Lisa knew that I would help.
She knows where my heart is.
She knows that I take the dogs... no one else will take.
She knows that I'd do anything... for a special dog like Lucky.

But... she also knew how overwhelmed I was... with all the dogs I had in my care.
So... she tried asking everyone one else she could think of... first.

Even still... she knew... I could --and would-- help this dog.

So finally, she contacted me.

Lisa has often called me “the buck stopper" ...because she says I’m the person you call... when you want something to happen.

Well... I guess she has a point...

Because... when Lisa told me about Lucky’s heartbreaking story...
Without another thought...
The words, “I’ll take him!” came out of my mouth.

I’m not gonna lie... I was kinda shocked to hear myself say this.
Not because I didn’t want to save him… I wanted that more than anything.

But... in doing so, I completely disregarded the fact that I had no more space for rescue dogs.

I guess I also forgot... that I had no more money for rescue dogs.

Pretty much: the rational-decision-making-process... never took place here.

The only thing I could think about... was Lucky. This precious soul, who has been tortured his entire life.

I thought about the pain he must have felt, as those worthless cowards cropped his ears with a pair of scissors. (Which—by the way—is a common practice, amongst low-lifes who want their dogs to look "vicious." They refuse to pay a vet for an ear crop surgery… so they simply take a knife... or some random, dull-ass scissors —and... with no anesthesia or pain meds whatsoever— they proceed to cut a dog’s ears and/or tail off. Anyone capable of this level of cruelty should be in prison. Period.)

So... long story short... I agreed to rescue Lucky (who had no name at this point), because he deserved it.

I didn’t consider anything else. I didn’t consider myself; I didn't consider the space I had; I didn't consider the money I had. Nothing.

Quite simply... I wanted Lucky to know love before leaving this earth. He's never had that before. Ever.

But now... he will.

And now... he does.

I named him "Lucky" for obvious reasons: Earlier in life, Lucky's ears were painfully removed... with a rusty old pair of old scissors. Then, his severely broken leg... was never repaired... and today... he has no functional use of that limb.

But even after all the pain he'd endured...
He was scheduled to die..

Lucky has suffered a lifetime of abuse & neglect... nearing death at every turn.

And yet… he lives.

Lucky you.
Lucky me. 


  1. He was gonna die on my birthday but you saved him. Thank God for you.

  2. oh my goodness. this story gave me chill bumps over and over and over. God bless you, Ashley! He does deserve you!

  3. You never cease to amaze me XOXO

  4. Chris, I would have never let him die on your birthday. I'm praying your other birthday wish comes true with Rudy. Thanks for being amazing.

    Cat, thanks girl :) He deserves the world!

    Jamie, ditto to you, love!

  5. Such a sweetheart...both you and Lucky :)
    I made a donation...I hope I did it
    correctly and you got it!

  6. Thank you so much, Mrs Susie! I love you!!!

  7. amazing. simply amazing.

    but i must admit to feeling levels of anger towards that type of treatment (cutting off ears?!?!?1) that i didn't know i could feel. i feel that THEIR ears should be cut off. and their heart ripped out as well.Oh wait, they don't have a heart. I forgot.

    oh well. Vengence is God's and I believe in Karma. So, those bastards will pay.

    but anyway,
    I'm so happy for Lucky!

    Thank you for saving his life. and so many others as wel.

    Excellent post!

  8. Me too. What goes around comes around. I hope they have a miserable life already or at least get attacked by a pack of dogs!

  9. Jen, it angers me more than I could ever tell you. It is unimaginably cruel, & these people take joy in this sadistic behavior. The most heartbreaking part about this story is that Lucky is not the only dog who has undergone such pain. It is a common practice. My heart hurts to think about it. Anyone participating in these acts should be in prison. No questions. If you are capable of this behavior, you should not be free to walk the streets. These people are a danger to animals & humans. And yet.. nothing is done. I promise you, I will bust my ass for my entire life to change that.

  10. I really don't know how I found your blog but, I just "happen" to stumble upon it. I love it and I love what you are doing!! Myself and several of my friends are animal advocates and one of which rescued her own "four legged baby" that was chained to the porch of a burned down house. He is fat, sassy and has a better life than you or I now. ha. We would love to help you in any way we can. Please email me at ashleyhunterjones@gmail.com even if it is sending food or food bowls or whatever. Please let me know. This is great!! This makes my heart smile and gives me hope for man kind. I am also looking for myself a "baby" but, I haven't found it yet. So, I will keep checking in with you to see what you get.

  11. Ashley, Thank you so much for caring. I'm so happy to hear about you & your friends advocating for the animals! And I'm very thankful that your friend was able to save her pup from that awful situation.
    I sent you an email to get more info on how you would like to help. Thank you so much!


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