Found Dog

I rarely feel as down as I do right now. Today, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. It was just “one of those days.”

I won’t get into the specifics of my sucky day… what happened, happened, and nothing can change it now.

But on days like today, I need to smile, and laugh, and remind myself that tomorrow will possibly be better. And the way I do that, is by laughing at ridiculously silly stories about dogs… and how these pups always seem to find me…

One day, all of my dogs were playing outside, while I was cleaning inside. Suddenly, I heard a lot of commotion in the backyard.

So I looked out the window—and I kid you not—there were TWO BRAND NEW DOGS in my fence, playing with/terrorizing my pups.

Ummm… What the french?! Are they freaking multiplying back there?! Where the hell did these 2 come from?!”

I stopped for a second… and thought real hard: Did I rescue 2 new dogs today... and somehow forget that I did this? Think, Ashley! Think! Have you really gotten to a point... where you can rescue 2 dogs... and retain no knowledge of the event? Because, if so… WOW. You’ve reached a new level of ridiculous.

So, I go outside... and I realize that these 2 stray dogs had found a loose board in my privacy fence... and then, proceeded to break-in. If you don’t know much about dogs, it’s very rare that they break into a fence. It’s usually quite the opposite...

So... my dogs don’t know what the crap is going on… but they're freaking fascinated by these magical new pups. They’re looking around at each other like, “Did you see that?!”

I could swear I saw one of my dogs high-five one of the new kids… while the others were busy getting their heads stuck in that hole in the fence.
Awesome. Now, we can FINALLY work on the “Stay” command.

Another day, I opened my front door… and there’s a dog, just freaking standing there. It almost looked like he'd knocked... and then politely waited for me to answer.

I said, “May I help you, Mister Dog?” He decided that we should talk inside... and proceeded to walk in the house.

Why of course, come on in, sir…

A different day, I looked out my back door, and I was stunned. A line of stray dogs... was forming at the door… and they were impatiently waiting for me to open-up and let them in.

In this situation... any rational, levelheaded person would stop and think things through.. before simply opening the door for some random pups, right?

So anyway...
I opened the door and allowed the dogs to come inside... and they decided to completely ruin everything in my home. Yay.

Another story: at one point, one of my foster dogs learned to climb the fence. One day, I watched him… he put so much effort into scaling the fence… got himself all the way over… and then...
he simply walked around,  and laid in the carport.

Seriously? You break-out of the grassy backyard with your friends... just to lay in the nasty, concrete garage by yourself? I mean… don’t get me wrong... it does sound genius.

So, to solve the climbing problem, I built a wooden privacy fence. Well... then, a different dog learned to dig under the new fence. She would dig out... then run to the front door, & scratch for me to let her in.

So... let me get this straight: you're quietly sneaking out of the fence, only to run around the house... and announce your misbehavior?! You get a treat for that. Good girl.

No matter where I go, or what I do, dogs seek me out. One day, I stopped at a convenience store, opened my door, and out of nowhere, a dog freaking leapt into my car. Do what?!?! She sat in the passenger seat and refused to move. I had some ice water in the cup holder, and she proceeded to drink all of it.

Then, she looked at me like, “Um… what are you waiting for, Lady? Let’s freaking go.”

Um... Wow. Okay. This wasn’t in the plans for today. But I guess this means you need a ride?
Since I’ve heard stories about hitchhikers robbing people... I decided to put the car in drive and do what I was told…

Dogs always to know where to find me. When they need me, I’m there for them… and when I need them, they never fail me. There are very few people I can say the same about. So whether these dogs break into my backyard, or show up at my door, or invite themselves into my car as a hitchhiking bum... I welcome them into my heart.

Because I know... that one day, a family of pups will do the same... for my broke ass…



  2. You are truly blessed Ashley with the favor of God to have the compassion that you do and the ability to care for so many. Just meeting you through facebook has changed how I use it. I am posting more about dogs that need help. I am not rich, but I love animals and I love what you do for them.
    Thank you.

  3. ashley you are a dream come true to me sweetheart, i feel you on all of these stories and they certainly made me smile. i have had kitty's do the same, i open the door they dive in or i have had a dog come in my house eat, drink and looked at me and said thanks see ya later and leave..they do know you are there and what you are there for..believe it you have a great gift from God and that is to help me and people like us to take in homeless and hungry animals..Keep doing what you are, you are the best!!!! Bobbi

  4. And in turn, this is why i love you.

  5. Ashley, your posts always make me laugh, but they make me cry too. People love to say that "a dog is just a dog" and "they don't understand", but these stories are proof that not only do they understand, but they communicate. Your house is KNOWN lady. Known to be the place where dogs are welcome and safe and loved, and they know it.

  6. Ashley, everyone loves what you do! I will come help and work (nonpaid) at the kennel whenever you need it! i'm usually always available! Just give me a call and most likely i can help every time you call! I've never known what i want to do when i grow up, but those few times i came and helped at the kennel, i realized that's exactly what i want to do! love you!

  7. I love it, Ashley!! Those were so funny. I LMAO! Thank you for sharing that!! You are truly and Angel! You may hear this a lot, and then again you may not...but your story sounds more and more like mine every day! lol It's people like you that help me get through every day b/c I know there's someone else out there that shares my strong passion for animals. Never stop doing what you are doing...PLEASE!! (as if I have to ask you! lol)

    You can ask anyone who knows me...CATS will seek me out! lol And like you say...I've never had a cat or dog fail me the way people have. I'm not going to down the human race, but animals are special, and you are special for seeing that. People could learn a LOT from their pets if they'd pay attention. :)

    I'm broke as a joke too and would fall into debt a hundred times over to save an animal. Speaking of one of the little devils...one of my cats, Joshua, just jumped up here beside me and plopped down at my laptop as if to say "you writing about ME momma?" lol No matter how bad my day has been, they always make it better! :)

  8. Hilarious!! Word gets around when you are the best hotel in town. Chin up girl, tomorrow is another day.On your worst day Ashley, you do so much more than most of us do on our best day. PS - Can't wait til 4/9!

  9. Hehe thats cute!! Im so glad of all that you do for them. I wish I could do the same but I don't have the cash or the space right now. We need more people like you! On a serious note, they may smell the other dogs on you and think "well, she's got food, I'm going with her!" but thats cute about your dog escaping the back and going back to the front.

  10. hahahaha!!!! You're "South" is showing....."Do What?"

  11. So very strange...the dogs know your good heart. Great laugh!

  12. hahaha!!! love this!!! you are such a amazing person!!! the world is,and those dogs are very blessed to have a soul like yours!!! hope tomorro is a better day!!!:)
    p.s. you are such a inspiration to me!!!

  13. I can totally relate to this post. I swear there is some sort of underground railroad communication in the stray animal world. "Hey - see that lady over there? She's a sucker - go to her house or walk in front of her car - guaranteed she'll help you." Yep, that's me. Although I haven't gotten to the point where I can help as many dogs as you do - I really hope I can someday. I just attempted fostering for the first time, and completely foster failed. So 4 rescue pets in the house now - one day we hope to have more property and then we'll try again. Until then I do some volunteering with a couple of rescue groups in my area.

    Love your blog! Found it via the article about Pepsi. My dad's family is from Meridian and I still have some extended family there.

  14. That is so funny, Ashley!! You are such a dog magnet... hahaha. This all reminds me of the blog my friend does about her friend Donkey out at the horse farm where I volunteer. Check it out (when you have a minute of free time - it's daydreamsfarm.com.

  15. Outstanding!
    Ariel sent me here and now I have to read all your articles (I've read two so far and your bio).
    I'd like to send you a reader copy of Planet Of The Dogs; you can read sample chapters:www.planetofthedogs.net.
    I will be writing about you on our blog:http://barkingplanet.typepad.com.
    Email me with a postal address and we'll be delighted send you the book.
    Best wishes, Robert

  16. Too Funny! Thank you for what you do for the Fur Babies!

  17. Ashley - you are the pied piper of all lost dog souls...God bless you.

  18. funny,you are truely a beatiful and inspirational person!

  19. New here to your blog but have completely gotten hooked now. Everyday my pretty Lady and I have to stop in and see what new in your world. Lady is a shelter rescue and much like some of your dogs, has made incredible progress just with having a home of her own. I think that's why I'm so drawn to your stories here. You understand the wonderful gifts that a rescue dog can give. I'm so moved by what it is that you are doing. Please know that even during some rough, super sucky days that you are making a WORLD of difference to some very lucky dogs. Bless you!

  20. I absolutely love it...and you!!

  21. You are one amazing writer!! You got me laughing cause I totally understand how dogs can be. Thank you so much for your blog and stories! have a great day, I know I will now!

  22. OK!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for the story about the convenience store dog. Let me explain why-I am ALWAYS coming home with stray animals-dogs,cats,kittens,puppies,a lost turtle or two,,,
    One day I pull up to the gas pump and get out of my truck so I can fuel up. Now I was driving and my gas cap is on driver's side SO since I was kinda in a hurry,I left the door open(cuz it takes an unbelievable amount of time to shut the door,ya know)and pumped the gas,put gas cap back on,closed the gas cap door and went to get back in my truck. WELL when I got to the gas station I was alone,,,,when I went to get back in the driver's seat,it was then I noticed I had acquired a backseat passenger-a very large,long-haired white dog. He looked very comfortable in the backseat like he was suppose to be there and I figured since this EXTREMELY LARGE PEARL WHITE MOOSE,,,oops,I mean dog,,,had apparently walked right past me and jumped in the only open door he at least deserved a ride for the "Houdini" like trick he had just managed to pull off,and he looked hungry,scared and was dragging a large enough log-chain to hold an elephant.
    My husband has learned over our 13 yrs together that it is MORE SHOCKING for me to come home from running errands without an animal than with one. So I took "Houdini" home,naturally,,,,that was 4 yrs ago-but I swear he DID NOT believe the dog just snuck into the truck without my encouragement,UNTIL he just read your story about the conv. store!!! HILARIOUS

  23. OH and when I found his owners I asked then what his name was--NO JOKE,100% serious,,,,HOUDINI! they said he was always getting loose (or breaking in) right in front of people without them noticing a thing.


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