Consider It Done

I want to share a special rescue story with all of you. This is a story of two friends... coming together to save lives… myself and the amazing Pippa Jackson.

Me & Pippa at Lucky Dog Rescue
A dear friend of mine, Pippa Jackson, runs an incredible no-kill shelter called Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) of Mississippi. The 22-acre ARF Farm in Pelahatchie, Mississippi is a safe-haven for 260 animals, who would otherwise have nowhere to go. The amazing team at ARF provides these pets with food, vet care, and shelter until they find their forever homes. But most importantly, the ARF volunteers give much-needed love and attention to these deserving animals. For so many, this is the first time they’ve experienced love in their lives, and ARF shows them what it means to be truly special.

Recently, a disgruntled neighbor started a campaign to shut-down this amazing shelter. Throughout this process, investigators have been visiting the shelter in attempts to close them down. On Friday, one investigator noticed the 6 Pit Bulls on the shelter property. These Pit Bulls came from horrible situations, with no hope for a future, and ARF lovingly took them in. Well, there is a breed ban on Pit Bulls in Rankin County, Mississippi, the county in which the ARF Farm is located. The investigator demanded that ARF remove the Pit Bulls immediately, from the shelter and from the county, or these dogs would be destroyed.

My special friend, Pippa, was already dealing with the heartbreaking reality that her beloved shelter may be unnecessarily and wrongfully shut-down, and now she had to immediately find somewhere for these 6 special dogs to go. It was almost too much for her to bear.

She called me, at a complete loss for what to do, and the sadness and hopelessness in her voice brought me to tears. Pippa is an incredible woman who has dedicated her life to saving animals. She's done nothing wrong in this situation. And yet, she has to justify her right to save lives, while facing a potential shelter closure that will leave 260 animals... homeless.

In addition, these Pit Bulls were suddenly at risk of being immediately destroyed, and they needed out NOW.

She said, “Ashley, I just don’t know what to do.”
So, I said, “Pippa, I’ll take them.”

And with all the amazingness that lives in this woman’s heart.. she said, “No, Ashley. I can’t do that to you.”
I said, “Pippa, you are not worrying about this anymore. You've done nothing to deserve this, and you need help. I will take them. Consider it done.”

Pippa Jackson is a caring woman. A gracious woman. A woman who needs far more help than she receives, and gives far more than she takes. A woman who is extremely thankful for every single act of kindness that comes her way, never failing to show her appreciation…

In her voice, I could hear every bit of gratitude in her soul, when she said, “Thank you, Ashley. Thank you.”

Me & Capone

The next task was getting the dogs from the ARF Farm in Pelahatchie to my rescue in Meridian, Mississippi. Pippa’s husband, Charles, and her friend, Kathryn Meloan, helped make this happen.

And today, 6 very special, deserving Pit Bulls were given another second chance at life with Lucky Dog Rescue. The amazing group at ARF gave them their 1st second chance, but cruel and unnecessary breed bans left these babies with very little hope... a feeling they know all too well. Safe and happy once again with me, now these 6 babies need to find their forever families. Please help me make that happen for them…

Me & Bonnie. She has a bad leg injury that healed improperly

In reading this, I hope everyone takes away 3 things:

1)When a friend calls you at their lowest low, and they need your help, the very best thing you can do for them is say, “No more worrying. Consider it done.” Often, your friends may not ask you for help when they reach a low so deep... that all seems hopeless… but that’s the time when they need you most. Every time I’ve needed Pippa, she’s been there for me. I'm honored to return the favor.

Pinky & I
 2) Breed bans are cruel, unnecessary, and ineffective, and they DO NOT solve the problem. The dogs are NOT the problem… bad owners are the issue. Put these horrible pet owners on death row, NOT the dogs. The matter of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is very personal for me, because MY CHILD is a Pit Bull. His name is Riley. And no law will ever tell that my little boy is anything less than amazing and deserving of life. Please do not support Breed-Specific Legislation, support stricter animal cruelty laws.

Mimi & I

3) Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) of MS NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT! If you live in Rankin County, please contact the Board of Supervisors, and tell them that you support ARF and the amazing work they do for the community! Rankin County NEEDS ARF… it’s the only shelter in the county, and without the ARF Farm, these animals would have absolutely nowhere to go! Also, ARF runs on private donations, so they provide a service to the taxpayer, without using tax dollars!

Sissy & I

And if you’d like to adopt a pet from a no-kill shelter in Mississippi, ARF is an amazing organization that comes highly recommended by me and many others. Please visit the ARF website and "Like" the Animal Rescue Fund of MS (ARF) facebook page.

Pippa & I with Mama

Thank you, Pippa, for being someone I can always count on. Thank you for everything you do for so many helpless animals. Thank you for fighting for your right to save more lives, and for never giving up hope. Anytime you ever need me... consider it done.


  1. The only reason they have the pit bulls ban is because of the idiots who raise them to fight. In my opinion - BAN the idiots from that town. Put their behinds in jail for being cruel to these precious babies! Again, these babies are brought into this world not because they asked to, but because people do not spay and neuter. And once they are here, they should not be mishandled, left uncared for, abused or raised to fight. Would you raise your children this way, NO so respect them and in return they will do nothing but love and respect you!

    Good luck Pippa and ARF!

  2. You & Pippa are a real inspiration for the rest of us, thank you both for everything you do for those with now voice.

  3. Beautiful story, beautiful website, beautiful souls and deep deep words x
    I wish you both the best of luck and sincere happiness

    Kash Patel
    London, UK

  4. Joy, I couldn't agree more. The dogs are punished for what people do to them, which makes zero sense. Studies show that Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) is INEFFECTIVE in remedying any of the problems it was enacted to solve. If any law ever tries to tell me I can't keep my baby, you better believe I'll be moving immediately.

    Also, because I have a Pit Bull myself & have rescued many over the years, I can tell you first-hand that this is one of the most loving, loyal, & special breeds out there. Everyone, PLEASE don't support BSL. These laws cause amazing, good dogs to be ripped from their families & killed.

    Chris-- thank you :)

  5. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You both are amazing!

    I am gonna share this post on the Project page... maybe strum up some donation :D

  6. I think those idiot neighbors of Pippa's should be the ones who should be in cages. What kind of mentality do they have. This reminds me of what many people in Tehachapi, CA did to Tia Torres and her Villalobos Sanctuary which she wanted to move to Tehachapi and already had the land, etc. The neighbors there spread untrue stories about Tia. It was just evil. I sincerely hope that Pippa prevails in this. Shame on Rankin County, Mississipi. So glad you were there for your friend, Pippa, and those six dogs, Ashley!

  7. ashley and pippa, you are both amazing! (sent a donation).

  8. Pit bulls are the most amazing animals on earth! They are loving and loyal and a joy to be around. They are very special being with a bad rap. There is no bad dog just bad owners who ruin them. You guys are a special breed of people thank you for everything you do for all those wonderful animals. I used to have 2 pit bulls ands I miss them every day. They were the best dogs I have ever owned. My daughter used to walk them all by herself at the age of 2 with no help. They never once pulled her around. It was a beautiful sight. Anyone who thinks they are a bad breed are so wrong. Keep up all the good work. You're awesome!

  9. Thank you for being you, Ashley. And thank Pippa for being her. If only there were more people in the world like the two of you and the rest of the animal advocates out there.

    I've always been a HUGE Pit Bull advocate. I didn't have one until recently... and the be honest... she's a mix and hardly even looks like a Pit Bull! Nonetheless, I love her with all of my heart... and know that there's some Pit in her somewhere! BSL enrages me... and I can't imagine ever losing my brilliant Pit mix due to a law. I'd move. For sure. These dogs are my children, and I'd do anything for them.

  10. This is the Ashley that I grew to know~with a Heart so full of Love for all K9's..Please don't stop what You are Doing..Saving Lives..

  11. Daisy just sent these babies some money. We will be praying for all of you. I just do not understand people. Must be why I prefer to just be with Miss Daisy.
    You ladies inspire me. Every day.
    ((((BIG HUGS!)))

  12. I couldn't agree with Joy more! Punish the idiots who make this breed fight. Like the saying goes Punish the DEED not the BREED! I will always stand up for this breed having a Pit Bull mix myself and he is the most gentle loving dog you could ever ask for. He is so wonderful with the 11 rabbits we have rescued. All he wants to do is lick and rub noses. I can't even believe my little guy was in a kill shelter in CA before I grabbed him and brought him to New England. I may not be able to contribute much right now but I will do what I can. Good Luck and God Bless!

  13. Yay for these babies!!! And you look fa-roshe in all the pics :)

  14. Ashley, you are so very eloquent. thank you for everything. especially for helping these wonderful babies.
    Pippa Jackson
    ARF of MS

  15. Pippa,

    You=THE BEST :)

    And thank you!

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