Pit Stops

Kara, the Mahoneys, Michelle, & I
For the past 2 days, published author Michelle Sathe visited my Lucky Dog Rescue in Meridian, Mississippi. Yesterday, I hosted a book signing event for her amazing book, “Pit Stops,” and Michelle generously donated a portion of each sale to Lucky Dog Rescue. I also got to meet Michelle’s special Pit Bull Ambassador, Kara, who was super-freaking awesome.

First of all, I’d like to thank my incredible friends and family that attended the event… your support meant the world to me, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your willingness to be there for me and support a good cause. It’s always special when people understand how important something is to you… and actually care enough to show up.

Daisy & I

One special attendant was my death row rescue baby, Daisy Dooley. Daisy’s adoptive family, the Mahoney’s, drove an 8-hour round trip to be there to support me, and it touched my heart more than they could ever know. Daisy is truly thriving in her new home… and to know that I (and Pet Pardons) played a role in her happiness… means everything. There were several others who went out of their way to be there for me, including my parents, my brother, and his wife. Thank you, and I love you.

Today, Michelle wanted to walk a day in my shoes. She offered to help with anything and everything I needed for the rescue pups, and she also wanted to interview me for her next book, “Pit Stops 2.”

I’m honored that Michelle would think enough of me and Lucky Dog Rescue to feature us in her book… it’s truly incredible. In addition, it was so cool to hang out with her, and I truly appreciated the extra volunteer help she offered. The Mississippi heat can be unbearable, but Michelle was out there busting it with me… walking dogs, cleaning kennels, and playing fetch in the yard.

She gave special attention to each of my babies, and she asked to hear their stories. When I’d start to cry describing the horrors of their pasts, she’d reach out to hug me. I’m beyond thankful for everything she did for me during her time here. I’ll never forget it, for as long as I live.

Michelle Sathe & I
Michelle’s visit was really special to me. While I knew we’d get along, I didn’t realize just how much I’d connect with her… and the massive appreciation I’d have for that connection. Sometimes, you don’t realize how alone you are… until you’re not alone anymore. Even though she wasn’t here for long… our time together was enough to recharge my battery… to remind me that other people in this world “get it,” and that they’re out there fighting just like I am. I needed that reminder.

It’s easy to feel alone. My passion makes me very “different” from others.  A lot of people don’t understand me. A lot of people don’t want to hear about the things I do, because it’s too hard for them. Many people don’t see my “dog stuff” as important… or they consider it to be much less important than other things. I’d be lying if I said that doesn’t hurt sometimes.

But then, there are the people who are always there for me. Maybe they don’t care about dogs quite like I do, but they’re always there to support me. That’s such a special feeling… and I need more people like that in my life… I really do.

Kara & I
And now, I can add at least one more lifelong friend to the list. Michelle Sathe went well out of her way for me this weekend. She didn’t have to come to Meridian. She didn’t have to donate money out of her own pocket to my rescue. She didn’t have to bust her ass volunteering for me today, or offer to write about me in her next book. And she didn't have to let me hang out with her awesome pup buddy, Kara.

But she did all of these things out of the goodness in her heart… and I doubt she realizes the impact she had on me in her short time here. In truth, Michelle renewed my spirit… she really did. That’s the kind of gift you can’t repay… but here’s my attempt to do so…

PLEASE go to Michelle Sathe’s website, http://www.pitstopsbook.com/, and purchase a copy of “Pit Stops.” It’s an inspiring story that will make your heart soar. In addition, Michelle donates a portion of each sale toward a deserving rescue group like Lucky Dog Rescue. In doing this, she takes a lot money out of her own pocket and gives back to the animals. What an incredible act… by an incredible friend.


  1. You deserve all the attention you & Lucky Dog Rescue get for the amazing things you do every single day.

  2. I will check out Pit Stops. You should think of writing your on book, or collecting your blogs into a book. Get someone at the networks to read it. There has never been a drama about someone who rescues dog and you'd be a great character to base it on.

  3. I will definitely be getting a copy of her book. Keep doing what you're doing, YOU are awesome & inspiring! Thank you for everything you do for the doggies. You're not alone, there are alot of us that feel the same way that you do about dogs.

  4. I will definitely get a copy!! THANK YOU BOTH for all the wonderful and amazing things you do for animals!! I "get it" too and I know exactly how you feel when other's don't. You two are my heroes! XOXO

    Your friend and supporter,

    Kimberly Scearce-Shutley

  5. You are a HERO and you are an ANGEL. PERIOD.

  6. I truly enjoyed reading this entry...I can totally relate to what you said about people around you not understanding this "dog stuff"...my fiance told me that for the past 2 days, all I've talked about are dogs...not wanting to hear about the unspeakable cruelty, and then not wanting to hear more about the success stories. Just from following Lucky Dog and Pet Pardons on FB I know you live, breathe, and love dogs, and they are so fortunate to have someone like you fighting for them. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Ashley, you are too kind. It was I who was recharged by meeting you. Thank you for all you do and who you are. I'm proud to call you my friend and I'm always here whenever you want to talk. Much love and respect to you, my little sister. :)


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