Running Late... Again

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Is your life crazy? Like, legally insane crazy? Well... maybe I can make you feel better about yourself. Here’s a glimpse into the chaos of my early morning routine: Part 1.

I wake up, look at the clock, and say, “Son-of-a-MOTHER-of-a-french-face! I’m late!”
The ridiculous part... is that I already knew I was late, before I ever saw the time. It happened yesterday... and all the days before that one. Sure.. in all honesty, I’m my own boss, so I’m only “late” ... per the rules I set for myself. The definition of “useless” is being late... per your own damn rules.

I jump out of bed. Throw on some clothes. Attempt to brush my hair. Wash my face and brush my teeth. I take a second to consider makeup. Then, I laugh out loud, and get real: “Um… yeah…no… makeup is for people who can wake up on time. You’re LATE.” I scrap that idea... and run out of the bathroom, as if there’s a bomb inside.

Meanwhile, my dogs watch, as the madness goes down. They’re used to this by now... but they still find it slightly-amusing… in a highly-useless kind of way. See... their only concern in the morning is going outside to potty... and getting their breakfast. Since my lateness affects their schedule... they’re basically pissed… every day. I see them checking their watches and tapping their feet, like, “Yeah, we’re gonna have to address the tardiness.” So, I rush to get them out and fed... before they fire my ass.

I consider breakfast for myself. It is --of course-- the most important meal. I look at the clock… and realize that breakfast is only "important" ... if you have time for it. I, however, do not have time… due to my lateness. Instead, I search for something edible and portable. I scan the kitchen, and spot a banana. Um... JACKPOT! I grab the banana... and reach for my purse to throw it inside…

Ummm… where the FRENCH is my purse? I start tossing items onto the floor, in search of the piece-of-crap purse that somehow disappears on a daily-freaking-basis. You’d think by now... I would’ve learned to simply put it in the same damn place each time. But what fun is that, right? I like a freaking-challenge every time I need to leave the house. Then... I hear myself asking the dogs if they’ve seen my purse. Yeah… they don’t respond.

Aha! There you are, Purse! What’s wrong with you, Handbag… hiding from me under the table? Come on out, Pursey-Smurse. I’m not going to rob you. We both know there’s not a stitch of cash inside your ass anyway.

Shoes... I need shoes. I find one shoe… under the couch. As I reach underneath, I find a second shoe... that doesn’t match the first… but it’s good to know I have options. When you’re late, the need to “match” is really quite low. Even still, I choose to waste an additional 10 minutes on the missing shoe. I frantically run through each room, as if in a maze... with no freaking exit. I look at the clock again, and cuss myself for being so useless. “Seriously, Ash?! EVERY FREAKING DAY?!”

... Got it! Other shoe was in Darla’s crate. It’s half-chewed… has more of that open-toed feel now… but it could still pass for a shoe in most third-world countries. So, I throw it on, and head out the door…

Crap! Keys. My car says it needs "keys." Seems a little demanding, right? But really... I need that car... more than it needs me. I search. I dig. I stop… and think: Keyswhere the HELL did I put my damn keys?! My friend bought me a Key Finder… but I can’t seem to find it.

Son of a biscuit! Seriously… how can one person lose EVERYTHING they own, every single day?! It seems a little unnecessary, of course. For most people... it’s nearly impossible... to do something so damn stupid... on a consistent-freaking basis. But not for me. Oh, no. I reach for the stars.

I’m pretty pissed at myself about the missing keys... and also a little parched from the work I’ve put in thus far. So, I open the fridge, to grab a drink. JACKPOT! Keys are on the refrigerator shelf... where I always keep them. Duh.

I grab the keys. Lock the door. Run to the car. Crank the car. Run back to the door because I forgot my drink. Run back to the car because I forgot my keys. Grab keys. Unlock door. Grab drink. Lock door. Run to car. Crank and drive.

Driving to Lucky Dog… I reach for my purse… and look at that. I forgot it.  


  1. This makes me feel better, I am normal after all, and keep lookin for that keyfinder.

  2. That is me. Every single day. Except I go off to a boring meaningless job and you go off and change lives, so you're still my hero :)

  3. Haha! So glad I can make Chris feel better about his life! Kolchak, glad you can relate. It's exhausting being a ridiculous person :) haha

  4. Sound like me in the morning trying to get to school! Thanks for the laugh much needed when on a daily bases all that can be seen are evil and mind bogling things! Thanks for having such a crazy life in order to give others a balanced one you are a great selfless person! :D I admire you! You inspired me to become a laywer in order to be a voice for the abused and the neglected animals! Thanks so much for all the lives you positively impact! <3

  5. So im not the only forgetful, disorganized person! That made me laugh and I really needed that! Thank You for your humor and all you do for these precious animals!

  6. lmao...I just told my co-workers today that I earn over half of my salary looking for my(work)keys..Love your blog, and all that you do..

  7. OMG I just screwed up my header!!! There aren't supposed to be 2 lines of tabs at the top... Catherine (the designer) did an amazing job and with one click, I mess it up! Haha she'll fix it soon and it will look beautiful again

  8. Janine Schibeci LovellMay 22, 2011 at 12:01 AM

    OMG You are as disorganized as I am.
    I love it! Sounds so like a typical day of mine. I will be late to my own funeral!
    Love, ya!

  9. omg I love you! you are perfectly describing my life, down to asking my cats where my stuff is!

  10. That is my morning everyday!!!!!!

  11. Ditto....perfect recount of my mornings. :)

  12. what? this isn't how the rest of the world lives? you forgot your cell phone by the way.

    you described not only my morning routine, but the concept of my schedule each time I leave the house. it takes at least 4 trips from the car to the house and then another two of returning down the street after I have already left for some other something that I have forgotten.

  13. You know what they say about those with a clean desk, empty minds. So goes the analogy here. Here's to organized, ok semi-organized, chaos!!

  14. Okay, good! I am not the only one who constantly runs late! Whew! My daughter gives me a time to be at a birthday party an hour before it actually happens because she knows by doing so I will be on time! I know, that's sad! Your dogs think you are nuts but that's okay...they didn't exactly help find anything now did they! LoL! Tomorrow is another day and you will, as always, come through for those who matter...the animals! And that, dear Ashley, is what matters! Late or on time you are still GREAT!

  15. Ashley, this is the first blog that did not make me cry...just laugh, lots of laughing. Sammy, he carries on this concern for the food in the morning thing. He won't get out of bed until he hears the "klink" of the bowl, then he moseys over, sits, smiles, licks his lips, smiles some more....he will go up and down the stairs following me like I am going to forget to feed him or something. I tell him every morning, be a good boy go pee, then you can eat. Eventually he relents and gets to eat.

  16. Yeah i start my day off a lot like that too :P I'm super forgetful i think it comes with a busy life have you ever heard of the sound "This is the stuff" By: Francesca Battistelli If you haven't you should And jenn is right first blog with no tears in my eyes


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