Good People

I'd like to believe that many good-hearted, caring people exist in this world. Well, let me rephrase that: I do believe that the world is full of good people. 

But... being "good" shouldn't simply mean that a person doesn't do bad things. That shouldn't be enough. There should always be an active, ongoing effort to do good things... to make a difference.  

I guess that's where I get frustrated sometimes. I know so many amazing people, who are capable of so much good. Yet, there's so little motivation to actually do more with their time. To do more with their lives.

The reality is this: we're all just trying to make it in this crazy world. I get that, trust me. But if everyone just gave a little of themselves, then people like me wouldn't have to carry all the weight on our shoulders. 

Why should the few people who care SO much... be expected to do it all? Sure, I care more about animals than the average person. And yes, I've made the decision to dedicate my life to saving them. I certainly don't expect everyone else to do the same; it's just not realistic. So of course I carry more of the burden than others. That's my choice.

But I can't do it all on my own; I need help, just like every other person who dedicates their life to a cause... also needs help. I do so much... and I do it, because I want to do it. But with more help, I could do even more. We could do more. 

Everyone can do something. Every single person. But it's so disheartening when good people choose to do nothing. Each helping hand makes a huge difference.

Byt when the help isn't there, the entire burden falls on those like me, who are already overloaded and overwhelmed. Because we are the ones who care too much... to do nothing at all.

Instead of reaching out to lighten that load, a lot of people feel comforted... just knowing that people like me exist. So, when help is needed, they figure: "She'll take care of it." ... and those thoughts help them sleep at night. 

It's good to be thankful for those who are out there fighting on the front-lines. But without support, here's what happens: the people who do it all... eventually reach a breaking point. It's inevitable... one person can only do so much. When that happens, everyone loses. The world loses.

This isn't my way of saying I've reached a breaking point. This is just my way of asking for help... for me, and for others like me. This is my way of encouraging all of the good people out there to act. To get involved, to make a difference, and to do something amazing with your life. Allow the goodness in your heart to drive your actions.  

Just do something-- anything. Make your life count. If you're a good person, prove it :)

When you die, what will others say about you? What good did you do with the time you were given? How was your life different... from all the other lives? 

My hope is to inspire every truly good person to have solid answers to those questions. Otherwise... why are you here?

**YOU can do something amazing NOW! PLEASE DONATE!**


  1. Hang in there Ashley! You may not always see the results of your inspiration, but believe me what you do makes a difference, and reaches MANY people, far beyond Meridian! I can say that with certainty, because I am one of those people. I had "thought about" fostering for a long time, but YOU and your beautifully written blog are what gave me the inspiration to finally DO it! :-) You're saving lives in ways you don't even know.

  2. Very well said Ashley and I do hope you don't give up, that you NEVER reach your breaking point. I have so many animals already that I've rescued but I will try and do more, send you something to help with your cause. I just hate the thought that so many animals aren't finding their forever homes and are being put to sleep through no fault of their own, but because of human negligence. Thanks and thanks for all you do,

  3. That meant the world to me! Oh my goodness, thank you so much for telling me!!!! :)

  4. Right on Ashley! There is a saying.... One day your life will flash before your eyes... make sure it is worth watching!"

    I myself have to do something everyday to help animals in need and people like you who rescue them, or I feel uneasy. Even if that one thing is reposting or a small donation or getting a new member to the Project. Doing something and providing a place for others to do something is why I started the Fabulous Animal Rescue Project.

    Your words are always inspirational! Thank you so much for everything you do!

  5. I try my best everyday to help. I may not have a lot of money, but through your blogs, I started one of my own. You helped me learn that I do not need money to help save lives. I do not own a car, I do not own a home, I have a computer and love. And with that I help spread the word of things like Pet Pardons, networking, and even educating the local people here about spaying and neutering their pets. Even if I can not give money, food, or toys, I do have a voice. And I raise it more then now.

    Thank you, Ashley.

  6. Wow, typo. *And I raise it more then ever now.*

  7. Ashley you inspired me.... and with you my life has changed. Since I began rescuing animals, I have lost my mind but gained my soul. Since I became a Ashley Angel, I have went from a one pet home to a 5 pet home. I have saved dogs from death row, joined a humane society and have emailed my county leaders of our need in our community. Ashley your inspiration goes far and you not only saved animals, you have saved my life. I inspired others who have done amazing things. We have met many rescuers and saved many. You are like me though cause ur heart aches to know the ones we couldn't reach. It haunts me and since reading ur blog Rudy s story, I was forever changed. I found my heart. And I am working on getting my 503c1 grant... to start Among Angels Animal Rescue. Ashley I am one person who has been changed by ur work and withthat I have changed others and been saved by the animals I thought I was saving. Thanks again Colleen Byrd granite falls NC.

  8. @Colleen,
    Tears. Happy tears! Thankful tears! Amazing tears! THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you for what you are doing, and for giving me any credit at all in your amazing work. It means the world to me.

    To everyone, thank you for being you. And no, I will not give up.

  9. Ashley please know that you do a wonderful job and do inspire everyone. because of you I have gotten more involved with the local animal shelter helping with donations , i have started helping a local pet food bank with food and donations, maybe with help owners will not surrender their pets. I know this is just a start.

  10. I'm in college now and the one thing I want to do more than anything is open a dog rescue or help one that needs me. (It goes without saying that you and Cesar Millan are my role models.) If you could share information on your blog about how you started your rescue, I would appreciate it very, very much.

  11. Ashley, what a great post........always! You must know, in your heart, how many people you have inspired. You are the reason I have (and by way of that, my husband) to try to do more. We started dog walking, then I guess I found you on FB and now I am friends with almost 1000 posters, rescues, action groups, etc. I know I cannot physically do what you do, but I do know that I can do SOMETHING every day. Where ever it leads us, we want to be part of the solution. You are a wonderful special person and I hope you never give up! You deserve all the support you can get!

  12. I admire what you do Ashley. After running my own business for 17 years and major changes in my life I realized that my true passion and all I want to do is help animals. I like the others, do what I can. I donate, volunteer and take care of the strays in my own area. I'm studying to be a Vet tech but my true goal is to open my own rescue so that I can have another place for all the abandoned animals. I'm working on ways to raise funds to get a place and hope to find someone or ones that are as serious as me in the Florida area that wants to work with me on this progect. In the meantime, I use FB as my way of spreading the word about all the groups and what they do as well as post animals that need homes. Thank God for people like you. I'm praying that soon I will be able to have the facility to help more. Thanks!

  13. You do a great thing and you're right everybody should do a little something, even if it doesn't relate to animals.

    I've always have done my best to take in and place cats. Not a great number but a lot more than most. I've also have rounded up some to spay or neuter and release.

    I've recently have been extremely pissed at people for their ignorance!

    I'm much more a cat person that dog, but I decided to get a young dog to add to my household. I wanted a pitmix and was in contact with a rescue but then I felt bad for all the animals with very little chance to live. Anyway I went to the shelter a got a fairly calm 15 wk dog. Guess what.. She has parvo.. so now we are fighting parvo.

    Do you have any advise on parvo? We started at the emergency clinic over the weekend and now we are at my vet. Lately and mostly my saving is no good deed goes unpunished!

  14. To Ashley O-H:
    It's funny that everything you wrote in this article is what goes through my head (almost like you read it in my mind). I can't sleep good at night knowing gas chambers are legal for puppies and kitties, but they are so controversial and never used on capital-1 murderers. There is "no room" for dogs and cats so we have to KILL them. They don't get a trial and jury, or even a funeral. Or a NAME! The tax dollars cannot contribute a single PENNY to help animals and animal shelters/rescues, but we seem to have an unlimited supply of funds for illegal aliens.. and not just to feed them but to house them and educate them, and they don't even need to be spayed or neutered! But somehow there is no money for our animals that we brought here; it seems like somebody is lying and being greedy.
    I would like to know what would be the first step to changing the LAWS in this country to make it a little bit more fair? With all the senseless squandering of tax dollars that infuriates pretty much all of the tax-payers, I KNOW there is a way to put some of that money to better use, for the GOOD of the animals. But how??
    It is pretty easy to see that not a lot of people care about animals which is where the deliberate cruelty comes from. Nobody can stop sick wacko's from wanting to hurt animals and think of them as inanimate objects. But a law that would have consequences for abuse would probably make those sicko's think twice. Remember, it was less than 30 years ago and it was perfectly legal for parents, AND schoolteachers to 'hit' their bad children. Now it is treated like a capital offense, because enough people banded together to change the law. Hell, less than 5 years ago it was perfectly legal for people to talk on their cell phones while driving; and only just now are the laws being changed because it is so obvious that those people are a danger to the roads.
    I am so confident that if we can propose a "BILL.... on capital hill" to balance out the scales and make it a more mandatory effort to help animal shelters (look how easy it was to establish the welfare system!), then THAT will do a world of good. For instance, spaying and neutering should be covered so once and for all, there will be no more excuses. People running puppy mills WILL go to JAIL and be fined extreme sums of money, to go to animal welfare. And if those people brandish guns? Kill them. (Ohio sheriffs don't seem to have any trouble using their guns.) Put regulations on dog breeding!! You know, like we do for the farming industry. Somebody came up with the USDA and the FDA!
    So do I sound crazy, or is any of this possible??
    Thanks for listening!

  15. Simply by being a person who "lives" their true purpose, you are a role model for others.

  16. Thank you for all you do. I know you have inspired many people to take action, even if their actions are small.

  17. Even if you can't adopt, foster, donate

    you can still help Ashley.I GoodShop and GoodSearch for her cause. Everyone can raise money for her dogs just by searching the Internet with GoodSearch.com (powered by Yahoo), or shopping online with GoodShop.com

    So far I have raised $2.19 just by searching in a months time. Not much, but what if 1000 of us all do it..

  18. I have signed up to donate $25.000 a month...I hope this helps....you are such an inspiration and your love for animals mirrors mine....i just wish i could do more...


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