Don't Forget to Remember Me

Life gets crazy sometimes...
It's been nearly a month since I wrote my last blog post. Pretty ridiculous. I know.

Every day since, I've wanted to write something.

But each day has passed... without me doing so.

I could try to explain all the reasons why this has happened, but I'm honestly not even sure myself.

Maybe it seems like there are just too many reasons to list... none of which are all that interesting.

Regardless, a lot has been going on around here lately: good, bad, and indifferent.

And in some strange way, it feels like everything --and nothing-- is the same.

Does that make sense?
Probably not.

Sooo anyway... today, I sat down to write again. It's weird, because I feel like I have so much to say, so much to tell... and yet... I have no idea what to write, or where to begin.

But I want to write, and I need to write.
I want to get back to "me."

Like I always say, writing is "my thing."

It allows me to connect with all of you. 
It allows me to share my thoughts, my views, and my experiences.
It allows me to continue the work that I love so much, for the dogs that I love so much.

It allows me to discuss, to vent, to be.
It allows me to reach, to touch, to change.
It allows me to try, to inspire, to do.

It allows me to be ... me.

I haven't felt much like "me" lately.
Mostly because I haven't been writing.

So... today is the day I decided to change that.
It's time.

At one point or another, life gets to each of us.
We get busy. We put things off. We place ourselves on hold.

Usually, when things get crazy, we deny ourselves of the very things we need most.
That's the craziest part of all.

Lately, I've been swamped with work, and dogs, and bills.
If I'm being honest, I've kinda been struggling, on many levels.

All the while, I wanted to write. I needed to write.
And actually, those rescue bills demanded that I write... since writing provides the opportunity for much-needed donations.

And yet... I didn't write.

This past month, I've just been trying to get by.
But as I attempted to remember the million things I need to do for others each day...
I forgot to remember ... me.

To those of you who donated to Lucky Dog Rescue while I was "gone," I want to say a massive thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Even when I forgot about myself, you didn't forget to remember me, because you gave to my deserving dogs. By doing so, you kept us afloat.

To anyone else... who sees this post today, and feels compelled to donate to my babies, I want to say thank you in advance... for giving us the gift of hope. Thank you for remembering the little rescue that could --Lucky Dog Rescue-- and the girl who sometimes gets lost in the craziness... me.

It's good to be back. I missed y'all.
Love, Ash


  1. Thank you Ashley, you are a great writer..

  2. Glad to see you're writing again. We miss hearing from you and hope that your struggles ease.

  3. So great to hear from you.You sound like you're moving in a dozen directions, that would make you lose yourself for sure. But I've been trying everyday to keep up my part with the animals we love so much.
    Of course I'm grateful for all you, Lucky dog, and Pet Pardons do every day. You make it possible for those of us to feel we're helping in our way. Take time and breathe!

    Love, Regina Sellers

  4. Got hopeful for a sec when I saw the title that it might actually be about dogs. But alas and sadly it's just about you and asking for money again.

    1. Ashley hates me....but I will stick up for her here.....how else is she supposed to save the dogs? Dogs cost money.

    2. Bahaha, ummm... the money is for the dogs... that's why I ask for it.

      Even still... you're constantly reading my blog. If I'm so terrible, then you clearly have nothing better to do with your life. So sad.

      Bye bye :)

  5. @6:38 Did your mother not teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say...KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT, YOU ASSHOLE!!! Ashley is an awesome person and you obviously do not know her at all!!! No one is forced to read her blog, as I am sure that I am speaking for a number of people when I say..."You have no place here with your negativity!!!" So keep it moving and share your shitty attitude with someone who deserves it. Because, Ashley certainly is not that person!! We love you Ashley and all of your Lucky Dogs<3 You are me HERO, Ashley!!!

  6. Glad you are back! Loved reading your posts the last week and you have truly been missed! Ignore the haters that obviously have no idea what it takes to run a rescue or they would never question any bit of asking for money. A rescue can't run without funds and you must ask all the time...but you don't ask for yourself. You ask for the dogs and the hearts you are helping heal! Hugs to you Ashley and thank you for all you do! :) ~Danielle

  7. Thanks for sharing. We like your blog a lot.


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