Often... at our lowest points, a good friend is all we need.

We need their love to ease our pain.
We need their encouragement to relieve our worry.
We need their compassion to mend our hearts.

We need their comfort; we need their empathy.
We need their respect; we need their loyalty.
We need their advice; we need their honesty.

We need their humor, when we've lost our laughter.
We need their hugs, when we've lost our smile.
We need their perspective, when we've lost our way.

A good friend can make it okay.
A good friend can make it better.
A good friend can make it worth it.

I've been blessed with the most wonderful, amazing, incredible friends. Loyal, honest, true friends. Real friends. Lifelong friends. The very best friends I could ever ask for.

Me & Savannah

Friends that cry with me.
Friends that laugh with me.
Friends that love me through it all.

Friends that always celebrate my successes.
Friends that never delight in my failures.
Friends that inspire me to be a better me.

I'm so lucky to have such incredible friends in my life.
They are my sisters, my cheerleaders, my advisors.
My family, my sanity, my lifelines.

My best friends are always there to remind me of who I am... and why I matter. 
To push me forward, when I want to quit.
To act ridiculous, when I need to laugh.
To drink a beer, when I need to chill.
To lend their wisdom, when I need advice.

Kelt, Tiff, Me, Anna, Jess

Many of my best friends have known (and loved) me for more than 20 years of my life. We've truly been through everything together... love and loss... joy and pain... smiles and tears. I know everything about them... they know everything about me. They've seen me at my highest highs, and lowest lows. They've cheered me on... they've picked up pieces. And I've been honored to do the same for them.

Without these girls... I would be nothing.

Others came into my life in more recent years... and quickly became my family. These people have changed my life in the best ways, proving to me --time and time again-- that I can count on them for anything. To be honest, each showed up... at the exact moment that I needed them.

Without these friends, I would just crumble.

Me, Kelt, Jess, Anna
At one point or another, each of my friends has saved me in some way, both literally and figuratively...

On April 10, 2003, my best friend, Jessica, saved my life -- literally. If not for her, I honestly wouldn't be alive today. That's a damn good friend right there.

Me & Pippa
My BFF, Caycee, saves my ass on a daily basis. My sidekick, Chris, rescues me often, and my mentor, Pippa, always keeps me going. My best friends Tiff, Kelt, Savannah, Meagan, Anna, Laura, Dana, Maygen, Mary Ann, Katie P, Mary Frances, Lauren, Kim, Emily, AKC, Cathy, Hart, Sally, Adrian, Carla, Melissa, Kelley, Michelle S., Elsie, Rina, Amy, Maria, Catie, Jodie, Kirk (and on and on and on) have all saved me.

Each of my incredible friends has shaped me, changed me, and saved me in some way. Each has played a role in making my life whole... in making me whole.

Without them... nothing would be worth it.
Because of them... everything is.

To each of you (you know who you are), thank you for being the kind of friends who make my life worth living. Thank you for loving me, believing in me, and inspiring me. Thank you for being there, each and every time I need you.

I love y'all... more than words could ever say... more than you could ever know.

You are me... and I am you.
We are each other, because we are best friends.


  1. awwww shucks sweetie, it is so easy to be your friend. love you lots and long you long. chin up tits out!

  2. Does this mean i need to unblock you on fb?

    1. Its amazing how much hate you two must have...while preaching positive.

  3. Pippa (aka Elizabeth),

    It is sooooo easy to be YOUR friend. You mean everything to me... and I treasure our friendship in such an insane way.

    Chris Hoar (aka "Pet Pardons"),
    You are an asshole. I want nothing to do with you.
    PS- Love you


  4. Awe. I may tear up. Nevermind, I will just drink instead.

    Love you bunches


  5. You are truly an amazing friend as well! Let me know if you need me to help with some rescue "sneakery" (as Cathy calls it) again LOL!

  6. Awe...but I'm only your friend because your dogs are so awesome:) Just kidding... love ya girly!

  7. Thanks for sharing.We like your blog a lot.

  8. Hello Ashley,
    I shared your beautiful rescue testimony and want to make sure your name is at the bottom of it. Don't want people to think they were my words ( though I wish I could write SO well) Shall i just put Ashley from LuckyDogRescueBlog or do you have a last name?


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